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Imported Mayonnaise Brands Cram Store Shelves in Cameroon

Imported Mayonnaise Brands Cram Store Shelves in Cameroon
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(Business in Cameroon) - Over 8 brands of Mayonnaise are imported from Holland, according to the Cameroon Tribune, and the rest are from Tunisia, Belgium, France, and America. But, none, according to the paper is made in Cameroon.

For Mathieu F., a wholesaler, with the enormous quantity of egg production in Cameroon, this product could be made in Cameroon. Government, according to him has to “do something to encourage investment by locals in this sector, especially as the quality of these imported marks is doubtful.” He adds that locals fear to invest in the sector because of numerous taxes to be paid.

In Cameroon several mayonnaise brands are in the market forcing down prices as compared to the near past, according to Jean Paul K. a mobile vendor, a Cameroon Tribune source. Before, Jean Paul K. used to buy 225 ml bottle of mayonnaise at 1000 francs CFA, and was obliged to sale a table spoon of mayonnaise at 100 francs leaving him with no profits.

But now, with so many new brands, a 1000 ml bottle retails between 1800 and 2000 francs. As a consequence, from a 1000 ml bottle of mayonnaise, Jean Paul K. makes profits of about 1000 francs and sometime he sales five bottles per day.

Sachets of mayonnaise are available at 200 francs which was impossible in the past.

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