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  Central Africa commits to develop a hydro-meteorological services network to anticipate natural disasters

  Central Africa commits to develop a hydro-meteorological services network to anticipate natural disasters
  • Comments   -   Monday, 06 May 2019 15:32

(Business in Cameroon) - The Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) gathered on May 3 in Libreville, Gabon, with all 11 sub-region countries for a forum on hydrometeorology. The project is backed by the World Bank.

According to the World Bank, the forum aims to enable all States to protect their populations and preserve their natural resources by setting up a common platform for the prevention of environmental risks and natural disaster.

By upgrading our hydro meteorological services, our countries will be able to have essential information on meteorological, hydrological and weather conditions in order to predict natural disasters,” said Cameroonian Marie-Chantal Mfoula, Deputy Secretary General in charge of the Physical, Economic and Monetary Integration Department at ECCAS, during the meeting.

Once the project is completed, the World Bank explains, local communities will be able to access weather forecasts and tools in real time, including alerts on the radio or on their mobile phones. But first, countries must, among other things, accelerate the establishment of the Central African Climate Prediction and Application Centre (Capc-AC) and mobilize resources needed for its operation.


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