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Cameroon elaborates 29 mandatory standards for the agribusiness sector

Cameroon elaborates 29 mandatory standards for the agribusiness sector
  • Comments   -   Friday, 22 November 2019 16:19

(Business in Cameroon) - Since November 10, 2019, the Cameroonian Standards and Quality Agency ANOR has been enforcing 29 mandatory standards for agri-food products.

These standards concern flavour enhancers, edible cassava flour, whole corn flour, pearl millet flour, frozen whole grain corn, vegetable protein products, durum wheat semolina and flour, couscous, gari, a mixture of skimmed milk and vegetable fat powder, frozen shrimps, canned salmon, frozen gutted and uncut fish, fermented soybean paste, and hot pepper-fermented soybean paste.

ANOR indicates that it will henceforth participate in controls in markets together with the administrations concerned. “The products of any company found not to be complying with the said standards could be withdrawn from the market,” the agency says.

For a better understanding of these standards and to raise operators’ awareness about them, the Inter Patronal Groupings of Cameroon GICAM suggests a collaboration with ANOR for the organization of workshops and seminars to sensitize its members. In addition, the grouping intends to talk about the standards to entrepreneurs and project leaders.


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