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Cameroon: President Paul Biya promises an economic recovery, during his campaign in the Far North

Cameroon: President Paul Biya promises an economic recovery, during his campaign in the Far North
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(Business in Cameroon) - During his very first trip in Cameroon’s far north, as part of his election campaign, President Paul Biya (photo) who is candidate for his own succession promised an economic recovery. The region has been facing attacks from the Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram for over 4 years.

“In recent years, you have been plagued and you didn't give in. Faced with a barbaric invader who was destroying, burning, killing, you resisted as much as possible. You have supported our defense and security forces. The vigilance committees have played an essential role in your resistance,” said Paul Biya, before rolling out his economic program for Cameroon's three northern regions (North, Far North and Adamaoua), which officially host one third of the voters on the electoral register.

“Now that the threat is moving away, an exciting task lies ahead of us in the near future. It is nothing more or less than winning, together, the battle for development. You have many assets. In energy sector, the old hydroelectric dams will be upgraded. Others will be commissioned. Solar installations, which are easier to deploy are also planned. This will provide you with the energy you need to electrify rural areas and keep your industries running,” promised the candidate of the ruling party, the Rdpc.

“Everything suggests that your subsoil is rich in minerals and oil. New impetus will have to be given to prospecting and, subsequently, to exploitation. Some of your land is fertile and suitable for large-scale industrial cultivation. This is the case, depending on the area, for rice and cotton, whose areas will have to be extended. In this way, we will reduce food shortages and give our textile industry the size it should be, with predictable benefits for employment. I must also mention your large areas for breeding and production of milk and meat, as well as for cereal cultivation. On these various points, progress is clearly possible. As soon as peace is consolidated everywhere, it will also be necessary to give tourism in your region a new chance. Our parks and reserves are still attractive,” he concluded.


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