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Veronese Batchagna becomes first ever Cameroonian to lead Ericsson’s subsidiary in Cameroon

Veronese Batchagna becomes first ever Cameroonian to lead Ericsson’s subsidiary in Cameroon
  • Comments   -   Tuesday, 13 August 2019 12:49

(Business in Cameroon) - For more than a year now, a Cameroonian has been the head of Swedish Ericsson’s subsidiary in Cameroon. Veronese Batchagna is the man’s name. In his late 30’s, he is the first Cameroonian to be the subsidiary’s managing director.  

Veronese Batchagna, who spent ten years at Ericsson Senegal, has two main goals as Ericsson Cameroon’s MD. The first is to develop the company’s portfolio and the second is to boost the morale of the 88 direct employees (80% of which are locals).

"Up till now, we have been working with IT firms like mobile telephony companies. We are planning to elaborate offers that can interest institutions. Most importantly, we will strive to offer a better telephony experience to Cameroonian users," the new managing director explains.  

Meanwhile, as of end 2019, the company will allow young Cameroonian startupers access to its incubation centre in Dubai. This travel is the result of a partnership between Ericsson Cameroon and the ministry of posts and telecommunications during the first edition of the digital innovation week (organized by the government in Yaoundé).  

This is the first time Cameroonians will have access to this incubation centre, which is accessible to very few Africans. During their trip in Dubai, they will come in contact with very advanced technologies,” explains Veronese Batchagna, who holds an MBA in general management from Sorbonne and is a doctoral student in Management Leadership in France.


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