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Cameroon : Public investment projects’ physical execution rate 10% down YoY in H1, 2019

Cameroon : Public investment projects’ physical execution rate 10% down YoY in H1, 2019
  • Comments   -   Monday, 09 September 2019 18:31

(Business in Cameroon) - By June 30, 2019, public investment projects’ physical execution rate was 42.27%. This was revealed during the first meeting of a set-up committee. The rate represents a 10.04% decrease compared with the 52.31% execution rate reached in H1 2018.  

The committee further reveals that the physical execution rate of projects funded with internal resources was 39.25% during the period under review; up from 38.37% in H1 2018. The financial execution rate was 33.9% down from 46.47% of H1-2018.  

For public investment projects funded with external resources, their physical execution rate was 45.01% in H1-2019, down from 63.39% a year earlier. The financial execution rate was 45.75% during the period under review, against 63.39% a year earlier.

According to the committee, these poor performances in the execution rates were due to constant delays in contracting processes, non-compliance with procurement plans and the lack of maturity of some projects inscribed in the public investment budget. There is also a low commitment to new public investment budget execution process, and security crisis in some regions. In addition, due to non-payment of monies owed, some contractors abandoned the projects.


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