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Cameroon imported XAF390 bln worth of perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals in 2019 (INS)

Cameroon imported XAF390 bln worth of perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals in 2019 (INS)
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(Business in Cameroon) - Cameroon imported XAF390.01 billion worth of perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals in 2019. According to the National Insititute for Statistics, which revealed the figure in its recent report on the country’s foreign trade, this was down by 8.4% compared with the expenditures on these product categories in 2018.

In detail, XAF128.64 billion was spent on pharmaceuticals (18,927 tons), XAF30.65 billion on perfumes and beauty products (9,154 tons), representing a 7.8% year-over-year decrease. Soaps and detergents (16,517 tons) captured XAF14.19 billion of import expenditures, up by 5% year-over-year while XAF69.71 billion was spent on chemicals (37,491 tons).

For hydroxide and sodium peroxide used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, deodorants, antiseptics, and germicidal soaps (42, 223 tons), the country spent XAF12.74 billion. Aluminum oxide (153,976 tons), a white powder used in jewelry, captured XAF36.06 billion.

Inorganic (non-carbon) products (234,171 tons) cost XAF64.9 billion while XAF17.8 billion was spent on organic products (15,674 tons). During the period, the country imported XAF12.63 billion of varnishes, mastics, inks, and paints (13,915 tons), representing an increase of 11.9%.

Fertilizers (203,397 tons) cost XAF41.06 billion while insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc.. (19,286 tons) cost XAF48.19 billion. Albuminoid materials (starch-based) and glues (3,553 tons) absorbed XAF6.03 billion, while photographic products (179 tons) captured XAF581 million and powders and explosives (2,076 tons) cost XAF3.77 billion

Sylvain Andzongo

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