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Epizooty in Cameroon: nine markets authorised to sell poultry in Yaoundé

Epizooty in Cameroon: nine markets authorised to sell poultry in Yaoundé
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(Business in Cameroon) - After the epizooty was declared in Cameroon on 25 May 2016, the situation returning back to normal has just been established via a decree from the Governor of the Central region on the organisation of the sales activities of poultry and other poultry farm products which were under health monitoring.

Joseph Otto Wilson thus authorised nine markets in the Mfoundi, first location of this epizooty outbreak, to sell poultry and their products coming from farms who were under health monitoring. In the Yaoundé 1r Arrondissement, these are the Etoudi and Mfoundi markets. In Yaoundé 2, these are the Mokolo and Interprofession Avicole du Cameroun markets. In Yaoundé 3, this is Nsam. In the Yaoundé 4 Arrondissement, these are Mvog-Mbi and Ekounou.

Inhabitants of Yaoundé 5 can go to Essos. For Yaoundé 6, it is the Rond-point express market which received the approval from the governor. And in the Yaoundé 7 Arrondissement, the authorisation was given to the Nkolbisson market. The sale of live poultry outside of these selling points in the Mfoundi department is strictly forbidden, the governor’s decree specifies.

Joseph Otto Wilson assures that slaughtering the poultry in the above-mentioned markets will be done under veterinary control, on site which have been fitted out in advance by the Urban Community or the mayor’s office in the boroughs in charge. The health police operations, for their part, are maintained in the entire Central region and the movement of poultry and poultry farm products are dependent on acquiring certificates and/or veterinary health laissez-passer.

As a reminder, since the official bird flu announcement in Cameroon on 25 May 2016, approximately 25 outbreaks of the epizooty have been identified and 54, 000 poultry units killed in the infected farms, markets and affected towns (Yaoundé, Ebolowa, Bayangam, Bafoussam and Daber).

Sylvain Andzongo

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