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Cameroon: No more production and marketing of whiskies in sachets from September 2016

Cameroon: No more production and marketing of whiskies in sachets from September 2016

(Business in Cameroon) - The Cameroonian Minister of Industry, Ernest Gbwaboubou, has just reminded the operators in the distillery sector whom he met in Douala, the economic capital of the country; the fast approaching deadline of 12 September 2016, date after which the production and sale of whiskies in sachets and canisters will be prohibited in Cameroon.

Such is the consequence of a government decision dating back to 12 September 2014, which enforced the application of the standard on the production of liqueurs and others spirits in Cameroon. Actually, this standard excluded from the market products in sachets and packaged in canisters, since it only provides for packaging in glass containers which can be stamped.

The government's decision then included a moratorium of 24 months (which expires on 12 September 2016), in order to enable the distillers sell their old stocks and ensure their production tool comply with the new standard.

The production of affordable whiskies in sachets (FCfa 100) was well received in Cameroon, since it opened to many the consumption of a product until now reserved to those who had the means to afford it. But, very quickly, the consumption of these products became a real social scourge, a danger to the population's health. Local news in the country during the past years revealed the dramas which occurred following the consumption of these beverages.

Indeed, in addition to being excessively alcoholic, laboratory analyses have finally proved that these whiskies in high demand in Cameroon, particularly in rural areas, sometimes had products unfit for human consumption such as methanol.

Brice R. Mbodiam

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