Yaoundé - 21 September 2019 -

Cameroon to find solutions to manage payment of salaries it owes its civil servants

Cameroon to find solutions to manage payment of salaries it owes its civil servants
  • Comments   -   Friday, 12 July 2019 14:28

(Business in Cameroon) - Cameroon will find a solution for the salaries it owes civil servants, the ministry of finance indicates in the budgetary stance that should serve in the elaboration of the 2020 finance law.

According to the ministry, the first assessment of this debt revealed that in 2016, it was close to XAF230 billion owed for promotion, reclassification and retirements.  

The ministry explains that the delay between the recruitment of civil servants and their effective consideration in the payroll database as well as lateness in the update of payments to these servants are factors that favor an accumulation of the debt. The important delays between works that entitle salary rights and the effective payment of these salaries favor the constitution of a wage debt which is very difficult to control, the stance indicates.

To address the problem, the government plans to put a mechanism in place to help assess the debt’s effective volume, ensure its payment and remove factors that could lead to its increase. The main tool that will be used for these purposes will be the payroll management system Sigipes II expected to be delivered in 2020.  


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