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Cameroonian billionaire, Baba Danpullo, invests more than FCfa 300 million in a fake real estate transaction

Cameroonian billionaire, Baba Danpullo, invests more than FCfa 300 million in a fake real estate transaction
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(Business in Cameroon) - Oummoul Koulsoumi, a young 39-year old Cameroonian, succeeded in extorting a sum of more than FCfa 300 million from the billionaire Baba Dapullo, presented by Forbes magazine as being the number one fortune in Francophone Sub Saharan Africa, revealed the regional triweekly Oeil du Sahel.

To achieve her goal, the young woman passed herself off as the daughter of Alhadji Mohamadou Abbo Ousmanou (she is in fact his niece), the very wealthy businessman from Ngaoundéré, in the northern part of Cameroon. Pretending her alleged genitor had a serious illness, requiring significant financial resources, Oummoul Koulsoumi, who claimed to have been sent by Alhadji Abbo himself, proposed to Baba Danpullo the purchase  of two properties belonging to her "father" in the town of Yaoundé. Amount of the transaction: FCfa 400 million.

Thanks to the services of an excellent imitator, who passed himself off as Alhadji Abbo during telephone conversations with Baba Danpullo, the latter was reassured and signed, on 24 May and 18 June  2017, four cheques of FCfa 50 million each. These cheques, accompanied by a cash envelope of €160,000 (about FCfa 105 million) were handed over to the young business provider.

To seal the property transaction, we learn, Baba Danpullo however demanded to be given the title deeds of the two properties he purchased. It was then after having already cashed an amount of more than FCfa 300 million, that Oummoul Koulsoumi, who meant to fleece the billionaire right to the end, provided him with a certificate attesting to the ownership of Alhadji Abbo of the two properties in the posh Golf neighbourhood in Yaoundé. Based on verifications made from the references on the title certificate, it turned out that it was a false document.      Since, supposedly belonging to Alhadji Abbo, the references they, rather made mention the name of a certain Houreiratou. The deception had been uncovered and a complaint filed against the supposed daughter of Alhadji Abbo. Arrested by the gendarmerie on 21 August 2017 in the Cameroonian capital, we learned, the usurper has already given back part of the money extorted from the billionaire Baba Danpullo. According to the gendarmes, the remaining balance to be recovered is about FCfa 188 million.


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