Yaoundé - 21 January 2020 -
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Cameroon : Government announces more rigorous management of its rolling stock

Cameroon : Government announces more rigorous management of its rolling stock
  • Comments   -   Monday, 06 January 2020 14:06

 “(Business in Cameroon) - The acquisition of motorized vehicles in public administrations is a source of expenditure whose relevance and rigour must be guaranteed. To this end, the provisions (...) will be rigorously observed during the fiscal year 2020, in order to control the management of the State's vehicle fleet (acquisitions, rate of renewal, maintenance costs, allocation of vehicles and, reforms).” This is one of the decisions contained in the circular signed on December 31, 2019, by the Minister of Finance (Minfi), Louis Paul Motaze (photo).

According to this circular, the acquisition of new vehicles in the State administrations is subject to prior approval by the Prime Minister. Requests for the acquisition of second-hand vehicles for public works must be accompanied by the technical files and expert's report from Matgenie.

The use of the rolling stock is also subject to obtaining certain authorizations namely, travel authorization, issued by the competent services of the Ministry in charge of Domains and Land Affairs; a mission order signed by the driver's superior, for driving outside the normal service area. These documents are presented to any requisition of the specialized brigades of the central administrative garage as well as to any requisition of the police brigades operating in the administrative garages.

Vehicle maintenance credits may only be granted to structures in which managers are entitled to an administrative vehicle, in accordance with the regulations in force. The civil servant who is entitled to an administrative vehicle, but is not equipped with one and who uses his personal vehicle for service purposes, receives a monthly maintenance allowance at the rate set by the regulations in force,” the circular specifies.

The document adds that in the event of an accident involving an administrative vehicle, the administration reserves the right to have a counter-assessment of the damage suffered by the victim carried out by a firm approved for this purpose. The financial services ensure that the cost of maintenance and repair of equipment does not exceed the cost of renewing the equipment.

In addition, the file for payment of the cost of repairing an administrative vehicle in a private garage shall be accompanied by a certificate of registration of the said vehicle in the State motor vehicle fleet, issued by the competent services of the Ministry of Domains and Land Affairs, and a certified photocopy of the vehicle's registration certificate. A certificate of expertise established by a competent firm is required for estimates exceeding XAF5 million.


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