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Cameroonian government to audit failure of 2nd generation management information system of state personnel

Cameroonian government to audit failure of 2nd generation management information system of state personnel
  • Comments   -   Thursday, 06 April 2017 10:34

(Business in Cameroon) - Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, has just commissioned an audit of the project of the integrated management information system of state personnel and salaries, second generation (Sigipes II). And for good reason, during a cabinet meeting on 30 March 2017, Michel Ange Angouing, Minister in charge of the Civil Service (Minfopra), confessed that Sigipes II had not been delivered in 2016 as initially expected. Notably as a result of non respect of certain contractual obligations incumbent upon the group of selected service providers: Cameroun Audit Conseil / CBL Consulting.

Michel Ange Angouing recommended corrective measures for this undertaking in order to receive all the expected deliverables. Namely, the installation and operation of all the components of the programme, migration of the data and utilisation of the new system by all the beneficiary administrations, training of users and the transfer of skills, interfacing the new application with all the available applications in the Cameroonian administration.

As a reminder, Sigipes II constitutes a veritable technological leap integrating the career and salary of all public agents. It is thus a fusion between Sigipes I developed in 1994 and Antilope (Application nationale des traitements informatiques et logistiques des personnels de l’Etat - National Application of Data Processing and Logistics of State Personnel) created in 1986. The process of acquiring this IT solution was in the framework of a contract signed in October 2013, thanks to the financial support (FCfa 7.5 billion) of the European Union. To date, a material and programme platform has been acquired and configured, then installed at the National Centre of IT Development (Centre National de Développement Informatique - Cenadi), where special arrangements were made. Furthermore, the process of standardising the data of the public agents is underway, ahead of their input in the new application.


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