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Cameroon out of the top 20 African military powers, while Chad strengthens leadership in CEMAC

Cameroon out of the top 20 African military powers, while Chad strengthens leadership in CEMAC
  • Comments   -   Saturday, 16 September 2017 09:18

(Business in Cameroon) - Ranked 20th in Africa in 2016, in the Global Fire Power Index, which lists on a yearly basis the most powerful armies in the world, Cameroon is now at the 22nd spot this year.

The economic engine of the CEMAC zone loses two spots in the African ranking, and five at the world level, going from being the 106th army in the world in 2016, to the 111th army worldwide in 2017.

Cameroon is outranked by Chad, who like last year, remains the first military power in the CEMAC zone, and 15th in Africa.

The ranking of the Cameroonian army can be explained by the decrease in weaponry spending, due to treasury difficulties faced by the State, but also by the inclusion of new countries in the list.

Cameroon lost its 20th spot this year to Botswana, country not included in the 2016 ranking.

According to Global Fire Power Index 2017, Egypt, who recently inaugurated the largest military base in Africa, is still the first African military power.

This country is followed, as in the previous ranking, by Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and Morocco.

At the global level, the USA (1st), Russia (2nd), China (3rd) and India (4th) are the most powerful armies worldwide.

According to its creators, this ranking takes into account over 50 factors chosen to enable small armies, often more technologically advanced, to compete with larger but less technologically developed armies.


Classement des puissances militaires africaines en 2017 : 

  1. Egypt (10thworldwide)
  2. Algeria (25thworldwide)
  3. Ethiopia (41thworldwide)
  4. Nigeria (43thworldwide)
  5. South Africa (46thworldwide)
  6. Angola (51thworldwide)
  7. Morocco (54thworldwide)
  8. Sudan (71thworldwide)
  9. Libya (73thworldwide)
  10. Democratic Republic of Congo (76thworldwide)
  11. Kenya (77thworldwide)
  12. Tunisia (78thworldwide)
  13. Zimbabwe (81thworldwide)
  14. Zambia (85th worldwide)
  15. Chad (88thworldwide)
  16. Uganda (92thworldwide)
  17. Tanzania (96thworldwide)
  18. South Sudan (99thworldwide)
  19. Ghana (101thworldwide)
  20. Botswana (107thworldwide)
  21. Mozambique (109thworldwide)
  22. Cameroon (111thworldwide)
  23. Niger (114th worldwide)
  24. Côte d'Ivoire (116thworldwide)
  25. Mali (117thworldwide)
  26. Congo (118thworldwide)
  27. Madagascar (119thworldwide)
  28. Gabon (120thworldwide)
  29. Namibia (127thworldwide)
  30. Somalia (128thworldwide)
  31. Central African Republic (129thworldwide)
  32. Mauritania (130thworldwide)
  33. Sierra Leone (131thworldwide).

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