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Cameroon: MPs advocate for the promotion of “Made in Cameroon”

Cameroon: MPs advocate for the promotion of “Made in Cameroon”
  • Comments   -   Thursday, 25 June 2020 19:11

(Business in Cameroon) - The covid-19 pandemic has revived the urgent need to promote local products, many experts think. In that regard, some MPs, members of the network “Espérance jeunesse” (Reje) recently organized the first edition of the “economic patriotism” day in Yaoundé to promote the consumption of “Made in Cameroon.”

Organized around the theme "consume Cameroonian products to promote entrepreneurship and enhance youth employment," this business exchange on the opportunities offered by "Made in Cameroon," as well as development modalities, was attended by officials and the country’s financial partners. The latter were able, through a mini-exhibition of local products, to appreciate the genius of Cameroonian entrepreneurs.

"I think that so far, we are a little guilty of neglecting the importance of economic patriotism. Today, the coronavirus offers us the opportunity to go back to the basics of the economy such as the balance of trade, to force us to consume what we produce. This also implies reserving a special place to all Cameroonian added value products in public procurements," said the deputy of the opposition Joshua Osih, an unfortunate candidate in the last presidential election.

This plea by parliamentarians for the "Made in Cameroon" and economic patriotism is in line with the fight of the Inter-Patronal Grouping of Cameroon (Gicam), which constantly suggested the government should implement a strategy aimed at promoting "national champions" to make Cameroonian companies competitive in an increasingly globalized world economy.


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