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Cameroon: Water supply projects worth XAF35.4 bln to be delivered in Apr 2020 (Camwater)

Cameroon: Water supply projects worth XAF35.4 bln to be delivered in Apr 2020 (Camwater)
  • Comments   -   Friday, 27 March 2020 11:20

(Business in Cameroon) - Cameroon Water Utilities (Camwater) is currently implementing water supply projects in every region of Cameroon to improve the population’s access to clean water.

According to Camwater, these projects estimated at XAF35.4 billion, are funded by backers such as Belfius, and the Cameroonian government (XAF9.2 billion).

Some of the projects are mainly being carried out in the Eastern region. They include the construction of a water catchment system and the installation of a raw water pumping station, a concrete treatment plant (30 m3/h), a 70 m3 treated water tank and a 300 m3 water tower in Dimako.

In Lomié, Camwater has launched the construction of a concrete treatment plant (60 m3/h) including a catchment system, the installation of a pumping unit, a 130 m3 treated water tank, an engine room, a 500 m3 storage tank, a 3,200-metre medium-voltage line and the installation of a 160 kVa transformer.

To improve drinking water supply in Bertoua, Camwater currently produces about 3,000 m3 daily. By the end of the project, daily production should rise to 7,500 m3.

This production, supply, and storage boosting actions will also be carried out in 13 other localities in Cameroon including Bangoua, Banyo, Chidifi, Mayo Oulo, Mbe, Pitoa, Sa'a and Yoko, the company indicates.


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