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Global Fund: Paul Biya in France to raise close to XAF100 billion

From October 9 to 10, 2019, Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya, will participate in the sixth Global Funds’ replenishment conference in Lyon, France....
Friday 4 October 2019Health

Cameroon inks XAF650 mln deal to rebuild Kumba hospital burnt by separatists

Cameroon, via the minister of health Malachie Manaouda (photo), recently signed a XAF650 million agreement for the reconstruction of Kumba hospital. This...
Wednesday 24 July 2019Health

Cameroon : Public health workers announce strike action from August 5, 2019

Next August 5, 2019, public hospitals’ staff will launch a strike action, Cameroonian health workers syndicates Synpems and CAP-Santé announce. According...
Tuesday 11 June 2019Health

Cameroon’s Health Department sets a National Sanitary Quality Supervision Committee

In an article published on June 10, the Cameroonian Minister of Public Health (Minsanté), Malachie Manaouda (photo), informed that a committee had been...
Monday 27 May 2019Health

Cameroon bans use of five chemicals in textile production

Cameroonian Minister of Mines and Technological Development, Gabriel Dodo Ndocke (photo), issued a list of five chemicals the use of which is now banned...
Thursday 16 May 2019Health

  The national social security fund seeks Aster CMI Hospital’s expertise in improving care supply in Cameroon

If talks go well, Indian Aster CMI Hospital will provide its expertise to Cameroon’s National Social Security Fund (CNPS), in the coming weeks. Alain...
Thursday 9 May 2019Health

Nestle Cameroon trains health professionals on child malnutrition

Nestle's Cameroonian subsidiary has via its Nestle Nutrition Institute just completed two sessions of its African nutrition course in Yaoundé and Douala,...
Friday 5 April 2019Health

Cameroon: Government announces free Rapid HIV Tests from January 2020

Malachie Manaouda (photo), Cameroonian health minister, inked April 4 a decision setting terms for accessing & monitoring HIV testing services and...
Tuesday 26 March 2019Health

Cameroonian health ministry forbids public hospital services from confining indigent patients due to their inability to pay bills

Indigent patients will no longer be kept against their will in public hospitals when they fail to pay their care bills. “I have the honor to prohibit, as...
Tuesday 12 March 2019Health

Cameroonian trade minister lifts ban on sale of six baby diaper brands including Pampers

Following an approval granted to a dozen diaper manufacturers in late February 2019, the Cameroonian government has just lifted the ban on the sales of...
Tuesday 22 January 2019Health

New cases of cholera reported in the North region, in January 2019  

The Cameroonian health ministry (Minsante) announced the report of new cases of cholera in the north region of the country this January. The region is the...
Monday 7 January 2019Health

Image-based warnings to cover cigarette packages sold in Cameroon, starting this year (C3T)

Starting from 2019, 70% of the front and back of cigarette packages will be covered with a message along with an image warning illustrating a disease...
Monday 19 November 2018Health

Cameroon: 40 killed by cholera outbreak in the North (Greenpeace)

In response to reports of more than 40 killed and over 600 confirmed cases of cholera in Cameroon's Far North region, Andoh Rex, Greenpeace Africa's...
Wednesday 31 October 2018Health

Cameroon: Badea backs health center construction with CFA955m, in Yaoundé

Cameroonian government erected new health facilities in the districts of Minkoa Meyos and Obili, in Yaoundé. Valued at CFA955.4 million, land cost...
Tuesday 23 October 2018Health

Cameroon: Cholera outbreak killed 35 in the North and Far-North

In Cameroon’s Far-North and North regions, death toll related to cholera outbreak officially reported since May this year has already reached 35 persons,...
Thursday 13 September 2018Health

Cameroon : Israeli embassy to distribute 10 water purification units to control cholera outbreak

The Israeli embassy in Yaoundé is giving Cameroon 10 water purification units, tomorrow September 14, to control the current cholera outbreak in the...
Tuesday 28 August 2018Health

21% of the Cameroonian population have already tried a hard drug, with cannabis atop the list (CNLD)

Cameroon’s Anti-drug National Committee (CNLD) released statistics on narcotic consumption in the country, showing that 21% of the population have already...
Monday 14 May 2018Health

Nachtigal Hydro Power Company to provide CFA740 million for health projects around Nachtigal dam’s site

Recently, Nachtigal Hydro Power Company (NHPC), in charge of the construction of Nachtigal dam, and Cameroon’s ministry for public health has signed a...
Monday 19 March 2018Health

Cameroon receives CFA108 billion to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis

From 2018 to 2020, the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria will provide CFA108 billion to Cameroon to help the country fight against the...
Wednesday 28 February 2018Health

Germany disburses €15 million to fight malnourishment in Cameroon

On this day February 28, Germany and UNICEF have launched the second phase of the project named "S'attaquer à la malnutrition chez les enfants de moins...
Friday 23 February 2018Health

Only 10% of the drugs Cameroon needs is produced locally

Every year, Cameroon imports about 90% of the drugs it needs while local producers supply the remaining 10% of a market estimated at CFA100 billion. The...
Wednesday 24 January 2018Health

Cameroon: Government restructures SAMU

On January 19, 2018, André Mama Fouda, Cameroon’s ministry of public health signed a ministerial ruling to restructure the emergency services system...
Saturday 13 January 2018Health

Cameroon: Price of the treatment protocol for hepatitis B, C and D slashed

Cameroon ministry of public health announces a decrease in the price of the treatment protocol for hepatitis B, C, and D. For instance, the box of the...
Thursday 11 January 2018Health

Cameroon: Government explains steps for implementation of universal health care system

André Mama Fouda, Cameroon’s minister of public health, has just explained, to the press, the steps to be followed for the implementation of the universal...
Monday 18 December 2017Health

Cameroon: Government budgets CFA1, 300 billion for universal health coverage

On December 12, 2017, André Mama Fouda, Cameroon’s minister of public health, has presented Cameroon government’s strategy to establish a universal health...
Thursday 19 October 2017Health

Cameroonian Catherine Bilong becomes the first Central African national to join the French Academy of Pharmacy

On October 4, 2017, Dr. Catherine Bilong, chief medical officer of the biochemistry section of "centre pasteur" in Cameroon, was officially notified...
Sunday 1 October 2017Health

Cameroon: Novartis launches its low-cost drugs access program, for chronic diseases

Cameroonian patients suffering from chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases or diabetes will from now on pay less for their treatments. This is the...
Saturday 3 June 2017Health

Cameroon: Scientists develop Loascope, an instrument that measures the level of onchocerciasis infection

Teams at the Institute of Research for Development (IRD) and the Centre of Research on Filariasis and other Tropical Diseases (Centre de Recherche sur les...
Friday 12 May 2017Health

Samuel Eto’o Fils donates a ward worth FCfa 700 million to Laquintinie Hospital of Douala

The ward "Samuel Eto’o Fils" of the Laquintinie Hospital of Douala has been officially handed over on 08 May 2017 during a ceremony presided over by the...
Wednesday 10 May 2017Health

After South Africa, Cameroon henceforth member of World Organisation for Specialised Studies on Diseases of the Oesophagus

Essos Medical Centre (Centre Hospitalier d’Essos - CHE), in Yaoundé, received on 4 May major surgery and laparoscopy equipment from the World Organisation...
Monday 27 March 2017Health

Bonassama hospital among the first health structures in Africa to introduce artificial intelligence to improve healthcare

Sophia Genetics, world leader in evidence-based medicine, announced on 24 March 2017 in Phoenix, USA, the list of African hospitals using Sophia, an...

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