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Sun Wei - Deputy GM in CEMAC Zone HUAWEI : “The audience with His Excellency the Prime Minister has been warm and fruitful”

Sun Wei - Deputy GM in CEMAC Zone HUAWEI : “The audience with His Excellency the Prime Minister has been warm and fruitful”
  • Comments   -   Friday, 21 May 2021 12:38

(HUAWEI ) - Could you tell me about today's meeting with the Prime Minister

This is my first visit to Cameroon and the first time I have had the privilege of meeting His Excellency the Prime Minister, head of Government, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Government of Cameroon for its warm welcome. We have expressed our appreciation for all the efforts and the measures that have been taken by the Government of Cameroon during the outbreak of CODID-19 to protect all the citizens, as well as the HUAWEI community in Cameroon.

As strategic partner to the Government of Cameroon we believe that it is our responsibility to assist the Cameroonian government in making our contribution to better building the ICT sector and digital economy. The audience with His Excellency the Prime Minister has been warm and fruitful, and our mutual trust has been enhanced through smooth communication. Huawei will continue to build an ICT talent ecosystem for Cameroon. Huawei will also promote the progress of major projects in Cameroon.

To follow up with my predecessor Mr. CAO Jibin’s promise of offering 2000 free training opportunities in ICT Academy for Cameroonian, I am delighted to say that till the end of first term 2021, we have already trained 565 students and 39 teachers and we are bringing the number of trainees to 1000 by the second quarter of this year. I am optimistic that the objective of training 2000 students and teachers could be realized by the end of 2021.

I have also taken the opportunity of CAMMOB 2020 to express Huawei’s support in the development of digital economy in Cameroon by offering 20 sets of intelligent conference systems “ HUAWEI Ideal Hub” on behalf of Huawei to the Cameroonian government.

As a strategic partner of Cameroon's digital economy, I also deeply feel Cameroon's aspiration to realize the great vision of ‘’Emergence à l'horizon 2035’’ through ICT technology, which strengthens our long-term commitment to“In Cameroon for Cameroon”.

What is Huawei's future strategy in Cameroon? How can we continuously improve Cameroon's ICT development?

Huawei will continue to steadily promote the digital transformation of the public and private sectors in Cameroon, and help Cameroon cultivate more ICT talents through the "Seeds of the Future" and "Huawei ICT Academy" projects. Huawei will do its best to help Cameroon realize its Digital strategy and help Cameroon enhance its IT development and improve people's livelihood in important areas such as national broadband, people's security, rural solar power and talent cultivation.

What is Huawei's local contribution in Cameroon?

We have always seen ourselves as a local company, operating locally, purchasing from local suppliers, employing local staffs, and paying taxes. Over 70% of Huawei's team in Cameroon are locally employed in the country. We have cultivated over 1,000 technical talents in ITC domain, and created over 15,000 direct and indirect jobs. The ICT industry is a technology-intensive industry. Huawei leverages technology, innovation and talent cultivation to drive local industry development. These innovative capabilities are more valuable to the local industry and more conducive to long-term development.

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Cameroon, Huawei has donated medical supplies to many institutions and communities in Cameroon, and donated videoconferencing equipment’s to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economy and Planning, Ministry of Energy and other government agencies to help them improve communication efficiently and avoid the risk of the epidemic.

This year, Huawei is collaborating with other partners in delivering a donation of COVID-19 Vaccines to the ministry of public health. The vaccines are currently under purchase.

What are your thoughts on CAMMOB 2020? What role is Huawei playing in this event?

CAMMOB 2020 is a very significant event. It celebrates the 20 years’ development of digital economy in Cameroon. 2020 marked the 20th year of the development of the mobile in this country and it is obvious that ICT has largely contributed to the improvement of Cameroonians’ living conditions, particularly in the past 10 years. As known to all, our world is experiencing the “fourth industrial revolution”, featured by digitalization with the support of AI, cloud, big data and other new technologies. It is proved in the world’s practices that ICT industry or digital economy is the key to a nation’s sustainable development. I appreciate the vision that Cameroonian government has in promoting digitalization and I promise Huawei will always engage itself as the nation’s strategic partner to contribute to the development of digital economy in this country.

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