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Du Yin, General Manager of Huawei Cameroon : “To help Cameroon to train as many ICT talents as possible”

Du Yin, General Manager of Huawei Cameroon : “To help Cameroon to train as many ICT talents as possible”
  • Comments   -   Monday, 29 June 2020 09:51

''HUAWEI Cameroon will provide 20 professional internship opportunities for Cameroon HUAWEI ICT Academy certified students in 2020the same time HUAWEI Cameroon will recommend excellent candidate to our partners, customers, Huawei branches in other countries''.

What is the conception of HUAWEI ICT Academy? and what is the achievement has been made in Cameroon

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. We are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. We have more than 194,000 employees, and we operate in more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world.

The Huawei ICT Academy is a non-commercial partnership project between Huawei and universities around the world. Huawei provides the related ICT technology training courses for the students to enable them to master the latest technologies so as to change their life and make a better world. So far, Huawei has cooperated with more than 600 universities around the world and educates more than 45,000 students every year.

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Since 2018, we set up the “HUAWEI ICT Academy” with 4 excellent universities in Cameroon. They are the SUPPTIC, Yaoundé University One, Douala University and Douala IUC College. Till now, more than 1,000 students have participated into the training course and dozens of teachers have passed the certificates of Huawei ICT Academy which enables them to teach students by themselves in the classroom. At the first "Huawei ICT Competition" in Cameroon, the team from Douala University won the championship and they will fly to China after the pandemic to represent Cameroon to attend the African Regional Final of Huawei ICT Competition. We wish them a great success.

What is the concept of HUAWEI “Learn on” program?

Everyone in the world shall have equal access to technologies. Especially during the epidemic, people find it difficult to go to classroom or attend field trainings. According to statistics, more than 1.5 billion students in the world are affected by the COVID-19. Therefore, Huawei uses its technologies to bring the classroom online. Up to now:

  • More than 130 MOOC online training resources have been provided online for free of charge, covering advanced technical fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, 5G, and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • More than 100 online Trainers are provided from April to December, and more than 1500 teachers are expected to be trained.

This program was highly spoken and recognized by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Almost all the countries in the sub-region are starting to register the program. We welcome all the students in Cameroon to register the program and enjoy the education online freely.

What is the future plans of HUAWEI ICT Talent project in Cameroon?

Working as strategic ICT partner of Cameroon and according to the strategic agreement in the field of ICT between Cameroon and Huawei, Huawei will always work proactively with all the related parties to help Cameroon to train as many ICT talents as possible.

  1. All the students in Cameroon are encouraged to make both online and offline studies in the Huawei ICT academy and Huawei will issue them the related certificate after they complete the required study and test.
  2. For those outstanding students, Huawei will send them to China for further training as the “seeds for the future” and attend the global ICT competition.
  3. In addition, we are going to involve more teachers and students to join HUAWEI ICT Academy and encourage the employer of telecommunications companies to join us to create more job opportunity to the students

Today I would like to take the opportunity to announce 2 incentive measures for Cameroon HUAWEI ICT Academy this year.

  1. HUAWEI Cameroon will provide 20 professional internship opportunities for Cameroon HUAWEI ICT Academy certified students in 2020,the same time HUAWEI Cameroon will recommend excellent candidate to our partners, customers, Huawei branches in other countries.

HUAWEI is programming a double- will recruitment fair in July, Mainly oriented to the ICT talents in Cameroon. Considering the impact of Covid-19, the recruitment will be held on-line.

  1. The 5th Cameroon HUAWEI“Seeds for the future 2020”program will be carried out on line with long distance in Month September in Yaounde despite of the fight against Covid-19, with 10 students from all regions of the country, only reserved to HUAWEI ICT Academy certified students.

22788 interview finale dg huawei ict academy video ceremony

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