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Cameroon: Imports jumped 11.5% to XAF3,405.2bln in 2018

Cameroon: Imports jumped 11.5% to XAF3,405.2bln in 2018
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(Business in Cameroon) - In 2018, Cameroon spent a total of XAF3,405.2 billion in imports, an increase by 11.5% compared to the previous year. Figures were revealed by the National Statistics Institute INS.

A reason for the higher import bill, INS says, is the hike in purchase of fuel and lubricant (+87.9%), shellfish and fish (+35.3%), common wheat and meslin (+21.6%) and clinker (1.3%). However other products were less bought over the period reviewed. An example is rice whose bill dropped by XAF39.6 billion (-21.6%).

Main food imports are animal products and byproducts; vegetables and fruits, and industrial food products. These imports alone captured XAF702.3 billion, or 20.6% of total import expenditure, compared with 23.0% in 2017.

Cameroon's imports come from about 189 countries, of which the top ten provide more than half (58.2%) of needs. Top provider is China with 18.5%, followed by France (8.3%); Nigeria (5.6%) and the Netherlands (4.8%).

Imports from China are machinery and electrical apparels (20%); machinery and mechanical appliances (12.8%); cast articles of iron and steel (6.8%), etc.

France mainly supplies pharmaceutical products (12.6%); machinery and mechanical equipment (10.4%); and electrical machinery and equipment (8.7%).

Sylvain Andzongo

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