Yaoundé - 18 January 2021 -



Nana BOUBA, A shepherd with amazing ambitions

Nana BOUBA, A shepherd with amazing ambitions

(Business in Cameroon) - For years, this economic operator has controlled the distribution of mass consumption food products (sugar, rice, salt, tomatoes, etc.) in the country; knowingly through Société alimentaire du Cameroun (Soacam). And while the latter is now on the decline, it remains that Soacam greatly helped Nana Bouba build an empire that spans many sectors, ranging from agribusiness to construction, public works, and animal husbandry.

His company, Azur, produces the eponymous refined oil and household soap, which are used every day all over the country and even beyond Cameroonian borders. It is on this business that Bouba turned his full attention after selling the Nana Bouba Company (Nabco), which used to produce the Planète fruit juice and Opur mineral water.

In Adamoua, the self-made-man owns a ranch with hundreds of thousands of cattle. Additionally, he currently develops a gigantic industrial oil palm plantation project in the Littoral region. The plantation should supply a refinery which he also owns in Douala.