Yaoundé - 24 January 2021 -



Victor MBEMI NYAKNGA, The linchpin of the power system

Victor MBEMI NYAKNGA, The linchpin of the power system

(Business in Cameroon) - As the Managing Director of the national power transmission company (Sonatrel), Victor Mbemi Nyaknga is a key player in the electricity sector in Cameroon. Since the power utility Eneo stopped transmission activity in 2018, Sonatrel has been responsible for the management, operation, maintenance, and above all the development of the public electricity transmission networks. In other words, this chief civil administrator, who has been leading the public company over the past four years, has the huge responsibility of rehabilitating and building the country’s electricity transmission infrastructure.

If the success of this task is crucial for the take-off of the electricity sector, it also conditions the development of Cameroon’s industrial fabric, which aims to be an emerging economy by 2035. According to official data, the aging transmission facilities cause the loss of at least 6.5% of national electricity production. And the World Bank estimates the financing needs for renovation work at XAF850 billion over the next few years.