Yaoundé - 20 September 2017 -

Vodafone Cameroon concerned over job losses after being suspended by regulatory authority

In the evening of 14 September 2017, Vodafone Cameroon  ceased its activities till further notice, on order of the telecommunications and regulatory...
Tuesday 19 September 2017Agriculture

Cameroon: Telcar Cocoa pays CFA 2.2 billion premiums to certified cocoa producers

For the 2016-2017 cocoa season that has just ended, Telcar Cocoa, the local trader of the American firm Cargill, has paid registered cocoa producers CFA...
Tuesday 19 September 2017Education

At last, the 500 000 laptops promised by President Paul Biya will be released in November 2017, officials reveal

The release of the first batch of the 500,000 laptops, promised by President Paul Biya in 2016, will take place in November 2017, while it was announced...
Monday 18 September 2017Electricity

Memvé'élé 211MW power dam is “ready”, project coordinator says

At Memvé’élé, in the south of Cameroun, the managers of the power dam are actively preparing for the partial delivery of this power infrastructure which...
Monday 18 September 2017Public management

IMF recommends fiscal reforms to unlock Cameroon’s true potential for economic growth

During his working visit to Cameroon from 14 to 15 September,  Mitsuhiro Furusawa, Deputy managing director of IMF, told media that it is essential...
Monday 18 September 2017Finance

Cameroonian state treasury turns to BEAC’s stock market to secure 5 billion CFA

The meroonian government will issue securities on the stock market of the Central Bank of African States (BEAC) on September 20, 2017. The securities are...
Saturday 16 September 2017Cooperation

60 Chinese entrepreneurs on a business mission in Cameroon from 19 September

Yaoundé, the Cameroonian capital, will host from 19 September 2017, a trade and  investment forum, gathering 60 business leaders from China, and...
Saturday 16 September 2017Public management

Cameroon out of the top 20 African military powers, while Chad strengthens leadership in CEMAC

Ranked 20th in Africa in 2016, in the Global Fire Power Index, which lists on a yearly basis the most powerful armies in the world, Cameroon is now at the...
Saturday 16 September 2017Agriculture

The armyworm, found in seven out of ten regions, is threatening Cameroon’s cereal production

According to experts from the Cameroonian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the armyworm, an insect which mainly affects cereals such as...
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