Yaoundé - 25 April 2017 -

Despite a growing indebtedness and political uncertainties, S&P maintains “B/B” grade for Cameroon

The American rating agency S&P Global Ratings just confirmed the “B” grade given to the long and short term sovereign debt of the Republic of...
Tuesday 25 April 2017Law

Young trafficker detained with 100 Kg of pangolin scales in region of East Cameroon

Officials of the Cameroonian Ministry of Wildlife and Forest of the East region, with the support of the NGO Last Great Ape Organization (LAGA), have just...
Tuesday 25 April 2017ICT

World Bank offers Cameroonian start-ups possibility of benefiting from incubation programme of 5 months

From 12 June 2017, the sponsors of start-ups in Cameroon can go on the website www.XL-Africa.com, in order to apply to the incubation programme of the...
Monday 24 April 2017Public management

In 4 years, AfDB portfolio in Cameroon has increased four-fold, reveals Racine Kane

During the last four years, the investment portfolio of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Cameroon has quadrupled, Racine Kane, the Resident...
Saturday 22 April 2017Companies

Yaoundé hosts until 26 April, an exhibition of Chinese vehicles which will soon be assembled in Kribi in Cameroon

Allow the population and Cameroonian authorities to discover, or even test models of Chinese vehicles which will soon be assembled in the town of Kribi,...
Saturday 22 April 2017Mining

Cameroon moving towards production capacity of cement of 7.2 million tons per year

The production of cement in Cameroon will be increased tenfold from the year 2018. Indeed, to the 4.2 million tons of actual capacity (1.6 million tons...
Friday 21 April 2017Cooperation

HCR builds 16 classrooms in East Cameroon, for Central African refugees to attend school  

The representative of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (HCR) in Cameroon, Lazare-Etien Kouassi, has just transferred a batch of 16...
Friday 21 April 2017Mining

Canada launches programme to strengthen transparency of mining sector in 4 African countries, including Cameroon

FCfa 8 billion. This is the envelope that Canada will release over the next five years, within the framework of the Programme to Improve Surveillance of...
Friday 21 April 2017Public management

The World Bank group will release an amount of FCfa 113 billion in favour of the State of Cameroon

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the non-concessional arm of the World Bank group (WB) will release an amount of FCfa 113...
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