Tradex improves its market share in oil product distribution in Cameroon in 2013

Tradex improves its market share in oil product distribution in Cameroon in 2013
  • Thursday, 09 January 2014 02:35

(Business in Cameroon) - According to a press release issued by Adolphe Moudiki, as Chairman of the Board at Tradex, the Cameroonian company and SNH subsidiary “improved its market share of national distribution” in 2013.

Though the announcement came without any actual figures, we know that the company had a 16.5% market share in Cameroon according to the report submitted by GM, Perrial Nyodog at a board meeting late last year.

Initially specialised in oil product trading and ship refuelling, the Tradex Company entered the oil product distribution sector a few years ago in Cameroon, Central Africa (and Chad in the near future) and started distributing domestic gas in Cameroon in 2013.

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