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Cassava seedlings in store for Sotramas in Cameroon

Cassava seedlings in store for Sotramas in Cameroon
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(Business in Cameroon) - The Cameroonian Minister of Agriculture has just provided the Programme for the Development and Promotion of Roots, Tubers and Plantain with improved cuttings of certified cassava to plant fields in the vicinity of the Sangmélima (Sotramas) cassava processing plant in the South.

Construction on the Sotramas factory, which is expected to convert 120 tonnes of cassava into starch, was completed several months ago, but activities are slow to start because of the cassava shortage.

According to official estimates, in the next five year, 4,000 hectares of cassava will have to be planted in the Sangmélima area for Sotramas to operate at full capacity. 

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