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Cameroon: Govt collects weather and climate data to boost agricultural production

The Cameroonian Minister of Agriculture announced a partnership with the National Observatory of Climate Change (ONACC). Under this framework, both...
Monday 23 May 2022Agriculture

NHPC distributes 76,000 cocoa seedlings to local populations

Nachtigal Hydro Power Company (NHPC), the project company for the Nachtigal dam, launched a campaign to distribute 76,000 cocoa plants to the populations...
Monday 23 May 2022Agriculture

Food crisis: AfDB approves $1.5bln facility to support African countries

The African Development Bank (AfDB) announced the disbursement of $1.5 billion (CFA927.7 billion) to help African countries withstand the current...
Friday 29 April 2022Agriculture

Bush fires destroy more than 375 ha of plantations in the East region

Bush fires have destroyed 375.5 ha of plantations in the Eastern part of Cameroon during the last dry season, according to data reported by the Ministry...
Friday 29 April 2022Agriculture

Govt launches the agricultural campaign in the southern region, under favorable weather conditions

The Cameroonian Minister of Agriculture, Gabriel Mbairobe, officially launched the 2022 agricultural season in the southern region under favorable weather...
Monday 25 April 2022Agriculture

Govt to create a platform to unite local flour producers

The Cameroonian Ministry of the Economy has just organized an inter-regional workshop for producers of local flours (cassava, potatoes, macabo, etc.) in...
Thursday 21 April 2022Agriculture

Banana: Higher production expected in Q2 2022, driven by increased activity at CDC

The good performance achieved by banana producers in Cameroon over the first quarter this year, especially with a 4.8% YoY increase in exports, should...
Tuesday 12 April 2022Agriculture

PHP reports higher banana exports in Q1 2022, despite a sluggish environment

Banana exporters in Cameroon sold a total of 57,573 tons during the first three months of 2022. Compared to the 54,900 tons sold in the first quarter of...
Wednesday 6 April 2022Agriculture

Cameroon sold 22,604 tons of bananas in March, the best performance since January 2022

Banana producers in Cameroon sold a total of 22,604 tons on the international market in March 2022. According to the Cameroon Banana Association...
Monday 4 April 2022Agriculture

Sodecoton could lose up to CFA9 billion in FY2021-22 over fraudulent exports to Nigeria

Actors in the cotton sector in Cameroon have been denouncing for several weeks the fraudulent export of Cameroonian cotton to Nigeria. A reliable source...
Wednesday 23 March 2022Agriculture

Mideno distributes 12 tons of improved corn seeds to boost production in the Northwest

The Northwest Development Mission (Mideno) distributed last week in Bamenda 12 tons of improved corn seeds to local producers. Overall, about 200...
Monday 7 March 2022Agriculture

Japan to support the construction of a processing plant in Ebowola

Japan may soon support the construction of a cocoa processing unit in Ebolowa 2, Southern region. Indeed, on March 3, 2022, Takaoka Nozomu, the Japanese...
Friday 25 February 2022Agriculture

Cameroon to import 143 kilotons of palm oil this year

The Oilseeds Refiners Association (ASROC) requested authorization to import 100,000 tons of palm oil to complement the local supply for 2022. It finally...
Friday 25 February 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: The official palm oil deficit rises to 160 kilotons

Cameroon’s structural deficit of crude palm oil is now estimated at 160,000 tons, up from the 130,000 tons presented for years. The figure was...
Wednesday 23 February 2022Agriculture

CEMAC: Rubber prices rose 3% in Q4-2021 (BEAC)

Rubber prices rose by 3% in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to the CEMAC composite commodity price index recently published by the central...
Wednesday 23 February 2022Agriculture

CEMAC: Dropping production and rising shipping costs boost coffee prices in Q4-2021 (BEAC)

The CEMAC export commodity price index rose by 10.4% in the last quarter of 2021, according to the composite index recently published by central bank...
Thursday 17 February 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Marketed coffee production dropped 50% season-to-season in 2020-2021

In Cameroon’s coffee sector, the volume of marketed production fell drastically season-to-season to 12,157 tons during the 2020-2021 season. This was...
Thursday 17 February 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Volume of locally roasted coffee grew 20% SoS in 2020-2021

The 29 coffee roasters identified in Cameroon processed 1,014 tons of coffee during the 2020-2021 coffee season. According to data revealed on February...
Monday 14 February 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Central Bank BEAC sees rubber production down YoY in Q1-2022

Cameroon’s rubber production is expected to drop in the first quarter of 2022 compared with the volume produced in the same quarter a year earlier....
Friday 11 February 2022Agriculture

South-West: 55 modern dryers to be installed to improve cocoa quality

Fifty-five cocoa drying machines will be installed in South-West Cameroon, one of the main cocoa production areas in the country. In that regard, Besong...
Wednesday 9 February 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Ageing plantations and insecurity will reduce oil palm plantations in Q1-2022, BEAC forecasts

The palm oil sector will be less dynamic in Cameroon between January and March 2022, the BEAC – Central Bank of Cemac countries– reveals in its recent...
Wednesday 9 February 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Banana production to improve in Q1-2022, spurred by CDC mainly

Cameroon’s banana production is expected to accelerate in the current quarter, Q1-2022. According to the recent quarterly business survey published by the...
Tuesday 8 February 2022Agriculture

Camvert gets incentives for its XAF237 bln Campo agro-industrial complex

Camvert SA, an agricultural production company controlled by Cameroonian business mogul Aboubakar al Fatih, recently signed an investment agreement with...
Friday 4 February 2022Agriculture

Cameroon to distribute XAF2 bln premium for quality cocoa produced during the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 seasons

In Cameroon, the government will release XAF2 billion to reward farmers who produced premium cocoa over the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 cocoa seasons. This...
Friday 28 January 2022Agriculture

Guinness Cameroon’s Orijinal Challenge: First prize goes to cassava peel flour ENEC

On January 22, 2022, brewing company Guinness Cameroon unveiled the results of its "Orijinal Challenge", a competition aimed at celebrating...
Thursday 27 January 2022Agriculture

ACFTA: Yaoundé to host a regional forum to improve support in the cassava sector

Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, will host from January 31 to February 1, 2022, a regional forum aimed at improving support for Central African small...
Tuesday 25 January 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Cotton development corporation Sodecoton expects a 13 Ktons season-to-season rise in seed cotton production during the 2021-2022 campaign

Executives of the Cotton Development Corporation (SODECOTON) expect a 3.6% season-over-season increase in seed cotton production during the 2021-2022...
Tuesday 25 January 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: the WFP trains farmers to reduce their up to 40% post-harvest losses in the Far-North

The World Food Program (WFP) recently organized a training workshop in Maroua, the regional capital of Far-North Cameroon, to help producer groups combat...
Monday 24 January 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Sodecoton boosts equity by XAF29 bln in 2021 by shipping 2020 stock leftovers

In the first half of February 2021, cotton development firm SODECOTON, an agribusiness giant operating in the three northern regions, finally shipped its...
Monday 24 January 2022Agriculture

New contracts are needed to save aerial treatment firm Utava from complete cessation of activities (CTR)

South-West based state aerial crop treatment firm UTAVA, which stayed out of business between 2019 and 2020, needs new contracts to avoid complete...
Friday 21 January 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: CDC to sign XAF3 bln performance contract to boost palm oil production

In 2021, the BEAC (central bank of CEMAC states) announced that state agribusiness firm Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) would renovate over 500...

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