Yaoundé - 26 September 2021 -



Kribi to soon host two plantain production and fish-farming clusters

In the framework of its far belt project in Kribi, the host town of a deep seaport, agroforestry cooperative Coop CA AIO is currently planning to create...
Monday 13 September 2021Agriculture

Cameroon fine-tunes a draft law on organic agriculture

From September 9 to 10, 2021, in Yaoundé, a workshop was organized to pre-validate the draft bill governing organic agriculture in Cameroon. Presided by...
Friday 10 September 2021Agriculture

Cameroon initiates a program to boost rubber production by over 6.5 kilotons in 2022

Cameroon expects to boost its rubber production by 6,667 tons in 2022, thanks to a government program aimed at developing oil palm and rubber tree...
Thursday 9 September 2021Agriculture

Telcar Cocoa acquires Ndongo Essomba’s cocoa business

Jean Bernard Ndongo Essomba (photo), one of the first Cameroonians to enter the cocoa industry, discreetly sold his business to Telcar Cocoa, a local...
Friday 27 August 2021Agriculture

Cameroon imported 860 kilotons of wheat in 2020 (BMN)

In 2020, Cameroon imported 860,000 tons of wheat, up by 30,000 tons year on year. The figures are revealed by the Enterprises Upgrading Office BMN in its...
Thursday 26 August 2021Agriculture

Cameroon exports 70% of its rice production to Nigeria (BMN)

Cameroon exports 70% of its rice production to Nigeria, according to a study on the strategic position of the cereal processing and by-products sector...
Thursday 26 August 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Local transformers processed 82.7 tons of cocoa in 2020-2021, down by 12.8 tons season to season

During the 2020-2021 cocoa season, which ended on July 15, 2021, 82.7 tons of cocoa were processed by local transformers, according to figures published...
Wednesday 25 August 2021Agriculture

Cereal processing and by-products: BMN publishes a decision-making tool for investors and companies

Today, August 25, 2021, in Douala, the Enterprises Upgrading Office BMN officially presented a study on the strategic positioning of the cereal processing...
Tuesday 24 August 2021Agriculture

Investment corporation SNI to soon launch a corn processing project in Ntui

The National Investment Corporation of Cameroon (SNI) is currently looking for a firm to take care of feseability studies for a corn processing plant in...
Monday 23 August 2021Agriculture

Cocoa: 2020-2021 has been a record-breaking season, the NCCB says

In Cameroon, the initiatives being implemented by the government and the National Cocoa and Coffe Board (NCCB), for over ten years now, to improve the...
Friday 16 July 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: IRAD distributes 60,000 cashew seedlings to farmer organizations in Adamaoua

On July 10, 2021, the National Agricultural Research Institute for Development distributed 60,000 cashew seedlings to 20 farmer organizations in Adamaoua....
Friday 16 July 2021Agriculture

Brewing group SABC invests XAF18 bln in a corn processing plant to secure its grits supplies

In August 2021, brewing group SABC will launch the operations of Compagnie fermière du Cameroun (CFC), its subsidiary specialized in grits production....
Tuesday 13 July 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: The National Cereals Board announces upcoming sales of 10,000 sacks of cereals to mitigate price rise

In Cameroon, the National Cereals Board will soon sell 10,000 bags of cereals to mitigate the rise in the prices of those products in the Northern region....
Tuesday 6 July 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Local communities initiate actions against SAFACAM’s RSPO certification

On July 1, 2021, through the SYNAPRARCAM- the national federation of Cameroonian farmers and local communities, local communities surrounding SAFACAM’s...
Monday 5 July 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Corn prices rise in the north due to increased exports to Nigeria

Over the past two weeks, in Garoua, the regional capital of the North, corn sellers have been giving 100kg-sacks at prices ranging from XAF20,000 to...
Thursday 1 July 2021Agriculture

Animal feed producer SPC to invest XAF5 bln to extend activities to Yaoundé and Obala

Cameroonian animal feed prodcuer SPC (Société des provenderies du Cameroun) based in Bamendzi, Bafoussam, is currently implementing a XAF5 billion...
Tuesday 29 June 2021Agriculture

Livestock development corporation SODEPA partners with farmer field school EPAB to boost cattle farming in forest zones

Last June 24, Livestock development corporation SODEPA signed a partnership agreement with the Binguéla Farmer Field School (EPAB) for the development of...
Friday 25 June 2021Agriculture

A rice shortage is highly unlikely in Cameroon till end-2021, the MINCOMMERCE assures

Cameroonians should rest assured there will be no shortage of rice, one of the most consumed food products in the country. This is the message of the...
Monday 14 June 2021Agriculture

Cameroonian farming startup ClinicAgro Sarl seeks funding to deploy 50 additional soil testing kits

ClinicAgro Sarl is currently seeking financing to develop its offers to farmers through the farming app already available on Playstore. According to...
Monday 14 June 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Towards government's authorization for the importation of additional 20k tons of crude oil and by-products to bridge offer gap this year

The Cameroonian government is currently reviewing a request introduced by the Oilseed Industry Regulatory Commission for the authorization to import...
Monday 7 June 2021Agriculture

CEMAC: Palm oil and coffee prices boosted agricultural commodity price index in Q1-2021

In Q1-2021, the price index of agricultural products exported by CEMAC countries rose by 4.9%, up from 1.5% in Q4-2020. According to the Bank of Central...
Wednesday 2 June 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: CICC launches program to boost rural women's revenues through cocoa farming

On June 1, 2021, at Ihund (in Sanaga Maritime), the Cameroonian Ministers of Agriculture and Commerce Gabriel Mbairobé and Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana...
Wednesday 2 June 2021Agriculture

International expert Hope Sona Ebai becomes chairman of CDC’s executive board

Internationally renowned cocoa expert Hope Sona Ebai is, since May 27, 2021, the chairman of the executive board of state-owned agribusiness company...
Wednesday 2 June 2021Agriculture

Rubber: Corrie MacColl to inject XAF15 bln for a self-empowerment program in Cameroon

Yesterday June 1, Corrie MacColl, the parent company of d’Hévéa Cameroon (Hevecam), announced the launch of its outgrower program aimed at training 13,000...
Monday 31 May 2021Agriculture

Cameroon produced a record 357 ktons of cottonseeds during the just ended 2020-2021 season (SODECOTON)

Cameroon produced 357,000 tons of cotton during the 2020-2021 cotton campaign that ended recently, according to Cotton development corporation SODECOTON....
Thursday 27 May 2021Agriculture

Cameroon to open a cocoa academy in collaboration with French chocolate makers

Today May 27, a delegation of the French Chocolate makers’ union is scheduled to meet the Cameroonian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development...
Tuesday 25 May 2021Agriculture

International expert Hope Sona Ebai becomes a member of the executive board of agribusiness group CDC

Hope Sona Ebai is, since May 19, 2021, now a member of the executive board of Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), the state-owned agribusiness group...
Wednesday 19 May 2021Agriculture

Cameroon to plant 1,250 cashew seedlings in Sanguéré

Cameroon is currently planning to reforest 25 hectares of land in Sanguéré, in the North, according to a call for expression of interests recently issued...
Saturday 15 May 2021Agriculture

Wealth distribution, land insecurity, reform...: Samuel Nguiffo suggests solutions to improve relationships between the government, investors and local communities

On May 5, 2021, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute signed a decree canceling the incorporation of over 66,000 hectares of land located in the Ntem Valley,...
Wednesday 12 May 2021Agriculture

Prime Minister Dion Ngute cancels text consecrating the creation of over 66,000 ha land reserve in the Ntem Valley

On May 5, 2021, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute (photo) signed a decree canceling a text signed in 2016 by his predecessor Philemon Yang to create an...
Wednesday 12 May 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Robusta coffee price rose to multi-month highs in May 2021, as demand keeps growing

On May 11, 2021, in Cameroon’s production areas, the prices of a kilogram of robusta coffee ranged between XAF525 and 575. According to data compiled by...

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