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Cameroon : Prodel donates 2,000 small ruminants in the Far-north to help replenish the stock destroyed by Boko Haram

In Cameroon, stock farmers of the Far-north just received 2,000 small ruminants in the framework of Prodel, an animal husbandry development programme...
Friday 17 January 2020Agriculture

Cameroon : Minimum cocoa farm gate price drops to XAF1,080 per kilogram

Since December 31, 2019, the farm-gate price per kilogram of cocoa beans in Cameroon's production basins has declined slightly from a high of XAF1,250 to...
Friday 17 January 2020Agriculture

Cameroon : Despite CDC’s activity shutdown, banana exports have been more dynamic in 2019 than in 2018

In 2019, banana exporters operating in Cameroon shipped 204,320 tons of banana to international markets. Compared with the 203,721 tons exported by the...
Monday 13 January 2020Agriculture

Cameroon : A half-billion Sorghum husking unit inaugurated in the Far-North

On January 10, 2020, the Cameroonian Minister of Agriculture Gabriel Mbairobe inaugurated a sorghum husking and storing unit in Maroua, the capital...
Wednesday 8 January 2020Agriculture

Cameroon : Banana exports 1,036 tons up YoY in Dec 2019

In December 2019, the volume of banana exported by producers reached 16,641 tons, according to figures published by the Banana producers’ association...
Wednesday 8 January 2020Agriculture

Cameroon : 300,000 fingerlings to be distributed to fish farmers in 2020 to boost production

The marine fishing development agency CDPM plans to distribute 300,000 fingerlings to local fish farmers to contribute to an improvement of aquaculture...
Tuesday 7 January 2020Agriculture

Cameroon : WFP assists 19,000 vulnerable people in the East every month, the head of the WFP office in Bertoua says

Every month, approximately 19,000 vulnerable people receive assistance from the World Food Programme (WFP) in Eastern Cameroon.  According to Ms....
Monday 23 December 2019Agriculture

Cameroon : Castel group plans to go into the agriculture sector

In Cameroon, French brewery group Castel is planning investments in the agriculture sector. On December 20, the CEO of the group, Pierre Castel and a...
Friday 20 December 2019Agriculture

Cameroon : Agricultural mechanization company CENEEMA in the quest for fresh momentum after years of lethargy

On December 17, 2019, a new management team officially took over the Centre d'Etudes et d'Expérimentation du Machinisme Agricole (CENEEMA), a public...
Friday 13 December 2019Agriculture

Cameroon has approved 1,153 phytosanitary products since 1996

Since the launch, in 1996, of phytosanitary certificates, Cameroon, through the Ministry of Agriculture, has approved 1,153 phytosanitary products for use...
Friday 13 December 2019Agriculture

Cameroon seeks investors for large rice-growing project in the Far-North

On December 5, 2019, Cameroon, through the ministry of agriculture and rural development (Minader) issued a call for expression of interest for local and...
Wednesday 11 December 2019Agriculture

Cameroon : Floods and elephants destroy over 11,000 tons of cereals in the Mayo-Danay

The heavy rains, which fell in the Far North, Cameroon, in October 2019, have been devastating for farmers, in the department of Mayo-Danay...
Friday 6 December 2019Agriculture

Cameroon: Safacam plans to invest XAF3.5 bln to extend its oil palm and hevea plantations in Dizangué

In Cameroon, the Ministry of State’s Property and Land Tenure recently granted an additional 2,000 hectares of land to Société Africaine forestière et...
Friday 22 November 2019Agriculture

Cameroon elaborates 29 mandatory standards for the agribusiness sector

Since November 10, 2019, the Cameroonian Standards and Quality Agency ANOR has been enforcing 29 mandatory standards for agri-food products. These...
Thursday 21 November 2019Agriculture

Cocoa: Farmgate prices rise to XAF1,250

According to figures recently revealed by Système d’information de filières (SIF), a system that provides updated information about the coffee and...
Thursday 21 November 2019Agriculture

There are many sectors in which Brazil can provide Cameroon its expertise - Vivian Loss Sanmartin

Brazil’s ambassador to Cameroon explores opportunities for a win-win cooperation between the two countries, especially related to agribusiness...
Wednesday 20 November 2019Agriculture

Sawn Timber: Cameroon becomes the EU’s leading supplier in Jan-Sep 2019

European Union (EU) countries imported 582,500 metric tons of tropical timber in the first nine months of 2019, according to the International Tropical...
Thursday 14 November 2019Agriculture

Cameroon: A 100-kg bag of onion now sold at XAF120,000 in Yaoundé, more than six times its former price

In Yaoundé, onions have become luxury products. Indeed, recently, the price of this product has doubled and nearly reached triple of its former price....
Thursday 7 November 2019Agriculture

Cameroon: Banana exports up by 661 tons YoY in October 2019

Banana exporters operating in Cameroon were more dynamic in October 2019, compared to their performance in October 2018. According to data compiled by the...
Wednesday 30 October 2019Agriculture

Cameroon: Banana exports close to 25% down YoY in Jan-Sep 2019

The volume of banana exported by producers operating in Cameroon between January and September 2019 was 155,435 tons. According to figures provided by the...
Wednesday 23 October 2019Agriculture

The drop in Cameroon’s plywood exports to the USA reached a peak of 88% in Aug 2019

Since January 2019, Cameroon’s exports of tropical plywood to the USA has been in constant decline, the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)...
Monday 21 October 2019Agriculture

French chocolate-maker Puratos eyes Cameroonian cocoa

Today October 21, 2019, a delegation of French chocolate maker Puratos was in Ntui, in the Central region, Cameroonian Minister of commerce Luc Magloire...
Tuesday 15 October 2019Agriculture

Germany offers a non-timber forest products’ processing plant to women in Northern Cameroon

GIZ, a German development agency, is currently building a store in Gashiga, not so far from Garoua, Northern Cameroon. The infrastructure, official...
Monday 14 October 2019Agriculture

Nigeria-Cameroon: Towards an association in the cocoa sector for better prices

Nigeria plans to associate with Cameroon to obtain better prices for their cocoa. This was announced, on October 10, 2019, by Sayina Riman, president of...
Tuesday 8 October 2019Agriculture

Cameroon: Boosted by PHP, banana exports rose by 3,200 tons in Sep 2019

In September 2019, the two banana exporters still operating in Cameroon exported 18,309 tons of banana, according to figures published by the banana...
Tuesday 8 October 2019Agriculture

Cameroon: XAF1,400 bln needed to boost rice production to 1.4 mln tons by 2024

XAF 1,400 billion is the amount needed to implement the recovery plan suggested by the Cameroonian Ministry of economy to relaunch the rice industry....
Wednesday 2 October 2019Agriculture

Programme agropoles has been struggling financially for three years now, the INS reveals

The national institute for statistics (INS) recently published a report assessing the Programme agropoles (PAG). This programme was implemented since 2016...
Thursday 26 September 2019Agriculture

Independence square in Yaoundé to host local coffee tasting sessions on the last Wednesday of each month

On September 25, 2019, in Cameroon, the Interprofessional Organization for Cofee and Cocoa, organized a local coffee tasting session at the independence...
Wednesday 25 September 2019Agriculture

Cameroon: IDPs exposed to acute food insecurity in the NW and SW (FEWS NET)

Internally displaced people in Northwest and Southwest Cameroon are currently exposed to acute food insecurity. According to the USAID’s Famine Early...
Tuesday 17 September 2019Agriculture

Brazil to share its agricultural experience with Cameroon

On September 26, 2019, in Yaoundé, Cameroon, the Brazilian embassy will organize an agribusiness seminar. During the seminar, organized in collaboration...
Tuesday 17 September 2019Agriculture

Cameroon: Banana exports recorded 2,200 tons YoY decrease in August 2019

In August 2019, the two banana producers still operating in Cameroon (PHP and Boh Plantations) exported 12,692 tons of the product. Compared with the...

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