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Wealth distribution, land insecurity, reform...: Samuel Nguiffo suggests solutions to improve relationships between the government, investors and local communities

On May 5, 2021, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute signed a decree canceling the incorporation of over 66,000 hectares of land located in the Ntem Valley,...
Wednesday 12 May 2021Agriculture

Prime Minister Dion Ngute cancels text consecrating the creation of over 66,000 ha land reserve in the Ntem Valley

On May 5, 2021, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute (photo) signed a decree canceling a text signed in 2016 by his predecessor Philemon Yang to create an...
Wednesday 12 May 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Robusta coffee price rose to multi-month highs in May 2021, as demand keeps growing

On May 11, 2021, in Cameroon’s production areas, the prices of a kilogram of robusta coffee ranged between XAF525 and 575. According to data compiled by...
Monday 10 May 2021Agriculture

CDC to build two palm oil and rubber production plants

State-owned agribusiness Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) is currently fine-tuning two projects for the construction of two rubber and palm oil...
Friday 7 May 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Banana exports dropped by 22.11% YoY in Apr 2021 (ASSOBACAM’s data)

Banana producers operating in Cameroon exported 13,186 tons of the fruit in April 2021, according to the Banana Association of Cameroon (Assobacam)....
Friday 30 April 2021Agriculture

SOCAPALM to distribute XAF11.5 bln dividend for 2020 operations

BVMAC-listed Société camerounaise de palmeraies (SOCAPALM) ended the 2020 financial year with an XAF11.5 billion net profit. This profit is down by over...
Wednesday 28 April 2021Agriculture

Cameroon inaugurates a new coffee processing unit in the Northwest

 On April 25, 2021, the Minister of Agriculture Gabriel Mbairobe inaugurated a new coffee processing unit in the Bamenda III district. This plant,...
Tuesday 27 April 2021Agriculture

Cameroon to purchase a rice husking unit for farmers in the Northwest

On April 23, during his visit to the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) in Ndop, in the North-West, the Minister of Agriculture Gabriel...
Tuesday 27 April 2021Agriculture

SODECOTON to dive into the cashew sector by growing 20mln plants within 5-6 years

This year, SODECOTON intends to plant 2 million cashew trees in the northern region. The plants will complement the one million cashew trees already...
Wednesday 21 April 2021Agriculture

Cameroon loses 40 to 50% of its cocoa seedlings to climate change every year (SODECAO)

Cameroon loses 40 to 50% of its cocoa seedlings in nursery plants every year because of climate change due to which dry seasons are increasingly longer....
Wednesday 21 April 2021Agriculture

China is the main destination for Cameroon’s cotton (SODECOTON)

During the 2020-2021 cotton season, which will be concluded in the next few days, Cameroon Cotton Development Corporation (SODECOTON) is expected to...
Monday 19 April 2021Agriculture

SODECAO to distribute 4 mln high-yield cocoa seedlings to producers

The Cocoa Development Company (SODECAO) is currently planning the distribution of 4 million high-yield cocoa seedlings, official sources reveal....
Friday 16 April 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Close to 2.7 mln people are food insecure (Government)

Close to 2.7 million people are food insecure in Cameroon, according to Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Gabriel Mbairobé. The official...
Tuesday 13 April 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: ITFC inks XAF64 bln interest-free agreement to support SODECOTON’s agricultural inputs purchase

On April 12, 2021, the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) signed two financing agreements with Cameroon, through the...
Thursday 8 April 2021Agriculture

Cameroon exported 20,184 tons of banana in March 2021, up 31% YoY (ASSOBACAM)

Cameroon exported 20,184 tons of banana in March 2021, according to data compiled by the national banana association ASSOBACAM. Year-on-year, this...
Wednesday 7 April 2021Agriculture

CEMAC: Agricultural production will rise in Q2-2021, thanks to Cameroon (BEAC)

Between April and June 2021, the CEMAC region will record an upsurge in crop production, according to the Q2-2021 business cycle analysis report recently...
Tuesday 6 April 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: CDC to renovate 520 hectares of banana plantations this year

Between April and June 2021, Cameroon’s banana production will increase, according to the Q2-2021 business cycle analysis recently published by the Bank...
Thursday 1 April 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: BEAC expects rubber production to pick up in Q2-2021

Between April 1 and June 30, 2021, natural rubber production in Cameroon will increase again, according to the business cycle forecast recently...
Wednesday 31 March 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: PIDMA has helped boost yields in the beneficiary sectors, Abdoulaye Seck says

The Agricultural Investment Market Development Project (PIDMA) has helped boost cassava, sorghum, and corn production in Cameroon, according to...
Tuesday 30 March 2021Agriculture

Lékié: 1,471 cocoa farmers receive XAF115.6 mln premium for producing grade 1 cocoa in 2018-2019

Last March 29, in Bastchenga, Lékié (in the Centre region), Minister of Commerce Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana distributed XAF115.6 million to 1,471 cocoa...
Tuesday 30 March 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: French firm Pallisco to promote cocoa production around its forest concessions in the East

French company Pallisco will support cocoa producers working on the outskirts of its forestry concessions, in Mindourou (Eastern Cameroon) to help them...
Monday 29 March 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: World Bank eyes a 20-fold increase in agricultural production in Benue thanks to development project "Viva Bénoué "

In 2020, with the World Bank’s financial support, the Cameroonian government launched the development of hydro-agricultural perimeters in...
Monday 22 March 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Bankim Agri-food park launched with a yearly 3,500 tons of corn production promise

The XAF2 billion Bankim Agri-food Science and Technology Park, located in Adamaoua, was officially launched on March 18, 2021, through a partnership with...
Friday 19 March 2021Agriculture

Cameroon to disburse XAF50 bln to boost cocoa-coffee production in the coming 5 years

Through the Cocoa and Coffee Development Fund (FODECC), Cameroon will disburse XAF50 billion, over 5 years, to boost cocoa and coffee production. The...
Wednesday 17 March 2021Agriculture

SODECOTON to build a XAF25 bln cottonseed oil plant in Ngaoundéré

In preparation for the rise of its yearly cotton production to at least 400,000 tons by 2025, national cotton company SODECOTON is accelerating...
Wednesday 17 March 2021Agriculture

Registration open for Pierre Castel Prize 2021

On March 1, 2021, the Pierre Castel endowment fund, “Agir avec l'Afrique” (Act with Africa) opened registrations for the fourth edition of the Pierre...
Friday 5 March 2021Agriculture

Anglophone crisis: CDC yet to find its prior 2016 momentum with 10,000 tons of banana exported between June 2020 and Feb 2021

State-owned agribusiness corporation Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) exported 9,521 tons of banana since June 2020 when it resumed exports,...
Thursday 25 February 2021Agriculture

Martin Mindjos Momeny becomes president of the chamber of agriculture, fisheries, livestock, and forestry

On February 24, 2021, President Paul Biya signed a decree appointing Martin Mindjos Momeny as president of the chamber of agriculture,...
Wednesday 24 February 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: Cocoa farm gate prices improve slightly to XAF1,000-1,050 per kilogram

Today February 24, 2021, the price of a kilogram of cocoa beans is ranging between XAF1,000 and 1,050 in production areas in Cameroon, according to SIF,...
Monday 22 February 2021Agriculture

Cameroon: The National Cereals Board commits XAF4.3 bln to fight hunger in the northern regions in 2021

The National Cereals Board of Cameroon (a public corporation that helps combat hunger in the three northern regions where the climate is harsh and...
Monday 22 February 2021Agriculture

Cameroonian food sovereignty activist Bernard Njonga passes on

On the night of February 21-22, 2021, Bernard Njonga, the agricultural engineer who became famous for his fight for food security in Cameroon, died...

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