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Cameroon: CDC still unable to find its momentum 4 months after activity resumption

Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) exported 1,312 tons of banana in September 2020, according to figures compiled by the Banana Association of...
Thursday 8 October 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Banana exports rose by 27.6% MoM to 17,939 tons in Sep 2020

Cameroon exported 17,939 tons of banana in September 2020, according to the Banana Association of Cameroon (Assobacam). Compared with the 12,982 tons the...
Wednesday 7 October 2020Agriculture

IRAD distributes 300 k cashew seedlings in Bertoua to boost production

On October 1, 2020, the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD) distributed 300,000 cashew seedlings to farmers’ organizations in...
Tuesday 6 October 2020Agriculture

Cocoa purchase price rises to XAF1,050 despite rainy season

Yesterday October 5, 2020, cocoa purchase price rose to a high of XAF1,050 in Cameroon, after stagnating around XAF1,000 since September 3, 2020. This was...
Tuesday 6 October 2020Agriculture

Animal feed: Sodecoton forced to source new export markets due to drop in demand from Nigeria

“Insecurity in cotton production areas and the drop in demands from Nigeria (due to the collapse of the currency parity) deeply affected the animal feed...
Monday 5 October 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Carrefour’s new stores to present increased supply opportunities for local suppliers

Luc Demez (Managing Director of the local subsidiary of French group Carrefour in Cameroon) recently announced that his group would open new stores in...
Monday 5 October 2020Agriculture

Sodecoton: Oil sales dipped by XAF1.7 bln in 2019 because of malfunctions in the plastic bottle production chain

National cotton company Sodecoton recorded a drop, by XAF1.7 billion, in the sales of its brand oil ‘Diamaor’ in 2019, official documents published by the...
Friday 2 October 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Cicam purchased only 1% of fiber cotton produced during the 2019-2020 campaign

Sodecoton produced a record 328,453 tons of cottonseed during the 2019-2020 cotton campaign, which was technically completed in May 2020. With that...
Tuesday 29 September 2020Agriculture

Cameroon plans to raise onion production to 200k tons this year through IFAD-funded program PADFA

Cameroon is planning to boost onion production. This was revealed during the signature, on September 25, 2020, of a credit agreement between the...
Tuesday 29 September 2020Agriculture

Commodity Value Chain Support Project PADFA plans to increase yearly milled rice production by 80k tons by 2023

On September 25, in Yaoundé, Cameroon and the International Fund for Agricultural Development signed a XAF28.5 billion ($47 million) credit agreement for...
Thursday 24 September 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Adamaoua joins the rank of cocoa-producing regions (ONCC)

During the 2019-2020 cocoa season (which ended on July 15, 2020), a little over 82 tons of cocoa was sold in Adamaoua (one of the three northern regions...
Tuesday 22 September 2020Agriculture

CEMAC: prices of agricultural export commodities dropped by 7.6% in Q2-2020 (BEAC)

In Q2-2020, the global prices of agricultural products exported by CEMAC countries dropped by 7.6%, according to the commodity price index recently...
Thursday 17 September 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Cocoa processing activities dropped by 24k tons during the 2019-2020 campaign despite the arrival of a new operator

Cocoa processors operating in Cameroon processed 60,405 tons of the product during the 2019-2020 cocoa campaign that ended on July 15, 2020. According to...
Tuesday 15 September 2020Agriculture

Cameroon exported cocoa to 13 countries during the 2019-2020 campaign

During the 2019-2020 cocoa campaign (which ended on July 15, 2020) Cameroonian cocoa was exported to 13 countries. According to the campaign review...
Monday 14 September 2020Agriculture

Cameroon recorded over 14,600 tons season-over-season drop in cocoa sales during the 2019-2020 season

Cameroonian authorities and operators in the cocoa industry officially launched the 2020-2021 cocoa season on September 11, in Yaoundé. This campaign...
Friday 11 September 2020Agriculture

Semry suggests increased subsidy to reduce the price of rice in Cameroonian markets

The Cameroonian government should increase its subsidies to SEMRY (Society for the Expansion and Modernization of Rice in Yagoua) to help reduce the price...
Thursday 10 September 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: World bank grants XAF110 bln loan to boost agricultural output in Benue Valley

On September 8, 2020, the World Bank’s board of directors approved a loan of $200 million (about XAF110 billion) for Cameroon, the Bretton Woods...
Friday 4 September 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: National cereals board estimates current storage capacity at 47,650 tons

The national cereals board of Cameroon informs that currently, it has 44 cereal storage facilities in the three northern regions: Adamaoua, the North, and...
Friday 4 September 2020Agriculture

Rice variety IR46 is by far the best of all the varieties consumed in Cameroon,” Semry’s general director says

The rice produced by the Society for the Expansion and Modernization of Rice Cultivation in Yagoua (Semry) is “by far the best of all the rice...
Friday 4 September 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Cocoa prices rise slightly on the eve of the new season

After a slight decline (from XAF975 to 950 per kg) recorded at the end of July 2020, and throughout August, the price per kilogram of Cameroonian cocoa...
Wednesday 2 September 2020Agriculture

Despite its special characteristics, Cameroonian cocoa is bought cheaper than Ghanaian and Ivorian’s, the NCCB says

Despite its special characteristics, Cameroonian cocoa (renowned for its unique reddish color, peculiar flavor due to the agroecological specifications of...
Tuesday 1 September 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Cocoa prices rise slightly despite the rainy season

XAF975 FCFA. This is the maximum price at which a kilogram of cocoa beans is being sold today September 1, 2020. This is revealed by SIF, the information...
Thursday 27 August 2020Agriculture

Cameroon spent XAF807 bln to import food products, up by 14.9% YoY (INS)

Cameroonian economic operators spent XAF807 billion to import food products in 2019, according to the national institute for statistics INS. These imports...
Tuesday 25 August 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Sheep-breeding community Mbororos challenges a temporary concession of 100,000 hectares in the Adamaoua

On August 14, 2020, Ousmanou Biri, the regional president of the association for the cultural development of Cameroonian Mbororos - a community of...
Wednesday 19 August 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Food canning company SCAN to relaunch operations after 20 years of cessation

The Cameroonian government announces that food canning company Société des conserveries alimentaires du Noun (Scan) will soon resume operations. The...
Monday 10 August 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: NGOs’ massive cereal purchases inflate prices in the Far-north

In the last few days, it has become hard for residents in the Far North region of Cameroon to purchase maize, sorghum, or millet since the prices of these...
Tuesday 4 August 2020Agriculture

Etienne Valère Olougou plans to invest XAF9 bln in the production of dairy products and biogas in Adamaoua

Cameroonian Etienne Valère Olougou plans to invest XAF9 billion in the construction of a dairy porducts (milk, yoghurt and cheese) and biogas production...
Monday 3 August 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Cocoa prices drop below XAF1,000 for the first time since Q1-2019

Since late July 2020, the average coca prices per kilogram in production areas in Cameroon has dropped below XAF1,000. According to système d’information...
Wednesday 22 July 2020Agriculture

Cameroon authorizes the duty-free importation of 200,000 tons of rice to build up reserves

To build its rice reserve and cover the national demand for the rest of 2020, Cameroon has authorized the duty-free importation of 200,000 tons of rice,...
Friday 17 July 2020Agriculture

Cameroon plans a revival plan for the tomato sector affected by border closure

Cameroon is currently elaborating on a revival plan for the tomato sector. This was revealed during the inter-ministerial meeting held via videoconference...
Friday 17 July 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: The EU provides CFAF10 bln to support transformation in cotton-producing areas

On July 16, in Yaoundé, the Minister of Economy Alamine Ousmane Mey and Hans-Peter Schadek, head of the European Union delegation in Cameroon, signed a...

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