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Banana exports in Cameroon grew 8% YoY in 2022

Last year, Cameroonian banana exporters shipped a total of 216,103 tons of fruits to the international market. Compared to the overall 198,634 tons...
Tuesday 17 January 2023Agriculture

High input prices hits subsistence crop industry in Cameroon

The high prices of inputs are hurting the subsistence crop industry in Cameroon. The Central Bank Beac recently issued a note indicating that the sector...
Tuesday 17 January 2023Agriculture

Cameroonian customs eyes CFA20bn+ in cocoa export taxes in 2023

The Cameroonian Customs Administration (DGD) is expecting the newly-introduced cocoa beans export tax to generate between CFA20 billion and CFA25 billion...
Thursday 1 December 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Coffee production bounced back after bad 2020-21 season

Cameroon coffee producers tripled their volumes to a total of 38,047 tons, including 6,386 tons of Arabica ad 31,661 tons of Robusta, during the 2021-22...
Thursday 1 December 2022Agriculture

Cemac: Agricultural export prices fell 4.9% in Q3 2022

The prices of agricultural products exported by Cemac countries dropped 4.9% between July and September 2022. Over the previous quarter, the decline was...
Monday 28 November 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Kuwait pledges CFA13 billion for the rice sector in the Far North

The Government of Kuwait announced the disbursement of CFA13 billion to support the development of the rice sector in the Far North. The information was...
Thursday 10 November 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Delifood to pump CFA4bn into a tomato processing plant

Cameroonian company Delifood Agroindustries Sarl announced it will invest CFA4 billion to build a tomato processing plant in Douala, the economic capital....
Monday 7 November 2022Agriculture

Banana exports in Cameroon up 2.25% YoY in October 2022

Cameroonian banana exporters sold a total of 17,930 tons of fruits on the international market in October this year. Compared to the same period last year...
Friday 4 November 2022Agriculture

Cameroon led cotton production in the Cemac in 2021 (over 73%)

Cameroon was ranked the best performer for cotton production in the Cemac region last year with 350,000 tons of seed cotton. According to the Composite...
Wednesday 26 October 2022Agriculture

Socapalm expects 9.5% increase in profit by the end of 2022, despite unfavorable environment

The Cameroonian Palm Company (Socapalm) expects its turnover to increase by 9.5% by the end of 2022. The subsidiary of Luxembourg-based rubber company...
Tuesday 25 October 2022Agriculture

Safacam’s net result was up 74% YoY in H1 2022

Over the first six months of 2022, the African Agricultural Forestry Company of Cameroon (Safacam) achieved a net result of CFA4.7 billion. Compared to...
Thursday 20 October 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Sosucam forecasts a loss of CFA10bn in 2022-23 due to drought

Cameroon’s national sugar company expects to have a loss of CFA10 billion during the 2022-23 season. This was the main outcome of the meeting held on...
Monday 17 October 2022Agriculture

State-owned CDC resumes operations at two sites after 5 years of shutdown

State-owned Cameroon Development Corporation (CD) announced it will soon resume operations at its Ombe and Pungo sites, 5 years after they were shut down...
Thursday 13 October 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Agriculture to suffer setback in Q4 2022 over higher input costs

Although economic operators and administrations in Cameroon are very optimistic about the evolution of activities in the fourth quarter of 2022, the...
Tuesday 11 October 2022Agriculture

Rice production: Japan-funded proderip faces smuggling challenges

The Rainfed Rice Development Project (Proderip) financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Cameroon is facing smuggling issues....
Thursday 6 October 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Banana exports fell 21.3% YoY in Sep. 2022

Banana exporters in Cameroon sold 16,109 tons of fruits in September 2022. Compared to the 20,471 tons sold in September 2021, this makes a decrease of...
Friday 30 September 2022Agriculture

Cameroon seeks to bring local rice production to 750,000 tons by 2030

The Cameroonian government is currently working on a strategy to bring local rice production to 750,000 tons by 2030. The Minister of Agriculture, Gabriel...
Thursday 29 September 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Rising fertilizer prices slowed food crop production in Q1 2022

The growth rate of food crop production in Cameroon fell by 0.4% YoY in the first quarter of 2022, from 2.5% to 2.1%. According to the National Institute...
Thursday 29 September 2022Agriculture

Cameroon could reduce dependence on imports by 32% in 2043

Cameroon could reduce its dependence on food imports (rice, wheat, fish, malt, and beet sugar...) by 31.7% by 2043, a recent ISSA Africa report...
Tuesday 20 September 2022Agriculture

Primary sector: Cameroon captured the bulk of revenues from Cocoa and banana in 2021 (INS)

Primary activities in Cameroon improved by 2.9% in 2021, Compared with 1.4% the previous year, according to the 2021 national accounts report recently...
Wednesday 14 September 2022Agriculture

World Bank-backed agricultural project aims to create 27,000 new jobs in Cameroon

The government of Cameroon has initiated the rehabilitation of about 11,000 hectares of hydro-agricultural and fish farming perimeter in the northern...
Friday 2 September 2022Agriculture

Cameroonian cocoa exporters get the lion's share while farmers continue to struggle (ONCC)

Cocoa exports during the 2021-22 campaign in Cameroon generated a total of CFA288.7 billion in revenue, according to data from the national cocoa coffee...
Thursday 1 September 2022Agriculture

Cameroon CICC supports women in the cocoa sector in Eastern region

The Interprofessional Council of Cocoa and Coffee (CICC) announced it has selected 74 women to be empowered in the eastern region under its "Rural Women...
Wednesday 31 August 2022Agriculture

Cameroon misses 2021-22 cotton production target

Cameroon’s national company Sodecoton reported it has generated 329,021 tons of cotton over the 2021-22 campaign. Although the figure remains subject to...
Tuesday 23 August 2022Agriculture

Cameroon's govt misses 50% cocoa processing target, only achieves 29.5% in 2021-22

Over the 2021-22 cocoa campaign, the Cameroonian government only managed to process 86,850 tons of beans, over a total output of 295,163 tons. This...
Monday 25 July 2022Agriculture

African Fund Fagace supports members of Cameroon’s Chamber of Agriculture

The Cameroon Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Forestry (Capef) reached a partnership with the African Guarantee and Economic Cooperation...
Monday 25 July 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Banana exports grew by 15.7% YoY in H1 2022

Banana exports in Cameroon peaked at 110,091 tons in the first half of this year, compared to 95,150 tons in the same period last year. This makes an...
Tuesday 19 July 2022Agriculture

AfDB supports crop production in Cameroon

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has made CFA42 billion available to Cameroon to support the country’s crop and grain production. The money will be...
Thursday 14 July 2022Agriculture

Cameroon receives a CFA42bn AfDB loan to support farmers

Cameroon announced it has secured emergency funding of CFA42 billion from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to support the agricultural sector. The...
Wednesday 13 July 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Beac forecasts cotton production to decline in Q3 2022

The Bank of Central African States (Beac) issued a bulletin forecasting a QoQ drop in cotton production in Cameroon over the third quarter of 2022. The...
Tuesday 5 July 2022Agriculture

Cameroon: Afruibana urges authorities to veto certifiers’ wage increase request

The Pan-African Association of Banana Producers and Exporters (Afruibana) made a plea in Cameroon calling on authorities to oppose the salary increase...

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