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Subcontracting: The Cameroonian electricity sector provides XAF40 bln annual revenue to 700 local SMEs/SMIs

The 700 local firms offering subcontracting services in the Cameroonian electricity sector generate XAF40 billion turnover annually. The figure was...
Wednesday 24 November 2021Energy

Lom Pangar dam: 150 localities to be connected to the foot plant in the East, by the end of H1-2022

"Before the end of the first half of 2022, the 150 localities we are planning to electrify and connect to the plant at the foot of the Lom Pangar dam will...
Tuesday 23 November 2021Energy

Thali block: Tower Resources-Beluga farm-out deal delayed by Cameroonian authorities

Yesterday, November 22, 2021, Tower Resources announced that Cameroonian authorities were yet to approve the farmout deal signed with energy commodity...
Wednesday 17 November 2021Energy

Cameroon initiates procedures for adhesion to the Helsinki Water Convention

Cameroon has initiated legislative procedures to sign the 1992 Helsinki Water Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and...
Friday 12 November 2021Energy

Electricity: Cameroon to open the metering sub-segment to new operators, paving way for 36k direct jobs and huge financial gains

Cameroon plans to open the electricity metering equipment supplying market to new operators. These operators will mainly supply smart meters and offer...
Friday 29 October 2021Energy

Cameroon loses XAF32 bln yearly to illegal oil product handling, the SCDP claims

Cameroon loses XAF32 billion to illegal oil product handling yearly, according to Véronique Moampea Mbio, director-general of  Cameroon Petroleum...
Wednesday 27 October 2021Energy

Cameroon and CAR join forces to secure cross-border oil product deliveries

On October 21, 2021, Minister of Water and Energy Gaston Eloundou Essomba granted an audience to his Central African peer Arthur Bertrand Piri. During the...
Wednesday 20 October 2021Energy

EDF Pulse Africa 2021: Energy Clever to represent Cameroon at the grand final in Paris

Energy Clever, the startup founded by Cameroonian electrical engineer Naomi Dinamona (photo) will represent Cameroon at the grand final of the EDF Pulse...
Tuesday 19 October 2021Energy

Cameroon: Crude oil sales forecasted to drop in Q4-2021 despite the rise in production

Between October and December 2021, three CEMAC countries are expected to contribute to the rise in the region’s oil production. According to the quarterly...
Tuesday 19 October 2021Energy

Cameroon: Perenco appoints a new MD for its local subsidiary

Armel Simondin is the new Managing Director of Franco-British oil company Perenco’s subsidiary in Cameroon, according to National Hydrocarbons Corporation...
Tuesday 12 October 2021Energy

Addax Petroleum: Qu Bin becomes new CEO, replacing French native Roger Beaumont

Qu Bin, a Chinese citizen who was formerly technical manager for Addax Petroleum, was recently appointed chief executive officer of this Cameroonian...
Tuesday 12 October 2021Energy

Nachtigal hydroelectric project: Bouygues delivers the transmission line component

Nachtigal Hydro-Power Company (NHPC), the company in charge of the Nachtigal hydroelectric project (420 MW), informs that the transmission line component...
Friday 1 October 2021Energy

Electricity: Regulator ARSEL and MINFI’s decisions awaited for a 40MW project in the North

In 2018, ENEO chose MGSC, a joint venture formed by Norwegian company SCATEC and several other parties, to develop a 30MW solar project. The energy...
Tuesday 28 September 2021Energy

Energy frauds: ENEO announces nationwide inspection of electrical installations

Electric utility ENEO announces a nationwide operation aimed at inspecting electrical installations. According to the company, this operation is organized...
Monday 27 September 2021Energy

Cameroon: ENEO’s cashflow problems force energy rationing in the Northern regions again

On September 26, electric utility ENEO resumed with energy rationing in the three northern regions of Cameroon, an official release informs. According to...
Friday 24 September 2021Energy

Chollet dam (600MW): Project launch still delayed by fundraising problems in Congo (official note)

For four years now, the 600MW Chollet hydroelectricity project remain stagnant, according to a joint note published by the Cameroonian Ministry of Energy...
Wednesday 22 September 2021Energy

Cameroon to install two mini-hydropower plants in the West and the Litoral

On September 20, 2021, in Yaoundé, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) presented the preliminary design studies for a project...
Monday 13 September 2021Energy

Cameroon: National Hydrocarbons Corporation SNH announces investment in the renewable energy industry

In its recent periodical, the National Hydrocarbons Corporation SNH announced its ambition to exploit development opportunities in the renewable energy...
Tuesday 7 September 2021Energy

Mbakaou hydropower plant: AER announces possible completion in Nov 2021 instead of June

Up to now (September 2021), independent power producer IED Invest Cameroon has not delivered the 1.4MW Mbakaou powerplant it promised for June 2021 on...
Thursday 22 July 2021Energy

Cameroon: Golar, Perenco, and SNH to increase LNG production by 200k tons yearly in 2022

GNL Golar and its partners Perenco and the National Hydrocarbons corporation SNH announce that in 2022, they will increase floating LNG plant Hilli...
Wednesday 21 July 2021Energy

Italian firm Enerray obtains investment incentives for its 30MW solar plant project in Garoua

Last July 13, EB Solar, the Cameroonian partner of Italian firm Enerray, signed an agreement with the investment promotion agency API in the framework of...
Monday 12 July 2021Energy

Memve’ele dam: MINEE announces completion of 225kV Nyabizan-Yaoundé electricity transport line for Sep 2021

In Late June 2021, during a special plenary session of the national assembly, Minister of Water and Energy (MINEE) Gaston Eloundou Essomba provided an...
Wednesday 7 July 2021Energy

ENEO estimates state companies and institutions’ unpaid bills at over XAF207 bln as of end-May 2021

As of May 31, 2021, the State of Cameroon was the client with the largest share in electric utility ENE0’s debt portfolio estimated at over XAF207 billion...
Monday 5 July 2021Energy

Cameroon: 63.7% of local communities still have no access to electricity due to lack of funding, the MINEE says

As of the end of June 2021, 9,000 communities out of 13,104 still had no access to electricity. The data was presented by Minister of Water and Energy...
Friday 25 June 2021Energy

Clarke Energy and INNIO Jenbacher powering new Pasta factory in Cameroon

Clarke Energy and INNIO Jenbacher are delighted to announce the successful commissioning of a high-efficiency INNIO Jenbacher gas engine to power a new...
Monday 21 June 2021Energy

NHPC to build non-billable 4.5MW hydropower plant exclusively for surrounding communities in the framework of the Nachtigal Hydropower project

An additional 4.5MW hydropower plant will be built in the framework of the Nachtigal Hydropower project. The information was disclosed to some...
Friday 18 June 2021Energy

VOG raises over XAF4 bln for the development of the Matanda block

British oil firm Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG), the parent company of Gaz du Cameroun (GDC), announces that it recently raised $7.5 million...
Thursday 17 June 2021Energy

Cameroon eyes local green hydrogen production

On June 11, 2021, Minister of Economy Alamine Ousmane Mey and executives of the Australian firm Fortescue Future Industries Ltd signed a framework...
Thursday 10 June 2021Energy

Cameroon generated XAF121.6 bln of oil revenues in Jan-Apr 2021 (BEAC)

Cameroon generated XAF121.68 billion of net profit from the sales of crude oil between January and April 2021, according to the national oil and gas...
Wednesday 9 June 2021Energy

Cameroon to pre-fund the electricity connection of 6,000 households in the east

The State of Cameroon will pre-fund the electricity connection of 6,000 households in the Eastern region, Minister of Water and Energy (MINEE) Eloundou...
Tuesday 8 June 2021Energy

Cameroon generated XAF11.6 bln of transit duties on the Chad-Cameroon pipeline in Jan-Apr 2021 (PSMC)

Cameroon collected XAF11.6 billion as transit duties on the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline between January and April 2021, according to the Pipeline Steering...

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