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Cameroon: Maroua and Guider solar plants receive tax and customs exemptions

The Maroua (15 MW) and Guider (10 MW) solar plants construction project will benefit from the tax and customs exemptions provided by the 2013 private...
Wednesday 20 January 2021Energy

Guider and Maroua solar power plants will cost XAF14 bln, ENEO reveals

The Guider (10MW) and Maroua (15MW) solar power plants will cost XAF14 billion, according to electric utility ENEO, which disclosed the figure in its...
Tuesday 19 January 2021Energy

Cameroon: The 1st turbine of the Lom Pangar dam will inject its first 7.5MW into the energy grid in early 2022 (MINEE)

The 30 MW hydroelectric power station being constructed at the foot of the Lom Pangar dam-reservoir (commissioned in the Eastern region in 2015)...
Thursday 14 January 2021Energy

ENEO posts XAF155 bln of debt to Independent power producers and fuel suppliers at end-2019

In its recently published 2019 annual report, Eneo indicates that during the 2019 financial year, it experienced an "unprecedented deterioration of its...
Tuesday 12 January 2021Energy

ENEO met its prepaid meter installation target in 2019 thanks to Hévécam, SIC, and CNPS (official)

By the end of 2019, electric utility Eneo had installed a little over 20,000 prepaid meters in Cameroon, thus achieving the target set at the beginning of...
Thursday 17 December 2020Energy

Cameroon: Eneo to invest XAF3 billion to transfer 20MW of energy in the Northern regions

In late November 2020, ENEO started transferring part of the equipment of the Ahala thermal power plant to the northern region, to bridge the energy...
Monday 14 December 2020Energy

Bini hydropower project: Construction works at a standstill despite numerous negotiations with financial partner ICBC (MINEE)

For over a year now, construction works on the Bini à Warak hydropower project have been at a standstill despite the numerous negotiations between...
Monday 7 December 2020Energy

Cameroon to spend XAF2.2 bln monthly to provide additional 20MW in the northern regions

On November 30, Eneo's teams began dismantling equipment at the Ahala power plant in the suburbs of Yaoundé and transferring them to the cities of Garoua...
Wednesday 2 December 2020Energy

Cameroon: Memve’ele dam generated XAF27.641 bln revenues in April 2019-Oct 2020, MINEE estimates

90MW of energy is injected daily into the southern interconnected network thanks to the Memve’ele dam powered up on April 14, 2019, and the 225KV line...
Wednesday 2 December 2020Energy

Cameroon exported 6,182 mln m3 of LNG in Jan-Sep 2020

During the first nine months of 2020, Cameroon exported 6,182 million m3 of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Hilli Episseyo - the floating unit...
Monday 30 November 2020Energy

Eneo to transfer over 20MW energy from Ahala thermal plant to offset load shedding in the northern regions

For several weeks now, the filling rate of the Lagdo dam (a major infrastructure that provides electricity to the three northern regions of Cameroon) has...
Friday 13 November 2020Energy

Cameroon: Sonatrel to build 460 km of electricity transport lines in the coming ten years

In its 2020-2030 investment plan, the National Society of Transport Electricity (SONATREL) informs that it intends to build 460km of 400-kV transport...
Friday 6 November 2020Energy

Cameroon intends to increase installed energy production capacity to 5000MW by 2030

Cameroon plans to increase its installed power generation capacity to 5,000MW by 2030 to meet local energy demand and even export the excess production to...
Tuesday 3 November 2020Energy

Cameroon plans to build its 2nd oil refinery in Kribi

Cameroon plans to build another refinery. Indeed, SONARA (which was the only refinery in the country) was the victim of a fire outbreak on May 31, 2019....
Tuesday 27 October 2020Energy

Cameroon-Congo: Preliminary studies on 600MW Chollet dam announced for Q1-2021

The preliminary studies for the construction of the Chollet hydroelectricity dam are scheduled for Q1-2021. This is part of the information obtained from...
Thursday 8 October 2020Energy

The first pylon of Nachtigal dam’s transmission line has been completed, NHPC informs

The first pylon of the transmission line that will transfer energy from the Nachtigal dam (420 MW) has been completed, according to a recent announcement...
Tuesday 6 October 2020Energy

Cameroon: French citizen Patrick Bellet becomes the new NHPC chief operating officer

French citizen Patrick Bellet (photo) is, since October 1, 2020, the new chief operating officer (COO) of Nachtigal Hydro-Power Company (NHPC), the...
Monday 5 October 2020Energy

Cameroon: UpOwa obtains over XAF1.9 bln credit facility to boost solar energy offer

EDFI ElectriFI (an impact investment facility initiated by European Development Finance Institutions and funded by the European Union) recently signed...
Friday 25 September 2020Energy

Cameroon: Andritz Hydro offers to supply equipment for Nachtigal and Lom Pangar projects

The German company Andritz Hydro is offering to supply equipment for the Nachtigal (420 MW) and Lom Pangar projects, Cameroon’s Ministry of Economy...
Tuesday 22 September 2020Energy

Cameroon becomes one of Turkey’s four African gas suppliers

Thanks to Hilli Episeyo (the floating natural gas liquefaction plant commissioned off the coast of Kribi in 2018), Cameroon has become one of the four...
Thursday 17 September 2020Energy

Eneo announces three days of electricity disruption in Yaoundé

From September 18 to 20, some Yaoundé neighborhoods will experience outages from 6 a.m to 2 p.m. According to electric utility ENEO, these planned outages...
Tuesday 8 September 2020Energy

Cameroon: 34,098 new households connected to the power grid in H1-2020, down 23% YoY (ENEO)

Electric utility ENEO informs that in the first six months of 2020, it connected 34,098 Cameroonian households to the power grid. This figure is down by...
Tuesday 8 September 2020Energy

Cameroon: EDC obtains water concession for energy generation

On September 7, 2020, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, Cameroon’s  Minister of Water and Energy (MINEE) signed a water concession agreement with state-owned...
Friday 4 September 2020Energy

Eneo manufactured 6,500 concrete poles in collaboration with local SMEs in H1-2020

Between January and June 2020, half a dozen local companies contracted by Eneo Cameroon manufactured 6,500 concrete poles. These companies include SCCP...
Tuesday 1 September 2020Energy

Memve’élé dam: Nsimalen residents oppose the construction of pylons in Nkolzock

Nsimalen residents recently opposed the construction of pylons in Nkolzock, in the framework of the project aimed at building transmission lines between...
Thursday 27 August 2020Energy

ENEO seeks contractors for its commercial operations

Eneo, the concessionaire of energy distribution in Cameroon, recently issued two calls for tender to select potential partners for its commercial...
Monday 24 August 2020Energy

Cameroon produced 225,918.84 m3 of LNG at end-June 2020 (SNH)

Cameroon produced 225,918.84 m3 (0.102 tons) of liquefied natural gas in June 2020, according to the National Hydrocarbons Corporation (SNH). Also,...
Monday 13 July 2020Energy

Cameroon: Government lowers tension in the energy sector with the payment of CFAF45.7 bln to ENEO

"The sector has been struggling over the past two years. But since the end of 2019, the government has decided to grasp the nettle and start resolving the...
Wednesday 8 July 2020Energy

Gaz du Cameroun SA terminates gas supply contract with Eneo over CFAF9.3 bln debt and threatens to pursue legal actions

In a note published on July 3, Victoria Oil & Gas Plc (VOG), owner of Gaz du Cameroun SA (GDC), announced the termination of its gas supply contract...
Tuesday 7 July 2020Energy

NHPC is getting ready for the construction of the final structures at the Nachtigal hydropower (420 MW) dam

Nachtigal Hydro-Power Company (NHPC), the company in charge of the implementation of the Nachtigal hydropower project (420 MW) located 65 km north-east of...
Friday 3 July 2020Energy

Energy: Minee announces works to boost the production of Memvé'élé hydroelectric power station (211 MW)

From July 4 to 6, 2020, the turbines at the Memvé'élé hydroelectric power station, which currently only delivers about 80 MW out of an installed capacity...

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