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Cameroon : Due to security reasons, Eneo is unable to access forests in the Northwest to replace wooden poles

During his recent presentation before the National Assembly to defend the budget of his ministerial department, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, the Minister of...
Friday 6 December 2019Energy

Cameroon: 35% of gas stations are located in rural areas (Ministry of energy)

In Cameroon, 35% of the 835 gas stations in operation as of October 28, 2019 (for the 54 state-approved companies), are located in rural areas. This was...
Friday 29 November 2019Energy

Cameroon: Natural gas can contribute 20-30% of the energy mix , SNH says

“The SNH has demonstrated, since 2012, that gas can make a significant contribution to the development of the electricity sector in Cameroon by ensuring a...
Thursday 28 November 2019Energy

Cameroon inks XAF10 bln funding agreement with the EU for rural electrification

On November 26, 2019, in Yaoundé, the Cameroonian government, signed, via the Ministry of Economy, a €16.15 million (a little over XAF10 billion)...
Thursday 28 November 2019Energy

Cameroon: Public lighting takes over 55% of government’s electricity expenditures

The Cameroonian government, via the Ministry of Water and Energy, just launched a programme to monitor, control and optimize electricity bills in the...
Monday 25 November 2019Energy

EDF Pulse Africa 2019: Young Cameroonian engineer wins the prize “Prix coup de cœur” with off-grid power-generation solution

Young Cameroonian engineer Triomphant Tchulang who was representing his country at the final of the EDF Pulse Africa 2019 innovation competition,...
Monday 18 November 2019Energy

Belgian and Czech delegations announce their interest in Cameroon’s energy sector

On November 14, 2019, two Belgian and Czech delegations were received at Cameroon’s Ministry of Water and Energy. At the end of the two audiences granted...
Thursday 14 November 2019Energy

Cameroonian footballer Jean II Makoun partners with Upowa to promote solar energies

On 13 November 2019, Cameroonian footballer Jean II Makoun signed a partnership agreement with the Franco-Cameroonian company Upowa to promote renewable...
Monday 28 October 2019Energy

Cameroon: Independent power producers supply 26.6% of energy distributed in the country

At the end of 2018, in Cameroon, the overall installed power capacity was 1360 MW, according to utility company Eneo. 998 MW of that capacity was...
Thursday 24 October 2019Energy

Cameroon: 65,000 new electrical connections to be made by June 2020

In the first half of January 2020, Cameroon will launch a vast operation aimed at building 65,000 new electric connections in rural zones. According to...
Thursday 24 October 2019Energy

Eneo partners with Orange Money, Ecobank Cameroon and AfrikPay to bring its prepaid services closer to clients

To give its clients control over their consumption, Eneo, the Cameroonian utility company, launched a prepaid service. According to the company, the...
Tuesday 22 October 2019Energy

Cameroon: Over 300,000 users illegally connected to national power grid (ENEO)

In 2018, Cameroonian utility company Eneo successfully brought 18,700 formerly illegal users back into its client portfolio. This was in the framework of...
Monday 21 October 2019Energy

Cameroon: Secondary education ministry sensitizes the youth on environmental problems, via distribution of biogas production kit

On October 23, Homebiogas, an Israelian renewable energies company, will hand a biogas production kit to Nkol-Eton College in Yaoundé, Cameroon, the...
Tuesday 15 October 2019Energy

SCDP to raise its gasoline storage capacity by 20,000 m3

Cameroonian oil products’ keeper Société Camerounaise des dépôts pétroliers (SCDP) just launched an international call for expression of interest to...
Friday 4 October 2019Energy

Construction of 75 MW Bini dam has not started yet despite the energy minister’s previous assurance

The minister of water and energy’s visit, in February 2019, to the Bini 75 MW dam’s construction site, in Adamaoua, changed nothing about the static...
Thursday 3 October 2019Energy

Cameroon to facilitate access to solar energy for 1,000 Northern households with the UN and India’s support

Via the ministry of water and energy, Cameroon signed on Septemeber, 26, 2019, a partnership agreement with UNESCO’s regional bureau. This partnership was...
Thursday 15 August 2019Energy

Cameroon: Yaoundé residents affected by fire at an energy distribution station

Most Yaoundé residents are currently in the dark because of frequent power outages. ENEO, the institution in charge of energy distribution in Cameroon,...
Monday 15 July 2019Energy

Cameroon : Sinohydro to carry out technical studies of 20MW Lagdo solar power plant

Cameroon has tasked Chinese firm Sinohydro with studies for the designing, financing, development and maintenance of a 20MW solar plant in Lagdo, in the...
Thursday 11 July 2019Energy

Cameroon: Eneo plans targeted cut of energy provision to public institutions because of “close to XAF100 billion” debt

The cash-flow problems Eneo, public energy distribution group in Cameroon, is going through seem for a while now to have worsened in H1, 2019. In an...
Wednesday 10 July 2019Energy

NHPC advised to outsource some of Nachtigal dam’s construction works to local SMEs

Cameroonian minister of water and energy Gaston Eloundou Essomba recently visited the site of Nachtigal dam.   During his visit, he advised the...
Tuesday 9 July 2019Energy

Orange Cameroon launches energy distribution offer with solar kits

Orange Cameroon just launched its energy distribution offer via solar kits, internal sources reveal. Baptized Orange Énergie, this offer also includes...
Wednesday 3 July 2019Energy

Cameroonian Georges Bassalang Bolemen appointed Tradex Equatorial Guinea’s managing director

Cameroon’s native Georges Bassalang Bolemen has been appointed as the managing director of Tradex Equatorial Guinea. This is revealed by the Cameroonian...
Tuesday 2 July 2019Energy

Cameroon: GDS Orion Solar to invest XAF15 billion in Ngaoundéré solar plant (20MW)

GDS Orion Solar plans to invest XAF15 billion in the construction of its 20MW solar plant in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon. This information was revealed on June...
Thursday 27 June 2019Energy

Cameroon: Government’s domestic gas subsidies up from XAF32 bln to XAF35 bln in 2018 (CSPH)

In Cameroon, the oil products’ price stabilization institution CSPH provided XAF35 billion to subsidize domestic gas during the 2018 fiscal year....
Thursday 27 June 2019Energy

Cameroon : SNH supplies clean and cheap energy to 41 companies using GDC’s distribution network

Société nationale des hydrocarbures (SNH), Cameroon’s company that negotiates oil and gas contracts, informs that on June 1, 2019, 41 companies were...
Tuesday 25 June 2019Energy

Cameroon: The construction of Mbakaou mini hydropower plant launched by a private producer

On June 20, 2019, the foundation stone of the Mbakaou mini hydropower plant was laid in Adamaoua. The project carried out by an independent producer IED...
Wednesday 19 June 2019Energy

Cameroonian Monique Ntumngia receives the WWF Africa Youth Award 2019

On June 14, 2019, 29-year old Cameroonian Monique Ntumngia was awarded the WWF Africa Youth Award 2019 in Mombassa, Kenya. This is the second time...
Monday 17 June 2019Energy

EDC receives 170 MW of guaranteed hydraulic power every year thanks to Lom Pangar dam

Since 2015 when Lom Pangar dam was filled, Songloulou and Edéa power plants have had a guaranteed hydraulic power of 170 MW every year. This was...
Monday 3 June 2019Energy

Cameroon’s oil refinery burned down, government says it is "an accident"

An explosion caused fire in the national oil refinery (Sonara)’s unit located at Limbe, Southwest region, on May 31, burning down part of the company’s...
Monday 15 April 2019Energy

KGAL New Frontiers acquires stake in SunErgy, a Norwegian company aiming for the Cameroonian market  

Private Equity Fund KGAL New Frontiers, founded in 2018 by German KGAL, acquired 22% stake in SunErgy, a Norwegian company specialized in off-grid power...
Thursday 14 March 2019Energy

Eneo kicks off Distribution Grid Reinforcement in Yaoundé

Power cuts have recently become recurrent, at daytime, in many districts of Yaoundé, the Cameroonian capital. This is the consequence of reinforcement...

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