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Cameroon: The special tax on petroleum products will soon be extended to natural gas, despite GDC’s request

The Cameroonian government is continuing its process to extend the special tax on petroleum products to natural gas, despite a request from Gaz du...
Thursday 26 January 2023Energy

Cameroon: Memvé’éle dam’s low production leads to rolling blackouts (Eneo)

The Cameroonian population will soon experience episodes of rolling blackout, which the power utility Eneo blamed in a January 25 statement on the decline...
Thursday 26 January 2023Energy

Hydrocarbons: Industry actors roll up sleeves to build the Central African Pipeline System

The Central African Pipeline System (CAPS) Project is gradually taking shape. The African Energy Chamber organized this month a round table during which...
Friday 20 January 2023Energy

Cameroon: govt cuts fuel subsidy by 50%

For 2023, the Cameroonian government plans to allocate CFA350 billion for fuel subsidy, Cyrille Edou Alo'o, the Budget Director General at the Ministry of...
Friday 20 January 2023Energy

Eneo plans CFA6bn investment budget for 2023

Cameroon’s power company Eneo announced a plan to invest CFA65 billion throughout the current year. According to MD Patrick Eeckelers, the plan will...
Friday 9 December 2022Energy

Cameroon sold 12mln m3 of LNG as at end of September 2022 (official data)

At the end of September 2022, Cameroon sold a total of 12 million m3 of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the international market, the Ministry of Water and...
Monday 5 December 2022Energy

Cameroon: Globeleq to trim local staff by 60%

The local branch of Globeleq in Cameroon announced it has launched a restructuring process. The independent electricity producer -70% owned by British...
Thursday 1 December 2022Energy

Cameroon pipeline revenues up 26.5% YoY in October 2022

The exploitation of the Chad-Cameroon pipeline generated a total of CFA34.04 billion for the Cameroonian Treasury at the end of October 2022. According to...
Wednesday 30 November 2022Energy

French Sunna Design pledges to deploy 100,000 solar streetlights in Cameroon

The Communes et villes unies du Cameroun (CVUC) has just signed a partnership with the French company Sunna Design for the installation of 100,000 solar...
Wednesday 9 November 2022Energy

Cameroon: CSPH launches construction of a filling plant in Bamenda

Cameroon’s Hydrocarbon Price Stabilization Fund (CSPH) announced the upcoming construction of a gas filling plant in Bamenda. The Fund laid the first...
Tuesday 1 November 2022Energy

Untimely power cuts disrupt concrete iron production in the Douala-Bassa industrial zone

The Cameroon Organization of Steel Processing Industries (Ocita) sent a letter last October 24 to the Ministry of Water and Energy, describing the...
Tuesday 1 November 2022Energy

Cameroon: French TPF exits the Chollet dam project, another delay in sight

The Chollet dam hydroelectric project (600 MW) between Cameroon and Congo could face another delay. The French construction group TPF announced it is...
Friday 28 October 2022Energy

Cameroon’s gas production expected to rise in Q4 2022

The production of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Cameroon is expected to increase sharply over the fourth quarter of...
Friday 21 October 2022Energy

Eneo says it has invested twice as much in 2021 as in each of the past 5 years

Cameroon power utility Eneo claimed it invested a total of CFA53 billion in 2021, double the amount spent annually over the past five years. In 2020,...
Wednesday 19 October 2022Energy

Administrative and currency problems behind domestic gas shortage in Cameroon

Gas carriers are stranded in Cameroonian waters and are prevented from delivering gas to the country due to administrative and currency issues, the Trade...
Tuesday 4 October 2022Energy

Cameroon: EDF counts on the World Bank to finance the Kikot dam

Électricité de France (EDF), the company piloting the Kikot dam project on the Sanaga River, is counting on the World Bank to raise the financial...
Friday 23 September 2022Energy

Cameroon: Sonara obtains debt restructuring from Swiss trader Vitol, again

Cameroon's national refining company Sonara obtained a debt restructuring from Swiss trader Vito S.A. Yesterday, the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul...
Friday 16 September 2022Energy

Cameroon: Thermal energy use dropped sharply in the Northern region (Eneo)

The energy generated by solar power plants in the three northern regions (North, Adamaoua, and Far North) of Cameroon reached peaks of 8 to 9 MW in August...
Monday 12 September 2022Energy

Cameroon: Eneo announces end of fee waiver for bill payment via MoMo

People willing to pay their electricity bills via MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money will now have to add the transfer fee. The reason? The power utility...
Friday 9 September 2022Energy

Cameroon: Chinese Addax Petroleum pumped CFA795.8bn in oil and gas projects over the past decade

Addax Petroleum Cameroon Limited, the local subsidiary of Chinese Sinopec, has invested $1.221 billion (CFA795.8 billion based on the current...
Tuesday 6 September 2022Energy

Cameroon: Chinese Sinohydro exits the Bini à Warak dam site

Chinese company Sinohydro announced it has exited the work site of the Bini à Warak dam project (75 MW). The site manager sent a letter last August 22 to...
Friday 29 July 2022Energy

Cameroon: Fuel subsidies could finally exceed CFA780 billion in 2022

The Cameroonian government announced it will approve CFA780 billion in fuel subsidy to keep pump prices unchanged in this harsh period marked by rising...
Wednesday 27 July 2022Energy

Electricity: Yaoundé Super Mayor to invest CFA4bn in solar street lighting

The Super Mayor of Yaoundé, Luc Messi Atangana, proceeded on July 21 to the reception of 98 solar street lamps installed in the 3rd district of the...
Tuesday 12 July 2022Energy

Cameroon: Fuel subsidy needs peaked at CFA80bn in June, causing shortages

Cameroon has been facing fuel shortages over the past few days. This situation is due, according to the Minister of Water and Energy, to the fact that...
Thursday 7 July 2022Energy

Cameroon commissions a new electricity transmission line for the western regions

The Cameroonian Minister of Water and Energy, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, presided last July 5 over the commissioning of the Nkongsamba-Bafoussam section of...
Tuesday 5 July 2022Energy

Cameroon: EDC's profit falls 75% in 2019-20

The Cameroon Electricity Development Corporation (EDC) recently published its result for FY2021. According to the document, the net profit after tax for...
Friday 1 July 2022Energy

Cameroon: Bocom Petroleum SA secures CFA33bln expansion financing

Bocom Petroleum SA obtained a total financing of CFA33.03 billion (€50 million) to boost its distribution capacity in Cameroon. The company signed...
Thursday 30 June 2022Energy

Cameroon: IMF does not support the decision to increase oil subsidies

The International Monetary Fund, in the official statement that concludes a recent mission in Cameroon, expressed its stance on the government’s decision...
Monday 27 June 2022Energy

Mekin Dam resumes operations after a 2-year shutdown

The Mekin hydropower dam (15 MW), located in the southern region, has resumed operations this month after a 2-year shutdown period. The Ministry of Water...
Friday 17 June 2022Energy

Power disruption announced in five regions, due to works at the Songloulou power plant (384 MW)

The Cameroonian power utility Eneo announced disruptions of electricity in the Northwest, West, Littoral, South, and Central regions from June 15 to 17....
Thursday 16 June 2022Energy

Cameroon: Fitch says maintaining fuel pump prices is bad for budget deficit

U.S. rating agency Fitch issued a note last June 10 warning that Cameroon will not achieve its budget deficit target this year. "We expect subsidies to...

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