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Oil & gas: Cameroon lost XAF314 billion of revenues in 2017

In 2017, the Cameroonian public treasury lost at least XAF314.6 billion of revenues in the hydrocarbon sector, according to a report published by the...
Tuesday 29 October 2019Mining

Pricing environment unfavorable, this year, for metals exported by CEMAC countries (BEAC)

This year, the pricing environment has not been favorable for metals exported by the six CEMAC countries (Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Chad...
Tuesday 22 October 2019Mining

Cameroon: Sundance Resources expects a new agreement on Mbalam iron project before end June 2020

The deadline for the finalization of Australian junior mining companies Sundance Resources and AustSino’s investment agreement on Mbalam iron project, in...
Monday 2 September 2019Mining

Cameroon prohibits semi-mechanized small-scale mining operations at riverbeds

On August 28, 2019, Cameroon’s Minister of Industry, Mines and Technological Development, Gabriel Dodo Ndoke, signed a decision prohibiting...
Thursday 29 August 2019Mining

Cameroon : “an underexplored but highly prospective country” in the mining sector, says Oriole Resources CEO Tim Livesey

"The first half of 2019 has seen significant activity across the group (…) We are expanding our position in Cameroon to build on our success to date in...
Friday 26 July 2019Mining

American Geovic promises XAF235 bln of investment in its nickel-cobalt-manganese project in Cameroon

American junior mining exploration company Geovic seems ready to exploit the cobalt, nickel and manganese reserves located in East and South Cameroon. On...
Monday 17 June 2019Mining

Cameroon: 300 new mining sites discovered in 5 regions in 2014-2019 in the framework of World Bank- backed programme Precasem  

Between 2014 and 2019, 300 new mining sites were discovered during exploration operations in Cameroon. This was revealed by the minister of mines Dodo...
Tuesday 11 June 2019Mining

Only 10% of Cameroon’s artisanal gold production enters the formal sector (EU)

In Cameroon, only about 10% of the total production of artisanal gold miners enters the formal sector, the European Union observed. This share contributes...
Tuesday 30 April 2019Mining

Cameroon: Indian Jindal Steel Power seeks tax and customs incentives for Ngovayang iron ore project operation  

Cameroonian finance minister Louis Paul Motazé (photo) granted an audience April 29 to Hervinder Singh, who leads international projects within Indian...
Wednesday 3 April 2019Mining

Cameroon: Government plans further extension of Mbalam mining project to June 30 this year

Australian mining company Sundance Resources could benefit from an additional extension of its Mbalam-Nabeba Iron Ore Project Convention. The project has...
Thursday 14 March 2019Mining

Cameroon: Canyon Resources identifies 250mln tons of ‘very high grade’ bauxite at Minim-Martap

Australian mining company Canyon Resources announced March 12 on proactiveinvestors.com it achieved first exploration results of the Minim-Martap bauxite...
Monday 7 January 2019Mining

Cameroon: Just over 1,791 carats of diamonds recovered in 2018

Miners operating in Cameroon produced just over 1,791 carats of diamonds in 2018, according to the national permanent secretariat of the Kimberly Process...
Thursday 13 December 2018Mining

Cameroon has a huge potential for cobalt and nickel, according to Roger Murphy, CEO of African Battery Metals

African Battery Metals announced it commenced exploration work on licenses it now holds in Cameroon following the acquisition of Cobalt Blue...
Thursday 22 November 2018Mining

Cameroon: Mining revenues grew to CFA5bn in 2018

Actions pulled in the mining sector by the government this year helped increase revenues from CFA4 billion in 2017 to nearly CFA5 billion, the department...
Wednesday 31 October 2018Mining

Cameroon to maximize mining tax recovery

“The value chain of mining and oil sectors, from exploration to export: tax collection techniques”. This is the theme of a workshop organized by the...
Friday 12 October 2018Mining

Cameroon: Canyon Resources acquires 100% stake in Birsok bauxite project

Altus Strategies announced October 11 it has signed a letter of intent with Australian Canyon Resources to terminate its joint venture agreement giving...
Monday 10 September 2018Mining

CEMAC countries to set a common mining policy to attract foreign investments

The Commission of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), Chaired by the Gabonese Daniel Ona Ondo (photo), issued a call for tenders...
Thursday 9 August 2018Mining

Heavy metals and radioactive substances detected on some mining sites in East Cameroon

In Bétaré Oya and Kambele, two major gold mining towns in the forest and mining region of East Cameroon, the researchers of the Geological and Mining...
Thursday 14 June 2018Mining

Cameroon: Dangote Cement sold 332,000 tons of cement in Q1, 2018

During Q1, 2018, Dangote Cement Cameroon sold about 332,000 tons of cement. According to the industrial group, this feat was namely due to the brand’s...
Tuesday 12 June 2018Mining

Stratex International Plc to invest about CFA1 billion in BEIG3’s Bibémi and Wapouzé gold mining project

This day June 12, 2018, Stratex International Plc announces that it has concluded a conditional option agreement with  Bureau d'études et...
Tuesday 5 June 2018Mining

India to relaunch Cameroon Alumina bauxite mining project

Indian operators will relaunch Cameroon Alumina mining project which has been on standby for years now. Even though the details of this project are not...
Friday 18 May 2018Mining

Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana and Ernest Ngwaboubou visit Prometal Acierie

Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, the minister of commerce and his peer at the mining department Ernest Ngwaboubou, visited the Douala based company Prometal...
Tuesday 15 May 2018Mining

Initiative to Support Women to end this year

In Missingueléo, in the Far-north, not all the women dedicate their days to household chores exclusively; most of them also produce gravels which are used...
Friday 11 May 2018Mining

Cameroon decentralises the file request procedures for companies using explosive substances

The minister of mines Ernest Gbwaboubou has just signed a note according to which the managing directors of companies which use explosive materials can...
Tuesday 10 April 2018Mining

Tower Resources contracts Oilfield International for the new assessment of Thali block’s reserve

Tower resources just announced that it has contracted Oilfield International Ltd (OIL) to assess the potential reserves of the Thali block.   This...
Monday 19 March 2018Mining

Cameroon extends Sundance Resources’ convention on Mbalam-Nabeba iron ore

On March 19, 2018, two months after it concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with Tidfore Heavy Equipment Group Ltd for the development of Mbalam-Nabeba...
Tuesday 6 March 2018Mining

Cameroon could withdraw Geovic Mining’s license for Nkamouna nickel-cobalt deposit

On February 21, 2018, William Alan Buckovic (founder of  Geovic Mining Corp) was received in audience by the general secretary of Cameroon’s...
Friday 23 February 2018Mining

Cameroon and Namibia plan to collaborate in the mining sector

Cameroon and Namibia are planning to cooperate in the mining sector. In that regard, on February 20, 2018, Ernest Gbwaboubou, Cameroon’s minister of mines...
Tuesday 23 January 2018Mining

Cameroon: Tidfore Heavy Equipment Group signs MoU with Sundance resource on Mbalam-Nabeba iron ore project

On January 22, 2018, Australian mining company Sundance Resources has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tidfore Heavy Equipment Group Ltd, a...
Thursday 11 January 2018Mining

At least 43 people have died in abandoned mines in East Cameroon in 2017

In an official statement, Forêt et développement (FODER), an NGO, reports that the tragedy which occurred in the night of December 29-30, 2017 has...
Thursday 11 January 2018Mining

Cameroon: CAPAM returned a little more than 255 KG of gold to government in 2017

In 2017, a little more than 255 kg of gold was returned to Cameroon’s ministry of finance, thanks to the activities of the Cadre d’appui à...

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