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Extractive industries: Firms paid XAF908.28 bln to state and institutions in 2019, up 18.9% YoY

In 2019, extractive companies paid XAF908.28 billion to the State and its institutions. This was revealed by the EITI committee in Cameroon’s 2019...
Thursday 28 October 2021Mining

Minim Martap Project: Cameroon and Canyon Resources launch negotiations for a mining convention

Yesterday October 27, 2021, Canyon Resources Ltd, the Australian Junior mining firm controlling Camalco (owner of three permits on the Minim Martap and...
Thursday 14 October 2021Mining

Gold and diamond: State mining corporation SONAMINES plans work meeting to facilitate its activities as exclusive “dealer”

The National Mining Corporation (SONAMINES) initiated, on October 13, 2021, negotiations with traders, heads of smelting units, and buying offices in the...
Friday 24 September 2021Mining

Foreign trade: Togo became Cameroon’s leading African supplier of petroleum products in 2020 (INS)

In 2020, Togo became Cameroon’s leading African supplier and the 7th worldwide, according to figures published by the National Institute for Statistics...
Tuesday 21 September 2021Mining

Cameroon: Sonamines launches campaign against child labor on mining sites

Today September 21, 2021, the National Mining Corporation (SONAMINES) officially launched an awareness campaign against child labor on mining fields....
Tuesday 31 August 2021Mining

China’s Yousheng Cement Co Ltd to build a cement plant in Douala

Chinese company Yousheng Cement Co Ltd is currently finetuning the establishment of a new cement plant inside the port area in Douala. The information was...
Monday 30 August 2021Mining

Canyon Resources and China’s MCC-CIE partner to expedite the Minim Martap project

Australian junior mining firm Canyon Resources Ltd recently inked a strategic partnership with MCC-CIE, the mining engineering division of Chinese...
Wednesday 25 August 2021Mining

Cameroon exports 500 kilotons of corn every year to CEMAC countries despite massive imports to meet local demand (BMN)

Every year, Cameroon exports 500,000 tons of corn, representing 23% of the national production to CEMAC countries, according to a study recently published...
Friday 9 July 2021Mining

Cameroon: Government program CAPAM to soon cease operations

On July 5, 2021, Minister of Mines Gabriel Dodo Ndoké signed a decision notifying of the temporary layoff of the staff of CAPAM, a government program...
Friday 2 July 2021Mining

Eramet inaugurates a test rutile processing unit to evaluate commercial potential on the Akonolinga block

On July 1, 2021, in Akonolinga, Minister of Mines Gabriel Dodo Ndoké presided over the inauguration of a pilot rutile processing unit. According to French...
Friday 2 July 2021Mining

Cameroon publishes its EITI 2018 report

On June 29, 2021, Cameroon finally published its 2018 EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiatives) report. The country, which experienced delays...
Monday 28 June 2021Mining

Mbalam-Nabeba iron ore project: Sundance Resources expresses "shock" at new MoU

Yesterday June 27, 2021, Australian junior mining company Sundance Resources issued a release expressing its "shock" concerning the June 25, 2021,...
Thursday 24 June 2021Mining

Chinese firm AutSino returns to the Mbalam-Nabeba iron ore project, after unsuccessful negotiations with Sundance

On June 25, 2021, in Yaoundé, Minister of Transports Jean Ernest Ngallé Bibéhé will sign on behalf of Cameroon a memorandum of understanding (MoU)...
Monday 21 June 2021Mining

Mbalam-Nabeba iron ore exploitation: Towards a memorandum of understanding to relaunch the project

In Cameroon, the Minister of Transport Jean Ernest Ngallé Bibéhé and his peer of Mines Gabriel Dodo Ndoke have been authorized to sign a memorandum of...
Friday 11 June 2021Mining

Cameroon suspends a mining license in the East after the May 30, 2021, deadly incident in Kambélé

On June 4, 2021, the Cameroonian Minister of Mines Gabriel Dodo Ndocké issued a decision suspending the artisanal mining permit issued for a site in...
Thursday 10 June 2021Mining

Almost all of Cameroon’s official diamond production is exported to The UAE and Belgium, BEAC data show

Pending the commissioning of its mines, Cameroon’s share in the world diamond market is still insignificant. Most of the country's productions (over 96%...
Thursday 3 June 2021Mining

Mbalam Iron deposit: Congolese President’s envoy’s visit to Cameroon escalates dispute between Cameroon and Sundance Resources

Australian junior mining firm Sundance Resources has decided to proceed to international arbitration in the case between it and the state of Cameroon for...
Thursday 20 May 2021Mining

Cameroon: Defence forces go all out in the fight against illegal miners in the Benoue National Park

During an operation carried out by Cameroonian defense forces, on May 18, 2021, over 50 clandestine gold miners were arrested in the Benoue National Park,...
Wednesday 19 May 2021Mining

Cameroon: 30kg of gold seized at the Yaoundé-Nsimalen international airport

On the night of May 18 to 19, 2021, 30 kilograms of gold were seized at the Yaoundé-Nsimalen international airport, official sources...
Wednesday 19 May 2021Mining

Cameroon: 14 artisanal miners died in mining fields due to companies’ negligence in the East in Jan-Apr 2021 (FODER)

Between January and April 2021, 14 artisanal miners died in mining fields in Eastern Cameroon, according to local NGO Forêt et développement rural...
Tuesday 4 May 2021Mining

Mbalam-Nabeba iron ore project: Sundance Ressources sends a strong signal to Cameroon by claiming over XAF4,700 bln damages from Congo

Australian mining company Sundance Ressources is claiming US$8.76 billion (over XAF4,700 billion at the current exchange rate) compensation in the case...
Tuesday 16 March 2021Mining

Canyon Resources to meet potential partners for the development of the Minim Martap bauxite project

Tomorrow, March 17, 2021, CAMALCO will meet with Cameroonian economic operators at the premises of the Inter-Patronal Grouping of Cameroon (GICAM), in...
Monday 15 March 2021Mining

Adamaoua: Disgruntled artisanal miners burn Chinese firm’s equipment and stone local authorities

Last March 11, 2021, in Leggal-Goro (a small neighborhood in Adamaoua), artisanal gold miners burnt the equipment of a Chinese mining firm and stoned...
Friday 12 March 2021Mining

Minim Martap Project: Canyon Resources partners with Belgian Vecturis to improve transport process

On March 9, Canyon Resources announced the conclusion of a service agreement with Belgian rail engineering expert Vecturis for the Minim...
Thursday 11 March 2021Mining

Cameroon: The UNDP funds 37 artisanal mining companies

Artisanal mining companies operating in Cameroon (37) recently signed funding agreements with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The...
Tuesday 2 March 2021Mining

Surface rights: Cameroon claims XAF184 mln from 16 mining companies

On February 24, 2021, Minister of Mines Gabriel Dodo Ndoké (photo) published a note inviting 16 mining companies to pay a cumulative amount of XAF184.02...
Monday 11 January 2021Mining

French Eramet to install a pilot rutile processing plant in Cameroon

The French industrial and mining group Erameth (that obtained a rutile exploration license in Cameroon in 2019) has begun the second phase of its...
Wednesday 16 December 2020Mining

Sundance Resources serves dispute notice to Cameroon over Mbalam mining project

Today, December 16, Australian mining company Sundance Resources (which is currently developing the Mbalam iron ore project) published a market update...
Tuesday 15 December 2020Mining

Cameroon establishes Sonamines, a national mining company

Yesterday December 14, 2020, President Paul Biya signed a decree creating the National Mining Company (Sonamines). According to the presidential decree,...
Monday 14 December 2020Mining

Codias SA to obtain exploitation permit for Colomine gold project in 2021

Codias SA could receive an exploitation permit for the Colomine gold project and launch the construction of the said mine, according to the Ministry of...
Monday 7 December 2020Mining

Cameroon and Addax Petroleum Cameroon ltd in negotiation for a production-sharing agreement on the Ngosso block in Bakassi

Cameroon is currently negotiating a production sharing agreement with Addax Petroleum Cameroon Limited for the exploitation of the Ngosso block in...

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