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Cameroon: Extractive companies' payments reach CFA776bn in 2021, up by 17%

Payments made by companies active in the extractive sector in Cameroon reached CFA776 billion in 2021, according to figures reported by the Extractive...
Wednesday 30 August 2023Mining

Grand Zambi iron ore: G-Stones reportedly ready to start exploitation in the next few months

In his 2023 New Year message to the nation, President Paul Biya promised that some major mining projects would commence operations. In his address, he...
Thursday 13 July 2023Mining

Lobé mining project: Cameroon cancels 127 land deeds, averts new compensation scandal

Minister of State Property Henri Ayébé Ayissi (photo) recently canceled 127 land deeds held by individuals on the Lobé iron ore project site. He notified...
Thursday 15 June 2023Mining

Oil and Gas Outputs Up by 2.2% and 4.5%, respectively, in Q1 2023, YoY

Cameroon produced 8.01 million tons of oil in Q1 2023. According to the SNH, the State oil company, this is 2.2% more than the output recorded in the...
Thursday 13 April 2023Mining

Chinese Tsingshan bids for Mbalam iron output

Chinese Tsingshan International reached a binding Memorandum of Understanding with CCC Mining Group Limited, an associate entity of Bestway Finance on the...
Thursday 2 March 2023Mining

Cameroon: govt grants 5 mining exploration permits to British Technology Minerals

British mining junior Technology Minerals announced this week it has received the validation of 5 exploration permits in Cameroon. These permits, at...
Wednesday 22 February 2023Mining

Cameroon: Mining company Sonamines eyes the mineral water sector

Cameroon’s national mining company (Sonamines) is developing a plan to grab some market share in the mineral water sector. Although more details have not...
Tuesday 7 February 2023Mining

British Oriole Resources confirms lithium discovery in Cameroon

British mining company Oriole Resources confirmed this week the discovery of lithium pegmatites in the Adamaoua and Littoral regions of...
Tuesday 17 January 2023Mining

Cameroon cuts diamond and gold export duties by 50% to control illegal exits

The Cameroonian government, in its 2023 Finance Act, announced it is cutting diamond and gold export duties by 50%. The fees will now be 5% of the FOB...
Tuesday 3 January 2023Mining

Cameroon: Mining and quarrying revenues shrunk 95% YoY in 2020 (official data)

Budgetary revenues from the exploitation of mines and industrial quarries in Cameroon dropped drastically from CFA12.2 billion in 2019 to only CFA630...
Monday 19 December 2022Mining

Sundance Resources demands CFA3,400bn from Cameroon govt in Mbalam iron deposit dispute

Australian mining company Sundance Resources sent a memorial of claim to the ICC International Court of Arbitration demanding $5.5 billion...
Thursday 15 December 2022Mining

Sonamines collected CFA3bn+ worth of gold in 2022

Cameroon’s mining company Sonamines has collected 175 kg of gold for a total value of CFA3.2 billion since the beginning of the year, Minister Gabriel...
Tuesday 25 October 2022Mining

Cameroon: Sundance Resources sues govt over Mbalam Iron permit, again

Australian mining junior, Sundance Resources, has taken a new legal action against the Cameroonian government. The dispute is over the Mbalam Iron permit,...
Thursday 13 October 2022Mining

Cameroon: Sonamines uses Namibia and DRC models to fight gold smuggling

Cameroon's national mining company (Sonamines) announced a plan to tackle gold smuggling based on the models used in Namibia and DR Congo. The company...
Saturday 24 September 2022Mining

Glencore and Sinosteel cases in Cameroon: the need for more transparency on extractive contracts in Africa

A mining contract signed by the Government of Cameroon with Sinosteel, a Chinese multinational, for an iron ore project was the centre of controversy in...
Tuesday 23 August 2022Mining

Cameron: Mira SA plans to build a cement clinker factory in the North region

Cement manufacturer Mira SA will soon launch the construction of an industrial complex in the North region of Cameroon. Reliable sources revealed that the...
Wednesday 1 June 2022Mining

SNH denies any involvement in the Glencore bribery case

The Cameroonian national oil and gas corporation (SNH) denied any involvement in the Glencore corruption case. While the Anglo-Swiss trader has admitted...
Tuesday 17 May 2022Mining

Mbalam iron project: Paul Biya refuses to pay fine, calls for arbitration

Negotiations between Cameroon and Sundance Resources (and its local subsidiary Cam Iron SA), which began in the second half of 2021, for an amicable...
Tuesday 1 March 2022Mining

Mbalam-Nabeba project: the five Chinese firms eying the exploitation component revealed

In the framework of the Mbalam-Nabeba iron ore development project, Cameroon’s National Mining Company (Sonamines) will be in charge of the mining...
Tuesday 1 March 2022Mining

Ngaoundal-Makan bauxite: Canyon Resources obtains a 2-year extension of its research permits

Mines Minister Gabriel Dodo Ndoké has renewed Canyon Resources’ exploration permit on the Ngaoundal and Makan bauxite deposits for a 2-year nonrenewable...
Friday 25 February 2022Mining

Mbalam ore: AutSino and Bestway get closer to taking over Sundance’s mining assets

Cameroon signed, on June 25, 2021, a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AustSino and Bestway Finance Ltd for the construction of over 500 kilometers...
Tuesday 22 February 2022Mining

Bauxite: Canyon Resources, Sonamines in a head-to-head for research permits on the Ngaoundal-Makan deposits

Today 22, 2022, is the day Camalco, the local subsidiary of Australian mining firm Canyon Resources, is expected to submit its new exploration plan for...
Monday 21 February 2022Mining

Bauxite: Sonamines partners with CREC 5 to develop the Ngaoundal and Makan deposits

Cameroon’s National Mining Company (Sonamines), through its Director-General Serge Boyogueno, signed on 18 February 2022, a memorandum of understanding...
Friday 11 February 2022Mining

Cameroon: Akonolinga rutile deposit to enter exploitation phase in 2025

The Akonolinga rutile mine, in Central Cameroon, will enter its exploitation phase in 2025. This was revealed after a meeting between Cameroon’s Mines...
Monday 20 December 2021Mining

Oil and gas: Cameroon updates conditions for special income tax exemptions

In its 2022 finance law, Cameroon has updated the conditions required for oil contract holders at their research and development stage and their foreign...
Thursday 16 December 2021Mining

Nkamouna mining project: Cameroon and Geovic seek a financial partner to relaunch the project stalling for 8 years now

Cameroon has continued to support Geovic in the search for a technical and financial partner for the development of the Nkamouna cobalt-nickel-manganese...
Thursday 16 December 2021Mining

Cameroon: Caminco negotiates mining agreement for three goldmines in the East

Cameroon, and exploration and mining firm Caminco are currently negotiating a mining agreement for the Mborguéné, Bétaré Oya and Garoua Boulaï  goldmines...
Tuesday 14 December 2021Mining

Cameroon: SONAMINES lists its achievements and growth plans, a year after its creation

The National Mining Corporation (SONAMINES) officially created on December 14, 2020, has already submitted quarry exploitation permits and two exploration...
Thursday 2 December 2021Mining

Cameroon elaborates a security guidebook to tighten controls over illegal precious stone and metal trades

To intensify controls over the circulation of precious metal and stones at airports and border areas in the country, Cameroon has elaborated a security...
Wednesday 1 December 2021Mining

Cameroon: Cimencam to soon obtain mining agreements for the exploitation of two marble quarries in the North

CIMENCAM and the State of Cameroon will soon sign two mining agreements for the exploitation of the Bidzar and Biou marble quarries in Figuil, North...
Monday 22 November 2021Mining

Extractive industries: Firms paid XAF908.28 bln to state and institutions in 2019, up 18.9% YoY

In 2019, extractive companies paid XAF908.28 billion to the State and its institutions. This was revealed by the EITI committee in Cameroon’s 2019...

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