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CEMAC: BEAC announces the launch of eTransfert to speed up the processing of wire transfer requests

The Bank of Central African States (BEAC), the central bank of CEMAC countries, announces that on September 1, 2020, it will officially...
Wednesday 12 August 2020Finance

National Bank of Equatorial Guinea obtains business license for its subsidiary in Cameroon

Bange Bank Cameroon SA, a subsidiary being set up by the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea (Bange) in Cameroon, was issued a business license by the...
Tuesday 11 August 2020Finance

Moody’s confirms Cameroon’s “stable” issuer rating

On August 7, 2020, Moody’s published a release confirming the stable outlook of Cameroon’s issuer rating.  "The stable outlook reflects Moody's view...
Friday 7 August 2020Finance

Chanas Assurance S.A. posts XAF683.4 mln net profit for 2019, up by 16.2% YoY

Cameroonian insurance company Chanas Assurances, majority-owned by National Hydrocaborns company SNH, informs that it recorded XAF683.4 million of net...
Wednesday 29 July 2020Finance

Cameroon: Customs revenues rose by XAF161.9 bln over 2015-2019

In the current edition of our monthly magazine, we mistakenly asserted that the departure, in October 2015, of  Minette Libom Li Likeng from the...
Thursday 23 July 2020Finance

MTN Cameroon to soon offer mobile savings and loans services

MTN Cameroon is currently finalizing MoMoKash, its platform aimed at providing savings and microcredit services via mobile phones. This was confirmed by a...
Thursday 23 July 2020Finance

CEMAC: BEAC plans to buyback XAF600 bln of members’ debt

During its July 22 videoconference presided by Abbas Mahamat Tolli, the BEAC’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) authorized a punctual targeted bond buyback...
Wednesday 22 July 2020Finance

Ecobank Cameroon seeks firm to elaborate its risk map

Ecobank recently launched a tender process to select a firm that will create the risk map of its operations per articles 87 and 88 of the rules laid out...
Thursday 16 July 2020Finance

Cameroon records 244% subscription rate for the latest T-bills issuance with an average interest rate down to 2.4%

On 15 July 2020, Cameroon once again completed its 26-week Fungible Treasury Bills (T-bills) issuance operation on the government securities market of the...
Thursday 16 July 2020Finance

Covid-19: EU member countries estimate their support to Cameroon at over CFAF18 bln

The institutions and member states of the European Union estimate their support for Cameroon in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic at over CFAF18...
Wednesday 15 July 2020Finance

Crédit du Sahel posts a total balance sheet of CFAF22 bln for FY2019

Crédit du Sahel, the leader in the microfinance sector in northern Cameroon, posted a total balance sheet of CFAF 22 billion for the 2019 fiscal...
Tuesday 14 July 2020Finance

Cameroon to raise CFAF25 bln on the BEAC money market on Jul 15 via issuance of T-bills

The Cameroonian government will be back on the Beac money market on July 15, 2020, according to an official release from the Ministry of Finance. This...
Tuesday 14 July 2020Finance

In 2019, the BDEAC exceeded a yearly commitment level of CFAF200 bln for the first time

The Development Bank of the Central African States (BDEAC) provided CFAF271 billion of financial assistance for the implementation of 18 projects in the...
Monday 13 July 2020Finance

CEMAC: Member countries raised CFAF262.3 bln on the money market in March 2020

CEMAC countries raised CFAF262.3 billion on the money market in March 2020, according to the monthly statistics bulletin published by the Bank of Central...
Thursday 9 July 2020Finance

Cameroonian Jules Ngankam has been appointed interim MD of the African Guarantee Fund

The African Guarantee Fund (AGF), presented as the first pan-African guarantee fund dedicated to SMEs, recently announced the appointment of the...
Wednesday 8 July 2020Finance

Investisseurs et Partenaires (I&P) announces interest-free loan programme to support SMEs in Cameroon

Investisseurs et Partenaires (I&P), an investment fund dedicated to SMEs based in Africa -chaired by Jean-Michel Severino (photo)- and Somtou Cameroun...
Monday 6 July 2020Finance

Cameroon plans to raise CFAF110 bln on the BEAC market in Q3-2020

The Cameroonian Treasury recently published the provisional calendar of its public securities’ issuance on the Bank of Central African States (Beac)...
Friday 3 July 2020Finance

CBC plans to increase social capital to CFAF16.5 bln, after CFAF2.5 billion positive result in 2019

Commercial Bank-Cameroon (CBC) informs that it achieved a positive result of CFAF 2.5 billion as of December 31, 2019. This represents an increase of CFAF...
Friday 3 July 2020Finance

Afriland First Bank obtains financial market supervisor Cosumaf’s authorization for its brokerage firm “Afriland Bourse & Investment”

On July 2, Cameroonian bank Afriland First Bank informed that the Central African Financial Market Supervisory Commission (Cosumaf) approved its...
Friday 3 July 2020Finance

Afriland First Group listed in a fraud and corruption case in the DRC

Banking group Afriland First Group, created by Cameroonian billionaire Paul Kammogne Fokam (photo), is indexed in a corruption and fraud practice case...
Thursday 2 July 2020Finance

Douala Port authority realizes CFAF5.37 bln of net profits for FY2019, up 162.7% YoY

The Port Authority of Douala (PAD) informs that at the end of the financial year ending December 31, 2019, it realized a net profit of CFAF 5.37 billion,...
Wednesday 1 July 2020Finance

CEMAC: Cameroonian banks captured 20% of liquidity injected by the BEAC in Feb 2020

In the framework of its liquidity-injection operations, the BEAC provided CFAF16.6 billion of liquidity to credit institutions operating in the community...
Wednesday 1 July 2020Finance

CEMAC: Member countries raised CFAF168 bln via issuance of T-bills, CFAF0 for T-bonds

In the recently published BEAC’s monthly statistics bulletin, the Bank of Central African States (Beac) informs that on the primary market of CEMAC's...
Tuesday 30 June 2020Finance

The CEMAC Commission suggests three new ways for financing, to mitigate low collection of community integration tax

Recently in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, while reporting the state of its treasury, the CEMAC Commission (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo,...
Monday 29 June 2020Finance

Leasing operator Alios Finance pays amortization of its 2018 bond loan

Leasing company Alios Finance Cameroon has, since June 19, 2020, released CFAF539 million to the central depository of the Central African Unified Stock...
Friday 26 June 2020Finance

Cameroonian Prosper Sugewe creates Ewatch Africa Investment Analytica, the first rating agency in Central Africa

London-based economic and financial consulting firm HPS International Consulting, founded in London by Cameroonian Prosper H. Sugewe (photo) and...
Friday 26 June 2020Finance

CEMAC: External fundings saved foreign reserves from adverse effects of Covid-19, the Beac says

On June 24, the second meeting of the Bank of Central African States’ (BEAC) monetary policy committee was held, official sources reveal. At the end of...
Friday 26 June 2020Finance

Cameroonian multibillionaire Danpullo creates “Best Pay,” a payment company with a capital of CFAF500 mln

Cameroonian multibillionaire Baba Ahmadou Danpullo recently created a payment institution baptized “Best Pay S.A.” Its operations are, however, still...
Thursday 25 June 2020Finance

Money Market: CEMAC countries’ fundraising operations soared (+40.2%) and costs skyrocketed (+0.67%) between April 30, 2019, and April 30, 2020

Cemac countries raised CFAF2,996.6 billion on the BEAC money market between April 30, 2019, and April 30, 2020. This is revealed by the securities...
Wednesday 17 June 2020Finance

Cameroon’s money stock grew by 14% YoY in Feb 2020

Between February 2019 and February 2020, Cameroon’s money stock increased by 14.3%, from CFAF4,897.5 billion to CFAF5,598.7 billion. According to the...
Tuesday 16 June 2020Finance

SEMC dashes shareholders’ expectations with 2019 net profits five times below projections

Société des eaux minérales du Cameroun (SEMC), a company listed on the Central African Unified Stock Exchange, closed 2019 with a net result a little over...

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