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Attracted by about XAF4,000 bln of savings, Cameroon plans to be more active on the local financial market than in foreign markets

After the experience of the Eurobond in 2015, which enabled the Cameroonian Treasury to raise an envelope of XAF375 billion (for an expressed need of...
Wednesday 22 January 2020Finance

SABC initiates its departure from Euronext Paris to comply with Cameroonian rules

Brasseries et glacières Internationales (BGI), the largest shareholder of brewery group Société Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC), wants to buy...
Wednesday 22 January 2020Finance

CEMAC : Credit institutions accused of voluntarily lengthening the execution of client’s foreign-exchange transaction requests

“It has come to my attention that excessive and sometimes unrelated documentation is required from your customers for the settlement of foreign exchange...
Tuesday 21 January 2020Finance

Cameroon’s second treasury bills issuance on BEAC’s debt market successful but….

On January 15, 2020, the Cameroonian public treasury successfully concluded its 2nd fundraising operation, for the current year, on the BEAC’s debt...
Friday 17 January 2020Finance

Cameroon : Kuwait Fund’s active portfolio estimated at about XAF20 billion

Currently (January 2020), the active portfolio of the Kuwait Fund in Cameroon includes three projects for an amount of US$35.5 million, or about XAF20...
Friday 17 January 2020Finance

CEMAC : Credit institutions required to transmit daily transaction data to the BEAC

Starting from 2020, credit institutions operating within the CEMAC region will henceforth be subjected to stricter regulations concerning the transmission...
Thursday 16 January 2020Finance

CEMAC: In 2018, local bank’s loans were mainly channeled towards countries

In 2018, bank lending within the CEMAC region rose by 8.8%, the region’s central bank BEAC informs in its 2018 activity report.   According to the...
Tuesday 14 January 2020Finance

CEMAC : Microfinance institutions recorded XAF90 bln of outstanding loans in 2018

In 2018, the 619 microfinance institutions operating in the six CEMAC countries (Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Chad, CAR and Equatorial Guinea) granted XAF493...
Tuesday 14 January 2020Finance

Nigerian Access Bank enters the Cameroonian market

Nigerian banking group Access Bank just created a subsidiary in Cameroon. With an initial capital of about XAF14.5 billion, the new subsidiary’s...
Tuesday 14 January 2020Finance

Cameroonian Martin Ché becomes UBA’s CEO in the CESA zone

Cameroonian native Martin Ché, former CEO of UBA Cemac, has just been appointed Regional Chief Executive Officer of the Central, Eastern, and Southern...
Monday 13 January 2020Finance

Cameroon records success at its first 2020 fungible bills issuance with a 2.1% average interest rate

The Cameroonian Treasury succeeded in raising a total of XAF20 billion on the BEAC debt market at the end of a 26-week fungible treasury bills auction...
Wednesday 8 January 2020Finance

CEMAC : BEAC makes a new liquidity offer of XAF40 bln to commercial banks

Banks operating in the six CEMAC countries (Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, and CAR) have until today January 8, 2020, to bid for the...
Tuesday 7 January 2020Finance

CEMAC : Net external assets will increase steadily to 5-month imports by 2022, the IMF says

At the end of the recent annual discussions on CEMAC's common policies in support of member countries' reform programmes, the International Monetary Fund...
Tuesday 7 January 2020Finance

Leading mobile payment provider Terrapay enters Cameroon thanks to a partnership with UBA

TerraPay, one of the world's leading mobile payment services, and the Nigerian banking group UBA announce a partnership to facilitate mobile money...
Tuesday 7 January 2020Finance

Cameroon inaugurates 2020 on BEAC’s debt market with XAF20 bln fungible bills

For its first operation on the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) debt market this year, the Cameroonian public treasury will try to raise a financing...
Tuesday 7 January 2020Finance

Cameroon : Tax revenues affected by low VAT collection in Jan-Sep 2019 (Ministry of Finance)

With a total of XAF1,324.3 billion collected between January and September 2019, Cameroon’s tax revenues fell by XAF29.4 billion (-2.2%) year-on-year....
Friday 3 January 2020Finance

Public debt servicing : Cameroon is XAF560.3 bln short of meeting the yearly target of Jan-Sep 2019

Over the first nine months of 2019 (ended in September 2019), Cameroon’s public debt servicing stood at XAF722.7 billion, up from the XAF545.9 billion...
Tuesday 24 December 2019Finance

CEMAC : Banque de France and World Bank point out low credit to GDP ratio

The profitability of banks operating within CEMAC does not benefit everyone in the zone. According to a recent analysis by French central Bank Banque de...
Friday 20 December 2019Finance

CEMAC : BEAC injects XAF2 bln foreign currencies into commercial banks weekly to fluidify international transfers

For close to a month now, the central bank of CEMAC countries (BEAC) has been implementing a new measure aimed at fluidifying and shortening the deadlines...
Thursday 19 December 2019Finance

CEMAC : BEAC has injected an “important volume” of coins into the economic circuit to stem shortage this year

This year, an important volume of changes has been injected in the economic circuit of CEMAC countries to stem shortage. This was announced by Abbas...
Wednesday 18 December 2019Finance

CEMAC : Commercial banks transferred XAF3,896 bln in foreign currencies to BEAC, up 229% YoY in Jan-Aug 2019

In the CEMAC region, the new foreign exchange regulation that came into effect in March 2019, is still having positive impacts for the constitution of the...
Monday 16 December 2019Finance

Cameroon : Bank deposits rose by 13.6% YoY to XAF4,678.7 bln in H1, 2019

In Cameroon, spurred by private companies, individuals and insurance companies, bank deposits increased by 13.6% year over year by end June 2019 to...
Thursday 12 December 2019Finance

Cameroon bets on Islamic financing to boost financial inclusion and attract Middle Eastern investors

In Cameroon, only one bank (Afriland First Bank) and three microfinance institutions, out of the 53 banks and nearly 500 microfinance institutions...
Friday 6 December 2019Finance

Cameroon: new issuance of fungible treasury bills on BEAC market

On December 4, 2019, the Cameroonian Treasury proceeded to the issuance of a 26-week fungible treasury bills on the market of the Bank of Central African...
Thursday 5 December 2019Finance

Benjamin Ngongang : “The French guarantee no longer seems really essential” for the CFA zone

Benjamin Ngongang, Associate Director in charge of the Central African region at FinAfrique that specializes in advice and accompaniment for reforms in...
Tuesday 3 December 2019Finance

Cameroon plans to raise XAF422 bln on local and regional financial markets in 2020

To fund its budget, Cameroon plans to raise a total of XAF422 billion on the regional and local financial markets in 2020. The country plans to raise the...
Friday 29 November 2019Finance

CEMAC: IMF and BEAC to discuss cooperation axis for regional capital market development

From December 2 to 6, 2019, the IMF’s Regional Technical Assistance Center for Central Africa (Afritac Centre) will conduct a mission at the Bank of...
Wednesday 27 November 2019Finance

BEAC: Liquidity injections reduced to XAF335.2 bln in June 2019

In June 2019, BEAC’s liquidity injections into commercial banks operating within CEMAC was XAF335.2 billion. According to the official report just...
Tuesday 26 November 2019Finance

CEMAC: Interbank transactions up by XAF44 bln MoM in June 2019

In June 2019, transactions on the BEAC (central bank of the CEMAC region) interbank market, peaked at XAF317 billion, an official report...
Monday 25 November 2019Finance

CEMAC: Central bank recorded 52% drop in its net free equity in 2018

According to official documents obtained by Ecofin Agency on the sidelines of the extraordinary summit of CEMAC heads of state, the net free equity of the...
Monday 25 November 2019Finance

CEMAC: Challenges and directions to accommodate monetary stability and development financing

During the extraordinary meeting, on November 21-22, 2019, the Heads of CEMAC member countries expressed a common desire to defend the stability of their...

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