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No microfinance institution operating in Cameroon published their tariff conditions in H1-2019 as the regulation requires (BEAC study)

The Bank of Central African States (Beac) recently published a study titled: “Publication des conditions tarifaires par les banques au Cameroun :...
Tuesday 19 May 2020Finance

Wafacash Central Africa increases capital to XAF2.6 bln

Douala-based money transfer company Wafacash Central Africa informs that it has increased its capital by XAF600 million. To do so, the subsidiary of...
Monday 18 May 2020Finance

Alios Finance Cameroon to start payment of December 2018 bond’s interest and amortization in June 2020

From June 22, 2020, Alios Finance Cameroon will start paying the amortization and interest of the bonds it issued in December 2018.   During this...
Friday 15 May 2020Finance

Cemac: COBAC issues temporary measures to limit the impacts of the covid-19 on the Banking sector

COBAC, CEMAC region’s banking regulator, has decided to temporarily modify some banking regulations to limit the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on...
Friday 15 May 2020Finance

CEMAC countries’ foreign exchange reserves yielded XAF13 bln interest in 2019 (BEAC)

In 2019, the foreign exchange assets CEMAC countries kept in the operations accounts opened at the French Treasury generated about XAF13 billion of...
Thursday 14 May 2020Finance

Cemac: Banks’ adoption of the repo agreements boosted interbank transactions by 300% in 2019

In 2019, the repurchase transactions (repo) carried out on the interbank market of the CEMAC zone reached XAF2,546 billion. By the end of 2018, operations...
Wednesday 13 May 2020Finance

CEMAC: Foreign reserves estimated at XAF5,348.8 bln, representing 5 months of imports on May 10, 2020

The Bank of Central African States (BEAC) informs that as of May 10, 2020, its foreign exchange reserves are estimated at XAF5,348.8 billion. They...
Tuesday 12 May 2020Finance

Beac posts XAF19.6 bln net profit for FY2019, up 2.8% YoY

The Bank of Central African States (Beac) informs that in 2019, it recorded XAF19.6 billion of net profit. This performance is up by 2.8% compared with...
Friday 8 May 2020Finance

Cameroon’s 1st 10-year T-bond on BEAC market oversubscribed at 120%

On May 6, 2020, Cameroon issued 10-year fungible treasury bonds (T-bonds) on the BEAC’s government securities market. This was a first since the creation...
Wednesday 6 May 2020Finance

Cameroon issues 10-year T-bonds to raise XAF25 bln on the BEAC money market

For the first time since the creation, in 2011, of the BEAC public securities market, a CEMAC country will issue a 10-year fungible Treasury bond...
Wednesday 6 May 2020Finance

Cameroon takes the first step to improve management and client protection in microfinance institutions

Cameroon’s Ministry of Finance has sent a restricted international call for tender to four firms from Benin, Senegal, Nigeria, and Spain for the...
Monday 4 May 2020Finance

Cameroon: Alexis Megudjou becomes MD of new local bank CCA-Bank

On April 28, 2020, Alexis Megudjou, previously Deputy Managing Director of CCA Bank, was appointed Managing Director of the said banking institution...
Friday 1 May 2020Finance

CEMAC: Despite competition from Gabon and Congo, Cameroon wins investors’ confidence in the money market

On 29 April 2020, the public treasuries of Gabon, Congo, and Cameroon competed fiercely on the public securities market of the Bank of Central African...
Thursday 30 April 2020Finance

CEMAC countries raised a record XAF2,846 bln on the BEAC securities market in 2019

In 2019, CEMAC countries raised a total of XAF2,846.3 billion on the public securities market of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC), according to...
Wednesday 29 April 2020Finance

Socapalm posts net profit of XAF12.24 bln for FY2019

Société camerounaise de palmeraies (Socapalm), a subsidiary of the Luxembourg company Socfin, reports that it made a net profit of XAF12.24 billion in...
Wednesday 29 April 2020Finance

Electronic banking operator Omoa mandates Société Générale for the dematerialization of its securities

Omoa Cameroun, a subsidiary of Ivorian electronic banking group Omoa, announces that it has mandated Société Générale Cameroun (SGC) to assist it in the...
Friday 24 April 2020Finance

Cameroon: Estimated at 0.9%, the diaspora’s contribution to the economy is poor, the UNDP says

A recent Development Financing Assessment (DFA) focused on Cameroon, funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), found that compared to...
Monday 20 April 2020Finance

Another battle between Cameroon and Beac over e-payment systems

The Bank of Central African States turned down last week a license request by state-owned Cameroon Postal Services (Campost) to operate an e-payment...
Friday 17 April 2020Finance

Two Cameroonians tasked to invest part of the BEAC’s pension fund

The Bank of Central African States (BEAC) recently hired the asset management companies managed by Cameroonian natives Marc Kamgaing and the Nkontchou...
Thursday 16 April 2020Finance

CEMAC: Mobile money interoperability is now effective across the region (BEAC)

In the CEMAC region, mobile money interoperability is now effective, according to the Bank of Central African States (Beac). Thanks to this...
Wednesday 15 April 2020Finance

Cameroon will raise XAF30 bln from local banks this year

This year, Cameroon will borrow XAF30 billion from local banks to fund the 2020 state budget, according to internal sources at the Ministry of...
Thursday 9 April 2020Finance

CEMAC: The BEAC injects XAF500 bln into the CEMAC banking system

The Bank of Central African States (BEAC) announces that over the April 9-16, 2020 period, it will provide XAF250 billion of liquidity to banks operating...
Tuesday 7 April 2020Finance

French Duval to become the leading shareholder in Cameroonian microfinance institution Focep

Yesterday April 6, an ordinary general meeting of the microfinance Fonds Cameroun d’Épargne pour le Progrès (Focep) was convened. According to a note...
Tuesday 7 April 2020Finance

Cameroon plans to raise XAF290 bln on the BEAC public securities market in Q2-2020

Between April and June 2020, Cameroon plans to raise XAF290 billion on the BEAC public securities market by issuing treasury bills and bonds. This was...
Friday 3 April 2020Finance

Cameroon: Commercial banks recorded XAF75.5 bln of net result in 2019 (Ministry of Finance)

In 2019, the 15 credit institutions operating in Cameroon realized a net result of XAF75.5 billion, according to the Ministry of Finance. At the same...
Friday 3 April 2020Finance

Cemac: Member countries should amend their 2020 finance law because of Covid-19 (Ministers of Economy and Finance)

With the Coronavirus pandemic, revenue projections in Cameroon's 2020 budget of XAF4,850.50 billion have become unrealistic and budgetary allocations...
Friday 3 April 2020Finance

Cameroon raised about XAF2,934.95 bln on national and CEMAC capital markets between 2010 and Feb 2020 (Ministry of Finance)

From 2010 to February 29, 2020, Cameroon raised XAF2,934.95 billion on the national and CEMAC capital markets, according to figures recently published by...
Thursday 2 April 2020Finance

Cameroon: Microfinance institutions performed better YoY in 2019 (Ministry of Finance)

In Cameroon, the performance of microfinance institutions has been decreasing since the 2017 fiscal year but, in 2019, the trend changed slightly. This is...
Tuesday 31 March 2020Finance

Covid-19: Beac initiates easing measures to facilitate crusade against the virus

On March 27, 2020, members of the BEAC Monetary Policy Committee held a videoconference to find solutions to the coronavirus crisis affecting the world,...
Friday 27 March 2020Finance

Cameroon to raise XAF45 bln on the public securities market to fight the coronavirus pandemic

On April 8, 2020, Cameroon will launch the first bond of a series of three on the BEAC money market. According to internal sources at the Ministry of...
Thursday 26 March 2020Finance

Coronavirus: Cobac prescribes “caution” in the restructuration of affected companies’ debts

"The impact of this global health crisis, although difficult to determine in terms of scale and duration, will affect the repayment capacity of several...

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