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Cameroon : XAF364 bln of customs revenues raised in H1, 2019

Cameroon : XAF364 bln of customs revenues raised in H1, 2019
  • Comments   -   Thursday, 25 July 2019 16:06

(Business in Cameroon) - In H1, 2019, Cameroon’s customs raised XAF364 billion of customs revenues, the authority informs. This is XAF6.8 billion more than the XAF357.5 billion raised in H1, 2018.

The performance could have been better, but for the XAF47.2 billion and XAF56.6 billion yet to be collected from the government and SONARA respectively, the customs general directorate indicates. In addition, the directorate adds, XAF3.6 billion of customs revenues were not collected because of the economic partnership with the European Union. There was also XAF69.8 billion of tax expenditures.  

The main customs revenues providers during the period under review were oil and lubricants (XAF68 billion), passenger vehicles (XAF22.2 billion), raw timber (XAF13.3 billion), worn clothing (XAF12 billion), clinker (XAF11.4 billion), freight transport vehicles (XAF9.7 billion) and tiles (XAF7.6 billion).

Main contributors are Sonara (despite its debt), Brasseries du Cameroun, Cami, Total Cameroon, Petrolex, TractafriC and Tradex.


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