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Cameroon: About CFA1, 384 billion mobilized in 2017 out of a debt ceiling of CFA1, 700 billion

Cameroon: About CFA1, 384 billion mobilized in 2017 out of a debt ceiling of CFA1, 700 billion
  • Comments   -   Thursday, 11 January 2018 17:57

(Business in Cameroon) - In 2017, the debt ceiling of Cameroon had been set to CFA1, 700 billion. By October that year, more than CFA1, 384 billion has been mobilized. This is disclosed in the performance project 2018 of the ministry in charge of the economy (MINEPAT).

According to the MINEPAT, the various projects which called for the funds’ mobilization during the period under review are, among others, the projects for the modernization of the electricity transport network (CFA190.949 billion), the one for the development of transport (CFA113.086 billion), the construction of electricity transport infrastructures and Memve'ele hydroelectric dam (CFA87.619 billion) and the construction of the 225 KV Nkongsamba-Bafoussam-Yaoundé-Abong-Mbang electricity transport line (CFA56.773 billion).

During the same period, has borrowed CFA18.301 billion to finance the agro-pastoral National Participatory Development Programme (PNDP). For the Facilité de Coopération Technique II-11ème FED, Cameroon has used CFA412.074 billion. The water and sanitation project in rural zones has required CFA113.086 billion and the one for the development and commercialization of livestock and rearing infrastructures has required CFA24.945 billion. Finally, Cameroon’s government used CFA17.995 billion to finance the second phase of the Chari-Logone integrated rural development project.


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