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Cameroon’s economy grew by 4.1% during Q3 2017

Cameroon’s economy grew by 4.1% during Q3 2017
  • Comments   -   Friday, 23 February 2018 12:37

(Business in Cameroon) - The national institute of statistics INS reveals that during Q3 2017, Cameroon’s growth was positive with 4.1% of GDP.  

The institution explains that in the supply chain, this is the result of a continuous dynamism in the primary (7.6%) and tertiary (4.3%) sectors as well as a gradual consolidation of activities in the secondary sector (2.6%).

In the demand chain, the economic growth was mainly spurred by final consumption expenditures and investments.  INS points out that “this growth conceals the decrease of external trades”. Indeed, during this quarter, the volume of exports and imports have respectively decreased by 4.7% and 9.5%. “Despite this, the trade balance was positive”, the institution comments.  

Globally, during the quarter under review, all the branches of the economy contributed positively to the GDP, except the extraction of crude oil (-1%) which has been in contraction since Q2 2016.


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