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Cameroon instructs the elaboration of a 5-year rural and urban development plan

Cameroon instructs the elaboration of a 5-year rural and urban development plan
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(Business in Cameroon) - Mandated by Cameroon, the consortium Studi International-Beta Consult presented a report on the project for adoption of a 5-year sustainable rural development and town planning on June 25, 2019, in Yaoundé.  

According to Jean Tchoffo, general secretary at the ministry of economy and town planning, this initiative is the result of the government's ambition to implement physical planning of the territory. This will help correct natural disparities and imbalanced development.

For two days, all the involved parties (public administrations, decentralised collectivities, the civil society and the private sector) were invited to complement the report.

The government expects solutions that will help create an integrated national economy.

According to Jean Tchoffo, the goal is to control the development of towns and transform them into production and consumption centers that are necessary for the development of an industrial sector. The 5-year plan should also promote the emergence of peripheral areas, the development of average or secondary cities able to structure economic activities in urban areas and participate in the development of neighbouring rural zones.

In urban areas, the main approach is a control of the development and improvement of the living conditions in order to boost competitiveness as well as economic, social and environmental efficiency.

The environment segment will essentially focus on environment protection, sustainable management of resources and the intensification of climate change resilience projects.


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