Yaoundé - 02 December 2021 -

Fishing: Cameroon exported 102.5 tons of shrimps to Malaysia in Jan-Oct 2021

Between January and October 2021, Cameroon issued two certificates of conformity for the exportation of 102.48 tons of shrimps to Malaysia. The figure was...

Wednesday 1 December 2021Mining

Cameroon: Cimencam to soon obtain mining agreements for the exploitation of two marble quarries in the North

CIMENCAM and the State of Cameroon will soon sign two mining agreements for the exploitation of the Bidzar and Biou marble quarries in Figuil, North...
Wednesday 1 December 2021Economy

Cameroon: Local market will be sufficiently supplied with sugar despite adverse conditions, SOSUCAM assures

SOSUCAM, the largest sugar producer in Cameroon, recently published a communique assuring consumers that sugar will be available in the market despite...
Wednesday 1 December 2021Economy

Tourism: Cameroon and the Netherlands discuss the rehabilitation of the Waza Park

On November 26, 2021, Cameroon’s Minister of Forestry Jules Doret Ndongo and Catharina Geertuida, the Dutch ambassador to Cameroon with residence in...
Tuesday 30 November 2021Finance

Cameroon: Government to raise XAF184 bln from the local banking sector in 2022

Cameroon plans to raise XAF184 billion from the local banking sector in 2022, the 2022 draft bill currently being reviewed by the parliament reveals....
Tuesday 30 November 2021Public management

Cameroon: SABC group contributes XAF1 bln for the implementation of NoSo reconstruction plan

In its capacity of executing agency for the reconstruction of the Northwest and Southwest, the UNDP resident representative signed a XAF1 billion...
Tuesday 30 November 2021Energy

Subcontracting: The Cameroonian electricity sector provides XAF40 bln annual revenue to 700 local SMEs/SMIs

The 700 local firms offering subcontracting services in the Cameroonian electricity sector generate XAF40 billion turnover annually. The figure was...
Tuesday 30 November 2021Economy

South Korea to invest XAF4 bln for the construction of 3 digital campuses in Cameroon in 2022

South Korea will invest XAF4 billion for the construction of three digital campuses in Cameroon in 2022, according to Jonghan Kim, South Korean ambassador...
Monday 29 November 2021Economy

Tax on money transfers: Cameroonian taxpayers’ association ACDC denounces a double taxation

In its 2022 draft budget submitted for the parliament’s review, the Cameroonian government has introduced a new tax on electronic money transactions. The...
Monday 29 November 2021Economy

Total Energies Challenge Startupper: 2021 edition to introduce novelty award to promote women entrepreneurship

Application is currently open for the 2021 edition of Total Energies Challenge Startupper. Cameroonian startups willing t participate in the third edition...
Monday 29 November 2021Public management

Non-tax revenues, growth rate…: Cameroon revises 2022 draft budget

In the 2022 draft budget finally submitted to the parliament, Cameroon has revised its budget to XAF5,752.4 billion (+5 % compared to the XAF5, 480.4...
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Monday 29 November 2021Economy

CEMAC: Central bank BEAC plans digital platform to improve insurance firms’ risk profile

The Bank of Central African States (BEAC) recently launched the recruitment of a consultant for the development of a digital platform that will facilitate...
Monday 29 November 2021Economy

Camwater initiates “aggressive” campaign to recover XAF50 bln out of XAF61.3 bln unpaid bills

On November 25, 2021, water utility Camwater launched a “permanent and aggressive campaign for the recovery of unpaid water bills.” According to the...
Monday 29 November 2021Infrastructures

CEMAC: China and CFAF fixed parity are key factors to attract infrastructure investments, says Moody’s

China and the fixed parity between the CFA Franc and the Euro are key factors to attract private investors for infrastructure projects in the CEMAC...
Friday 26 November 2021Economy

TEF Program: 213 Cameroonian entrepreneurs to receive seed funding from the Tony Elumelu foundation this year

213 Cameroonian entrepreneurs were selected out of 4,949 laureates in the 2021 cohort of the TEF entrepreneurship program to benefit from a...
Friday 26 November 2021Economy

Mbalam iron ore: Sundance takes legal actions against AustSino accused of misusing confidential documents

Australian junior mining company Sundance Resources recently provided an update on the various proceedings it initiated to rescind its withdrawal from the...
Friday 26 November 2021Economy

Supreme state audit CONSUPE summons Lazare Atou and Co over stormy asset management case

In a release issued on November 25, 2021,  Mbah Acha Rose Fomundam, Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Supreme State Audit, summoned...
Friday 26 November 2021Public management

Cameroon-Nigeria : Trade exchanges fell by 81% in 2015-2019 due to the anglophone crisis and war against Boko Haram

Between 2015 and 2019, the value of trade exchanges between Cameroon and Nigeria dropped by 81%, from XAF15.6 billion to 2.9 billion. The figures were...
Friday 26 November 2021Public management

The Anglophone crisis caused a cumulated XAF412 bln loss in GDP for Cameroon in 2017-2020, Minister Paul Tasong estimates

The anglophone crisis dragged growth down by  0.8 and 0.3 points of GDP respectively in 2019 and 2020 in Cameroon. This represents a cumulated loss...
Thursday 25 November 2021Public management

2022 draft budget: Cameroon plans to reduce public expenditures by XAF79.6 bln YoY through rationalization

Cameroon plans to further tighten public expenditures in 2022. According to Finance Minister Louis Paul Motaze, with its eyes set on a 2% budget deficit,...
Thursday 25 November 2021Industry

Cameroon: Chococam announces record XAF36.9 bln turnover for the 12-month period ending Sep 30, 2021

South African group Tiger Brands recently published its financial statements for the 12 months ending September 30, 2021. According to the document,...
Thursday 25 November 2021Economy

Cameroon approves four private incubators

On November 24, 2021, Cameroon issued the first official approvals in its history to private incubators. The approvals were handed by Achille Bassilekin...
Thursday 25 November 2021Economy

Oilseeds industry: Cameroonian market will be continuously supplied during the holiday season and even beyond, assures refiners association ASROC

The Cameroonian oilseeds industry has taken measures to remain operational even beyond January 1, 2022,  the Oilseeds Refiners Association (ASROC)...
Thursday 25 November 2021Public management

“The hospitality sector in Cameroon is full of opportunities,” Radisson Blu’s Erwan Garnier says

In this interview, the Senior Director of Development of the Radisson Hotel Group in West and Central Africa gives details about the group’s expansion...
Wednesday 24 November 2021Finance

Gwendoline Abunaw, MD of Ecobank Cameroon, becomes Head of the CEMAC cluster

Gwendoline Abunaw, Managing Director of Ecobank Cameroon, has recently been appointed Managing director of the cluster ECOBANK CEMAC, an official release...
Wednesday 24 November 2021Farming

Cameroon launches 3rd phase of national goat plague vaccination campaign

On November 18, 2021, in Sangmelina, the Cameroonian government, through the Ministry of Livestock, launched the third phase of the national campaign...
Wednesday 24 November 2021Energy

Lom Pangar dam: 150 localities to be connected to the foot plant in the East, by the end of H1-2022

"Before the end of the first half of 2022, the 150 localities we are planning to electrify and connect to the plant at the foot of the Lom Pangar dam will...
Wednesday 24 November 2021Finance

Cameroon officially takes over 54% stake in Union Bank of Cameroon

On November 23, 2021, the Union Bank of Cameroon (UBC) issued a release announcing the finalization of a stake acquisition process started by the...
Tuesday 23 November 2021Public management

Foreign exchange regulation: Extractive firms to alas apply the new CEMAC regulation, albeit an extremely flexible version

In the CEMAC region, the foreign currency regulation will become effective for extractive firms on January 1, 2022. This is the main outcome of a meeting...
Tuesday 23 November 2021Energy

Thali block: Tower Resources-Beluga farm-out deal delayed by Cameroonian authorities

Yesterday, November 22, 2021, Tower Resources announced that Cameroonian authorities were yet to approve the farmout deal signed with energy commodity...
Tuesday 23 November 2021Economy

2022 draft budget :Cameroon projects 12.6% YoY rise in tax and customs revenues

For the 2022 budget year, Cameroon has set a tax and customs revenue target of XAF3,088.7 billion. The figure is disclosed in the 2022 draft budget the...
Tuesday 23 November 2021Agribusiness

Industry: Factory gate price index drops in the agribusiness segment in a generalized soaring price context

In the second quarter of 2021, the factory price index rose by 3.8% year on year in the industrial sector in Cameroon. The information was disclosed by...
Monday 22 November 2021Mining

Extractive industries: Firms paid XAF908.28 bln to state and institutions in 2019, up 18.9% YoY

In 2019, extractive companies paid XAF908.28 billion to the State and its institutions. This was revealed by the EITI committee in Cameroon’s 2019...
Monday 22 November 2021Public management

Cameroon initiates forced collection of 2021 vehicle stamp duties

In the early hours of November 22, 2021, checkpoints were deployed throughout  Cameroon to make sure drivers have effectively paid their vehicle...
Monday 22 November 2021Public management

Nexttel announces resumption of dialogue between its shareholders

On November 19, 2021, Viettel Cameroun SA, popularly known under its trade name Nexttel, published a release announcing the resumption of talks between...
Monday 22 November 2021Public management

Deforestation : Cameroon’s proposed 15% increase in raw timber export duties’ not deterrent, Greenpeace Africa says

Today November 22, 2021, environmental NGO Greenpeace Africa issued a release commenting on Cameroon’s plan to increase taxes on raw timber exports. "The...
Friday 19 November 2021Public management

Delayed by the Covid-19 and technical constraints, Radisson Blu Douala will open in Q3-2023

Radisson Blu Douala initially planned to be opened in the first quarter of 2021, will finally be launched in Q1-2023.  "The Covid-19 pandemic has...
Friday 19 November 2021Public management

Chinese state group New Silk road Energy Holding discloses plans to build a Chinatown in Cameroon

Dong Kaiming, vice-president of Chinese state firm New Silk Road Energy Holding Group Co. Ltd was granted an audience, on November 17, 2021, by Cameroon’s...
Friday 19 November 2021Economy

Cameroon projects a 2% inflation rate for 2022, unrealistic according to some analysts

For 2022, Cameroon projects a 2% inflation rate, down from 2.4% in 2021. The forecast is contained in the 2022 draft budget presented by Finance Minister...
Friday 19 November 2021Economy

Merged company Gulfcam appoints its management team

Yesterday November 18, 2021, petroleum products distributor Gulfin S&T Co S.A. that merged through absorption with  Camship-CLGG held a combined...
Friday 19 November 2021Economy

Sustainable cocoa: Cameroon advocates for more income for local farmers

On November 18, 2021, in Yaoundé, Cameroon organized a ‘Cocoa Talks’ with the European Union, the world's largest cocoa importer, on the production of...

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