Yaoundé - 22 February 2020 -

British firm The First Group eyes both investors and investment opportunities in the Cameroonian real estate sector

On February 19, 2020, in Yaoundé, British firm The First Group’s executives presented investment opportunities in the real estate sector in Dubai to...
Friday 21 February 2020Agriculture

Cameroon : PCP-Afop to train 3,500 people in agropastoral and fishing sectors in 2020-2021

The agropastoral and fishing training programme PCP-Afop, steered by the Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock, has just launched the recruitment of the...
Friday 21 February 2020Cooperation

Denmark discusses cooperation areas in the maritime sector with Cameroon

On February 19, 2020, in Yaoundé, the Minister of Transport, Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, received in audience Danish ambassador to Cameroon Jesper...
Friday 21 February 2020Companies

French start-up Heetch effectively launches VIP motorcycle taxi service with a network of 250 drivers

Equipped with pink vests and helmets, 250 motorcycle taxis now roam the streets of Douala, on behalf of French start-up Heetch, the government daily...
Friday 21 February 2020Finance

Gabon and Safacam’s bonds get listed on the BVMAC

Today, Feb 21, two bonds issued in the Central African region last year were listed on the Unified Stock Exchange of Central Africa (BVMAC), the stock...
Friday 21 February 2020Social

Coronavirus : Cameroon provides XAF50 mln to support its citizens quarantined in Wuhan

To support Cameroonians quarantined in Wuhan, Cameroon instructed the Ministry of Finance to provide XAF50 million to its embassy in Beijing for...
Thursday 20 February 2020Public management

Cameroon welcomes a 2-week IMF technical assistance mission

Currently, a technical assistance mission of the IMF is visiting Cameroon. Led by Jean Luc Helis, the mission will assess, for two weeks, Cameroon's...
Thursday 20 February 2020Education

Higher education : 10,000 Cameroonians are pursuing graduate studies in France

Currently, 10,000 Cameroonians are pursuing graduate studies in France. This was revealed by French officials during the signature cooperation agreement...
Thursday 20 February 2020Economy

Inflation : The 3 Northern regions were the least exposed in Jan-Sep 2019

In the first nine months of 2019, the general level of consumer prices rose by 2.5%, according to a report by the National Institute of Statistics...
Thursday 20 February 2020Infrastructures

45-km Yoko-Lena road section open to the public

On February 19, 2020, the Ministry of Public Works conducted the technical acceptance of Yoko-Léna section (45.241 km) of the...
Thursday 20 February 2020Insurance

FANAF presidency : Théophile Gérard Moulong withdraws from the race

On February 20, 2020, in Libreville, Gabon, Théophile Gérard Moulong – the Cameroonian who declared his candidacy for the presidency of the FANAF...
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Wednesday 19 February 2020Finance

Cameroon: SABC estimates FY2019 consolidated net income at XAF16 bln, down 34% YoY

In a press release to investors, published on 21 January 2020, Société Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC), a subsidiary of French group Castel,...
Wednesday 19 February 2020Public management

International Women's Day 2020 : CICAM announces possible shortage of commemorative loincloth

This year, there could be a shortage of the loincloth produced for the International Women's Day of March 8. Indeed, in an interview published on February...
Wednesday 19 February 2020Finance

Cameroon : BACM announces XAF7.1 bln of provisional net result, 17% up YoY in 2019

Banque Atlantique Cameroun (BACM) informs that it achieved a provisional net result of XAF7.1 billion during the 2019 financial year, representing a 17%...
Wednesday 19 February 2020Public management

Viviane Ondoua Biwolé: “One of Cameroon’s gravest mistakes is to not give enough attention to human resources”

The former deputy managing director of the Higher Institute for Public Management (ISMP in French) is recognized in Cameroon as one of the leading experts...
Wednesday 19 February 2020Public management

Digital economy : Cameroon plans creation of development center, this year, to support ICT startups

This year, Cameroon will create a center for the development of the digital economy. This was revealed, on February 18, by Minette Libom Li Likeng...
Wednesday 19 February 2020Transport

Jean Joseph Aouda : Cameroon’s railway is better than most of Sub-Saharan Africa’s

“Even if one would criticize it, except for South Africa, in the sub-Saharan part of Africa (…) the Cameroonian railway is much better.” This is the...
Tuesday 18 February 2020Agriculture

Farm mechanization : SODECOTON shows its recent research works

In Cameroon, Sodecoton recently organized an agro event on the mechanization of agricultural operations in the cotton-producing areas. The event...
Tuesday 18 February 2020Mining

Minim-Martap and Ngaoundal bauxite deposits: New estimates could make them the largest deposits in the world

Australian junior mining company Canyon Resources recently delivered the first results of the final exploration phase (launched in September 2018) of...
Tuesday 18 February 2020Agriculture

AFCA regional coffee competition : NWCA’s sample selected as best coffee in Cameroon

The National Cocoa and Coffee Board (NCCB) informs that it recently hosted a national coffee competition. Called “Taste the Harvest,” this competition was...
Tuesday 18 February 2020Economy

General price level was up 2.5% YoY in Jan-Sep 2019 (INS)

In the first 9 months of 2019, general price level increased by 2.5%  year over year in Cameroon. This is revealed by the national institute for...
Tuesday 18 February 2020Sport

CHAN 2020 : Opening match between Cameroon and Zimbabwe on April 4

Cameroon's national football team will face Zimbabwe's on April 4, 2020, in Yaoundé, in the opening match of the African Championship of Nations (CHAN)....
Tuesday 18 February 2020Finance

Cameroon to be back on BEAC’s debt market on Feb 19

The Cameroonian public treasury will be back on the government securities market of the Bank of Central African States (Beac) on February 19, 2020. This...
Monday 17 February 2020Finance

Cameroon records its first poor performance on BEAC’s public securities market

During the 26-week fungible treasury bills issuance of Feburay 12, 2020, on BEAC’s debt market, Cameroon was unable to raise the XAF20 billion it was...
Monday 17 February 2020Economy

Cameroon : Several SMEs demand months of accrued unpaid invoices from Turkish Yenigün

In Cameroon, many SMEs accuse Turkish construction company Yenigün, building the Japoma stadium in Douala, of owing them several months of invoices. “The...
Monday 17 February 2020Public management

Cameroon : Ministry of Finance plans to initiate SMEs to crowdfunding

On February 20, the Ministry of Finance will organize a national workshop on the theme “Crowdfunding: Participatory financing for small and medium...
Monday 17 February 2020Public management

Cameroon : 8,766 public servants threatened with sanctions for being irregularly absent

In Cameron, 8,766 public servants are irregularly absent from work. According to the Minister of Civil Service Joseph Lé (photo), who revealed this in a...
Monday 17 February 2020Public management

Cameroon : Ministry of Finance authorizes 840 institutions to operate withholding taxes this year

The Ministry of Finance recently published a list of 840 public and private institutions authorized to operate withholding taxes in Cameroon this year....
Monday 17 February 2020Economy

Safmarine Chachai’s stopover reflects the reliability and quality of the Port of Kribi’s infrastructures (PAK)

Since Feb 10, Maersk’s supertanker “Safmarine Chachai” has been moored on the quays of Kribi deep seaport at Mboro, in the seaside town of Southern...
Friday 14 February 2020ICT

ART orders Orange Cameroon to lower SMS and voice call costs

In a correspondence dated January 8, 2020, Philemon Zo'o Zame, director-general of the Telecom Regulatory Agency (ART) asked Orange Cameroon to lower the...
Friday 14 February 2020Insurance

FANAF : Cameroonian Théophile Gérard Moulong in line for the presidency

On February 20, 2020, the President of the Federation of African National Insurance Companies (FANAF) will be elected in Libreville, Gabon, during the...
Friday 14 February 2020Finance

CEMAC : COBAC and credit institutions agree on guaranteed minimum services

At the end of a consultation held in Libreville, Gabon, on Feb 13, the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC) and banks operating in the CEMAC region...
Friday 14 February 2020Construction

Tractafric Equipment: Kribi assembly plant to be completed by March 2020

As of March 2020, Tractafric Equipment will complete construction works on its machinery and generators assembly plants in the industrial zone of Kribi...
Friday 14 February 2020Mining

Minim-Martap bauxite deposit : Canyon Resources announces launch of exploitation for 2022

In 2022, the exploitation of the Minim-Martap bauxite deposit in Northern Cameroon, which has been awaited for several decades, could start. This is at...
Thursday 13 February 2020Energy

Cameroon promises payment of XAF45 bln to ENEO to reduce crisis in the energy sector

More information on the outcome of negotiations conducted for several months between Cameroon, Eneo, and its suppliers on the liquidity crisis affecting...
Thursday 13 February 2020Agriculture

Activa and Axa pay first compensations in the framework of the index-based agricultural insurance

Last February 4, in Garoua, insurance companies Activa and Axa proceeded to the payment of more than XAF23 million to cotton producers as compensation for...
Thursday 13 February 2020Transport

Camrail to restart the Yaoundé-Douala train service in April 2020

Camrail, concessionaire of Cameroon’s railway networks, is preparing to restart a train service between Yaoundé and Douala, the country's two capitals....
Wednesday 12 February 2020Public management

Cameroon : Government injected XAF45 bln for the restructuration of ailing public companies in 2018

In 2018-2019, the total amount of contract plans signed by Cameroon and 15 public companies and institutions was XAF73.4 billion. The information is...
Wednesday 12 February 2020Public management

Cameroon: Louis Paul Motaze suggests rethinking the economic model of Camair-Co

During the presentation of the new year’s wishes by the ministry’s staff to the Cameroonian Minister of Finance Louis Paul Motaze (photo) on Jan 31, the...
Wednesday 12 February 2020Energy

Cameroon : Part of a thermal power plant consumed by fire in Banyo

On February 9, the 1.7 MW thermal power plant which supplies electricity to residents of Banyo and its surroundings in the Adamaoua region was consumed by...
Wednesday 12 February 2020Agriculture

Cameroon : Coffee cooperative Uccao launches recruitment for a new managing director

Union Centrale des Coopératives Agricoles de l'Ouest (Uccao), Cameroon's largest coffee producers’ cooperative, has just launched a call for applications...

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