Yaoundé - 22 October 2020 -

Cameroon: Banana exports dropped by about 19.5 k tons YoY in Jan-Sep 2020

Banana exporters in Cameroon exported 136,048 tons of the products between January and September 2020, according to data compiled by the Banana...

Thursday 22 October 2020Transport

Bolloré Transport & Logistics Cameroon wins contract to manage WFP’s deliveries in the Gulf of Guinea

Following a call for tenders, the World Food Program (WFP) awarded the Cameroonian subsidiary of the French logistician Bolloré Transport & Logistics...
Thursday 22 October 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Three additional cocoa Post-Harvest Treatment Centres of Excellence to be built in 2021

Cameroon’s sixth cocoa Post-Harvest Treatment Centre of Excellence is scheduled to be inaugurated today October 22, 2020, in Ntui (a cocoa producing area...
Wednesday 21 October 2020Finance

Digital customs duty collection system: Has Paul Biya saved 20% of mobile network providers’ turnover?

On October 19, 2020, the Cameroonian Head of State, Paul Biya, ordered the suspension of the reform aimed at collecting customs duties on uncleared mobile...
Wednesday 21 October 2020Public management

Smuggled ancient carved stones will be repatriated to Cameroon, US customs indicates

US Customs, on October 20, 2020, announced that they seized ancient carved stones from Cameroon known as Ikom monoliths at the airport of...
Wednesday 21 October 2020Public management

Cameroon: Consumer association P2CE warns of probable rise in beer prices in 2021

On October 17, Plateforme camerounaise du commerce equitable-P2CE (an association of consumer rights protection groups) issued a press release warning...
Wednesday 21 October 2020Economy

Camwater announces XAF1.8 bln of net profit for FY2019, up by 79% YoY

Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (CAMWATER) announces that for the 2019 financial year, it recorded XAF1.8 billion of net income. This means the...
Tuesday 20 October 2020Economy

Cameroon: The Port of Kribi to boost digitalization of procedures with automated management software SIP

The Port of Kribi (PAK), located in southern Cameroon, is preparing to use "SIP", an automated port management software. According to Jean Marcel Belinga...
Tuesday 20 October 2020Public management

Cameroon injected over XAF16 bln into Camair Co within 3 months

On October 18, 2020, Camari Co resumed its operations by only offering domestic flights per the Head of State’s wish. This activity resumption occurred...
Tuesday 20 October 2020Agriculture

Cameroon inaugurates two new Post-Harvest Treatment Centres of Excellence in the central region

Today October 20, 2020, Cameroon’s Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, and his peer in charge of agriculture and rural development, Gabriel...
Tuesday 20 October 2020Finance

CEMAC: Cameroon to seek XAF35 bln on the BEAC market on Oct 21, 2020, by issuing 10-year bonds

Tomorrow October 21, 2020, the Cameroonian public treasury will issue 10-year bonds, backed by a 7% interest rate, to raise XAF35 billion on the money...
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Tuesday 20 October 2020Economy

Cameroon: The banking and financial services segment contributed the most to growth in the tertiary sector in 2019

Cameroon’s tertiary sector grew by 3% in 2019, according to the 2019 national accounts recently published by the National Institute for Statistics (INS)....
Monday 19 October 2020Public management

Cameroon: Port of Kribi generated XAF8 bln of non-oil customs revenues in Sep 2020

The autonomous Port of Kribi (PAK) informs that it generated XAF8 billion of non-oil customs revenues in September 2020. "We reached the cap of XAF1...
Monday 19 October 2020Wood

Cameroon plans to set up a digital platform to boost the use of legal woods

In early October 2020, the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the Cameroonian Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) launched a...
Monday 19 October 2020Cooperation

Ambition Africa 2020: Business France Douala offers to guide Cameroonian firms

The French embassy in Cameroon informs Cameroonian companies seeking French partners and suppliers that the 2020 edition of Ambition Africa will...
Monday 19 October 2020ICT

Huawei ICT Competition 2020: Cameroon to represent Africa in the world finals

On October 16, 2020, Huawei published the list of the five African talents that will participate in the world finals of the 2020 edition of Huawei ICT...
Monday 19 October 2020Companies

Camair Co finally resumes operations

Camair Co finally resumed its domestic flights on October 18, 2020, after 8-months of suspension. The state-owned carrier is resuming operations after two...
Friday 16 October 2020Public management

Camair-Co postpones flights resumption again because of delays caused by global aviation insurance procedures

On October 15, 2020, Camair-Co announced that due to "circumstances beyond its control," its domestic flights that were supposed to be relaunched today...
Friday 16 October 2020ICT

Cameroon increased .cm users by 65% in Jul-Oct 2020 by slashing registration fees

ANTIC (Cameroon’s national agency for information and communication technologies) informs that between July 1 and October 1, 2020, it recorded 21,476 new...
Friday 16 October 2020Economy

Cameroon: Growth decelerated in the construction segment in 2019, the INS indicates

During the year 2019, the Construction and Public Works (BTP) segment continued to play an important role in GDP growth in Cameroon's secondary sector...
Friday 16 October 2020Economy

Cameroon: Tax revenues exceeded targets by 4% in H1-2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic

Cameroon Collected XAF946.3 billion of tax revenues in H1-2020, according to the budget implementation report published by the Ministry of Finance....
Thursday 15 October 2020Finance

Cameroon lost XAF84.2 bln of tax revenues in 2019 because of the Sonara fire outbreak (MINFI)

The fire outbreak at Sonara’s plant on May 31, 2019, has had significant impacts on the revenues collected by the general directorate of taxes. According...
Thursday 15 October 2020Public management

Cameroon launches the commissioning phase of a new gas platform offshore Kribi

The National Hydrocarbon Company (SNH) informs that a new gas platform "Sanaga 2" has been launched offshore Kribi (where the floating natural gas...
Thursday 15 October 2020Public management

CEMAC: BDEAC advertised 12 integrating projects to investors during the Paris Infraweek

During the Paris Infraweek, a delegation of the Central African Development Bank (BDEAC) invited investors to take advantage of the business opportunities...
Thursday 15 October 2020Finance

BVMAC: Leading shareholder BGD sells its stakes

On October 8, 2020, the Central African Stock Exchange (BVMAC) held an ordinary meeting of its board of directors. During the session, Gabon Development...
Wednesday 14 October 2020Infrastructures

Sogea-Satom launches the construction of engineering structures on the Olama-Bigambo road

French firm Sogea-Satom recently announced that it has launched the construction of engineering structures on the Olama-Bigamdo (106 km) road. The said...
Wednesday 14 October 2020Companies

Solange Yana becomes CEO of Wafacash Central Africa

Société Camerounaise de Banque (SCB) informs that Cameroonian Solange Yana (formerly the chief operating officer of Wafacash Central Africa) is the new...
Wednesday 14 October 2020Finance

Cameroon: Saved from bankruptcy by the State, Commercial Bank-Cameroon is regaining its momentum

On October 7, 2020, Cameroon’s public treasury successfully raised XAF35 billion on the CEMAC money market. 37.5% of the envelope (XAF13 billion) came...
Wednesday 14 October 2020Economy

Cameroon missed the 2019 budget revenue collection target by 6.4%

Cameroon generated XAF5,054.8 billion of budget revenue in 2019, according to the budget implementation report recently published by the Ministry of...
Tuesday 13 October 2020Public management

Cameroon loses XAF1.2 bln yearly in paying undue accommodation allowances (MINFI)

Cameroon loses XAF1.2 billion every year because of housing fraud. According to the Ministry of Finance (which discovered the problems during a recent...
Tuesday 13 October 2020Economy

Cameroon: Domestic debt service dropped by 20% YoY to XAF536.2 bln, in 2019 (MINFI)

Cameroon serviced XAF536.2 billion of domestic debt in 2019, according to the report on budget implementation recently published by the Ministry of...
Tuesday 13 October 2020Economy

Cameroon: Oil revenues rose by 16.8% YoY to XAF584.5 bln in 2019 (MINFI)

Cameroon collected XAF584.5 billion of oil revenues in 2019, according to the report on budget implementation recently published by the Ministry of...
Tuesday 13 October 2020Economy

Cemac: Public debt stabilized at 46% of GDP despite a rise in external debt in Q1-2020 (BEAC)

Despite CEMAC countries’ increased recourse to foreign loans (which represented 32.7% of their GDP in Q1-2020, slightly up from 31.4% of GDP in Q1-2019),...
Monday 12 October 2020Economy

Cameroon: Expenditure budget dropped by 3.7% YoY to XAF2,117 bln in H1-2020 (MINFI)

The volume of Cameroon’s budget expenditures reached XAF2,117.1 billion in H1-2020, according to the Ministry of Finance. Compared with the XAF2,197.1...
Monday 12 October 2020Public management

Cameroon: Government loses XAF206 bln yearly in paying for unoccupied or fictitious housing and administrative facilities (MINFI)

Cameroon has been paying (for years now) rents for buildings that despite being rented to house government agencies and institutions or serve as homes for...
Monday 12 October 2020Public management

Camair-Co postpones domestic flights resumption to October 16, 2020

Public airline Camair-Co recently announced that it would resume today October 12, 2020 (after 8 months of activity suspension). But, it was unable to do...
Monday 12 October 2020Economy

Cameroon: Minpostel to examine non-tax earning niches worth exploiting in 2021

During the conferences organized in September 2020, by the Ministry of Finance to improve the budgeting of non-tax earnings, the Ministry of Posts and...
Monday 12 October 2020Public management

Cameroon: Customs revenues were down by 16.4% YoY to XAF300.7 bln in H1-2020 (MINFI)

Cameroon generated XAF300.7 billion of customs revenues in H1-2020, according to the budget implementation report recently published by the Ministry of...
Monday 12 October 2020Economy

The government’s plan to collect clearance fees on uncleared mobile phones and tablets using buyers’ airtime raises controversy

Cameroon recently announced that it has hired French data collection and management firm, Arintech, to start (form October 2020) collecting the customs...
Friday 9 October 2020Public management

Cameroon: Debt service dropped by 6.2% YoY to XAF408.5 billion in H1-2020

Cameroon’s debt service was estimated at XAF408.5 billion in H1-2020, according to the H1 budget implementation report recently published by the Ministry...
Friday 9 October 2020Economy

Cameroon: Oil revenues dropped by 28% YoY to XAF197 bln in H1-2020

In H1-2020, Cameroon collected XAF197.1 billion of oil revenues, according to figures published by the Ministry of Finance (Minfi). The revenues are down...

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