Yaoundé - 02 April 2020 -

Covid-19: Gicam suggests 18 fiscal and financial measures to support businesses

At the end of the extraordinary Board meeting held on March 19, 2020, in Douala, the Inter-Patronal Grouping of Cameroon (Gicam) promised to make...

Wednesday 1 April 2020Public management

Cameroon launches campaign for its XAF220 bln fundraising operation

Today April 1st, Cameroon launched a campaign for its XAF220 billion fundraising operation via bond issuance. On various media, the Ministry of Finance,...
Wednesday 1 April 2020Economy

External debt cancellation: Cameroon could be relieved of XAF6,650 bln of debt

At the end of the 3rd extraordinary meeting of the steering committee of the CEMAC Economic and Financial Reforms Programme (Pref-Cemac), CEMAC Ministers...
Wednesday 1 April 2020Telecom

Cameroon targets 98% financial inclusion with the National Payment Switch

Substantially increase financial inclusion from the current 40% to 98%, which is the mobile penetration rate in Cameroon. This is one of the objectives of...
Wednesday 1 April 2020Economy

Covid-19: CEMAC countries invited to postpone implementation of any new corporate taxation measure to 2021

The Ministers of Finance and Economy of the CEMAC region discussed the "economic and financial impacts of Covid-19 on CEMAC's economies and outline of...
Wednesday 1 April 2020Transport

Urban transit: Cameroon reduces customs tariffs to renew car fleet

In the 2020 finance law, Cameroon decided to reduce the customs tariff on the importation of vehicles destined for public transport to 5%. In a document...
Tuesday 31 March 2020Public management

Cameroon: Road transporters announce unlimited strike following tightened coronavirus prevention measures

On April 6, 2020, Cameroonian transporters will start an unlimited general strike, according to a strike notice sent by presidents of the national road...
Tuesday 31 March 2020Telecom

Cameroon inaugurates the national payment Switch

Today March 31, Cameroon’s Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Minette Libom Likeng is inaugurating the National Payment Switch at Campost’s data...
Tuesday 31 March 2020Finance

Covid-19: Beac initiates easing measures to facilitate crusade against the virus

On March 27, 2020, members of the BEAC Monetary Policy Committee held a videoconference to find solutions to the coronavirus crisis affecting the world,...
Tuesday 31 March 2020Economy

Cameroon: The milling industry fears stock shortage due to coronavirus prevention measures

Vessels transporting daily consumer goods berthing at the port of Douala must now wait 14 days (incubation period of Covid-19) at the base buoy before...
Tuesday 31 March 2020Economy

Douala Container Terminal suffers activity slowdown due to internet problems

Since March 26, the Port of Douala’s container terminal has been recording an “unprecedented” slowdown of activities at its entrances and single window,...
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Tuesday 31 March 2020Energy

Cameroon: 44,000 homes to be provided with electricity thanks to performance contracts with Lagdo

In the framework of the performance contracts between the government and municipalities, since 2012 in Cameroon, Lagdo recently received a funding of XAF5...
Monday 30 March 2020Public management

Camair-Co: Towards the temporary suspension of operations?

In Cameroon, it seems that Camair-Co will have to temporarily suspend its decelerating operations that are now affected by the coronavirus health crisis,...
Monday 30 March 2020Public management

Cameroon: Oil storage company SCDP authorized to increase ROW fees to XAF2/L

In Cameroon, SCDP was authorized to increase its ROW fee from XAF1.6 to XAF2 per liter. This was revealed by Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Minister of State and...
Monday 30 March 2020Economy

Cemac: Ministries of Finance and Economy suggest cancellation of external debts to “deal with Covid-19” and “relaunch” post-pandemic economies

On March 28, 2020, the 3rd extraordinary meeting of the steering committee of the CEMAC Economic and Financial Reforms Programme (Pref-Cemac) was...
Monday 30 March 2020Public management

Cameroon seeks XAF197 bln loan from Afreximbank to import oil products

Sonara, Cameroon’s only oil refinery, could soon receive a €300 million loan (about XAF197 billion) to import oil products. This was revealed by...
Friday 27 March 2020Mining

Bowleven to hand back its Bomono block exploration license to Cameroon

British oil and Gas company Bowleven plans to hand back its exploration license on the 2,328 km2 Bomono gas block, onshore Cameroon, to Cameroonian...
Friday 27 March 2020Finance

Cameroon to raise XAF45 bln on the public securities market to fight the coronavirus pandemic

On April 8, 2020, Cameroon will launch the first bond of a series of three on the BEAC money market. According to internal sources at the Ministry of...
Friday 27 March 2020Public management

Cameroon: Nexttel ordered to immediately postpone implementation of new performance-based salary calculation

There is a new development in the case between employees and the general management of Nexttel/Viettel over the new salary calculation method the company...
Friday 27 March 2020Economy

Cameroon: Currency crisis and speculation boosted the price of bread and cereals in 2019 (INS)

In a recent analytical note about the Cameroonian consumer market in the 2019 fiscal year, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) reveals the causes...
Friday 27 March 2020Public management

Cameroon: Water supply projects worth XAF35.4 bln to be delivered in Apr 2020 (Camwater)

Cameroon Water Utilities (Camwater) is currently implementing water supply projects in every region of Cameroon to improve the population’s access to...
Friday 27 March 2020Public management

Cameroon to elaborate a stimulus plan for projects funded by China

In Cameroon, the government is taking measures to relaunch projects funded by China. During the cabinet council held in Yaoundé on March 26, 2020, the...
Thursday 26 March 2020Public management

Air France exceptionally authorized to fly passengers wishing to return to France

"Cameroonian authorities have just given their agreement for two exceptional Air France flights to take passengers wishing to return to France. More...
Thursday 26 March 2020Finance

Coronavirus: Cobac prescribes “caution” in the restructuration of affected companies’ debts

"The impact of this global health crisis, although difficult to determine in terms of scale and duration, will affect the repayment capacity of several...
Thursday 26 March 2020Finance

CEMAC: Beac temporally suspends liquidity-absorbing operations to assess the impacts of the coronavirus health crisis

The BEAC will stop, for one week (April 2 to 26), its liquidity-absorbing operations in the CEMAC region, according to a statement signed, on March 24, by...
Thursday 26 March 2020Economy

In 2020, Cameroon’s growth could fall by 0.2% or 3% depending on the extent of the coronavirus health crisis (CEMAC Commission)

The CEMAC Commission, through the Permanent Secretariat of the CEMAC Economic and Financial Reforms Programme (Pref-Cemac), has just released its analysis...
Thursday 26 March 2020Energy

ENEO: Optimized production and supply-demand plan reduces 2020 fuel spending by XAF8.6 bln

In Cameroon, the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL) informs that in collaboration with electricity company Eneo, it has optimized the production...
Thursday 26 March 2020Public management

Cameroon: Ministry of Trade closes stores suspected of speculation in Yaoundé

On March 19, some fish shops and retail stores were closed, in Yaoundé, by order from the Minister of Trade Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana. On March 23, two...
Wednesday 25 March 2020Agriculture

BC-PME opens agricultural funding window of XAF200 mln

Banque camerounaise des petites et moyennes entreprises (BC-PME) recently opened an agricultural financing window. This window was opened following an...
Wednesday 25 March 2020Companies

Cameroon: Nexttel’s staff angered by new “performance-based” salary calculation method decided by management

On March 23, Nexttel unilaterally changed the method of calculation of its employees’ salaries. According to a note signed that day by Ahmadou Malika,...
Wednesday 25 March 2020Agriculture

Cameroon: Short rainy season’s onset induces a slight drop in Cocoa prices

Although there are no abundant rainfalls yet, the short rainy season effectively started in Cameroon since March 15, 2020. According to the National Cocoa...
Wednesday 25 March 2020Agriculture

CEMAC: Forest products price index was up by 3.6% in Q4-2019

In Q4, 2019, the price of forest products increased by 3.6%, according to the composite index of commodities exported by CEMAC countries recently...
Tuesday 24 March 2020Public management

Control and sanitary measures caused brief disruption in fuel supply in Yaoundé

Last weekend, there was a brief shortage of fuel, Super namely, at several petrol stations in Yaoundé. Users roamed many stations in vain and fear sparked...
Tuesday 24 March 2020Health

Coronavirus: Cameroon plans mass testing

In Cameroon, the government is planning mass covid-19 testing but is "awaiting test kits" to organize the test. This was revealed by the Minister of...
Tuesday 24 March 2020Agriculture

CEMAC: Palm oil boosted the price index of agricultural products exported in Q4, 2019

In Q4, 2019, the price index of agricultural products exported by CEMAC countries rose by 6.3%, against a 1.9% drop in the previous quarter, according to...
Tuesday 24 March 2020Finance

CEMAC: Interbank transactions rose to slightly over XAF3,500 bln in 2019

In the CEMAC region, the volume of interbank transactions was XAF3,500.3 billion in 2019, according to recent data published by the central bank...
Tuesday 24 March 2020Economy

CEMAC: The Composite index of commodity prices was up by 2.4% in Q4-2019

Between October and December 2019, the price index of commodities exported by CEMAC countries increased by 2.4%, after a 6.7% decrease in Q3, 2019, a...
Tuesday 24 March 2020Finance

CEMAC: Cameroon records 2nd poor performance in the BEAC debt market

On March 18, 2020, Cameroon was unable to raise the complete XAF10 billion it was seeking on the BEAC debt market via the issuance of 52-week fungible...
Monday 23 March 2020Economy

Deferred repayments, credits to SMEs/SMBs: Cameroonian banks all set for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic

In Cameroon, credit institutions are bracing for the possible impacts of the coronavirus on Cameroon’s economy. In a release published on March 20, 2020,...
Monday 23 March 2020Economy

Coronavirus: Gicam calls for the elaboration of “new policies to support businesses and households”

After an extraordinary Board meeting, on 19 March 2020, in Douala, the Inter-Patronal Grouping of Cameroon (Gicam) expressed its "deep concern and anxiety...
Monday 23 March 2020Economy

Cameroon: Fotso Victor dies at 94

Corroborative sources announced in the afternoon of March 20, 2020, the demise of Cameroonian businessman Fotso Victor. The circumstances of this death...

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