Yaoundé - 24 January 2021 -



Pierluigi PASSERA, A cocoa tycoon

Pierluigi PASSERA, A cocoa tycoon

(Business in Cameroon) - Head of Société Industrielle camerounaise de cacaos (Sic Cacaos) for the last 6 years, Pierluigi Passera has become a mogul in the local cocoa segment. Under his management, Sic Cacaos has undertaken a solid revival of its activity with, in particular, the improvement of bean crushing capacities. The company is currently the first buyer of Cameroon’s cocoa production and controls about 70% of the processing activity in the country.

The government has strong hope in the development of a local chocolate industry, mainly because of the many jobs it can generate. Eyes are also on Mr. Passera, concerning his company’s positive impact on this sector rich in opportunities.